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New York Giants Friday Morning Storylines: Can Rashad Jennings Be Glue for Big Blue?

July 4th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Friday, New York Giants fans! And Happy Independence Day to you as well! As you gear up for friends, family, parties and fireworks, we offer you the following headlines to enjoy over your morning coffee. Enjoy!

Can Rashad Jennings Be the Glue That Holds Giants' Offense Together?

When it comes to production, it’s easy to understand why Jennings was so appealing to the Giants and why he could potentially be the glue that holds this offense together in 2014.

Jennings, who was the 21st-best running back in the league, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required), ran 163 times for 733 yards last season (4.5 average), accounting for 36.5 percent of the Raiders’ rushing offense and 13.7 percent of the team's net yards.

If you add in his 36 receptions for 292 yards, that brings his all-purpose yardage total to 1,025, or a team-leading 19.1 percent of the net yards gained on offense in 2013.

Ex-Giants Justin Tuck and Chris Canty May Keep Shredder Helmets Despite NFL Ban on Face Masks

The Shredder face mask made famous by ex-Giants and current Raiders defensive end Justin Tuck is on its way out. The NFL officially banned the use of certain non-standard/overbuilt face masks to "protect players from unnecessary risk."

But it doesn't mean Tuck and his former Giants teammate Chris Canty won't be allowed to wear the specialized masks (see above) that they made famous during their time with the team. They are two of the four players that were given medical exemptions last year, and are allowed to apply again this year.

"Not sure what the memo or new policy is, but it's simple for me," Canty told The Baltimore Sun this week. "No eye shield and custom mask means I can't play. Eye would be at risk."

Blog Bits: Offensive Lineman Geoff Schwartz

Q: With being on all those other teams, can you talk about what you’ve learned to make the transition easier?

A: When I first got to Minnesota, I thought like everything was done the assume way. So I learned over the time period that you kind of adapt to a new culture because everyone’s different. I didn’t know that. I thought everyone was the same. That’s what you kind of learn when you come to a new team. Every staff is different and every culture is different so you’re going to have to have an open mind because it’s different everywhere.


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