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New York Giants Tuesday Morning Storylines: Can Big Blue Regain Their Composure in 2014?

July 1st, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Tuesday, New York Giants fans! The clock continues to tick as we enter July and are that much closer to the start of training camp. In the mean time, we present you with the following headlines to enjoy over your morning coffee.

Can the New York Giants Regain their Composure in 2014?

If you listened to sports radio in the New York/New Jersey area after the New York Giants season ended in December … well, God help you.

After you stopped your ears from bleeding you probably heard an awful lot of panic and overreaction.

It was a bad season, but the way the callers talked about it, you'd think it was an abject disaster of world-shattering proportions. There might have been zombies or at least rage-virus monkeys.

In reality, it wasn't that bad, though despite lacking any low or high-budget movie apocalyptic quality, it was pretty ugly.

Blog Bits: Quarterback Curtis Painter

Q: You guys have a new quarterbacks coach in Danny Langsdorf. How has that change gone so far and how has he been helping you guys expedite learning the new language.

A: It’s just constant repetition, just making sure you go cover the words and making the transition from last year to this year’s offense. There is really nothing special being done as far as the memorization. It’s more about recognition. Truthfully, that’s what anyone faces in any new system. One coordinator might run the exact same route but use a different word for it. There’s a lot of transition that has to go on and that’s where we are right now.

The Take: Under the Radar players

CB Charles James

James is the type of player Giants fans root for. Undrafted out of Charleston Southern in 2013, James worked his way onto the 53-man roster in the middle of last season after paying his dues on the practice squad. He again will have proven veterans ahead of him in the secondary this year, but the team knows it has insurance on the depth chart. James has been a sponge since he joined the Giants and carries a confidence that allows him to make plays, some of which landed on our highlights from OTAs and minicamp.


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3 Responses to “New York Giants Tuesday Morning Storylines: Can Big Blue Regain Their Composure in 2014?”

  1.  Krow says:

    Justin Tuck … *insert usual disclaimer here*

    I get a bit weary of players acting as if it’s not their decision. Like they were “forced” to do what they did. Hey, the Raiders offer was $5 million more. I’d have taken it too. The difference being that I wouldn’t act all hurt by the Giants ONLY offering me a measly 120 times the average national wage versus Oakland’s offer of 220 times it.

    Oh, and it’s not God’s plan either. I’m not a religious person, but I do find it odd that God always tells players to take the most money. Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t God once in a while deliver a different message? How come you never hear how God told a player to take the smaller offer and then do charity work?

    Whatever … Tuck, I wish him well. But it was his choice to leave. Man up.

  2.  Krow says:

    Since we’re on a football blog … and it’s World Cup time … I’ll attempt to solve the mystery of why America will never embrace soccer like the rest of the world.

    Yes … soccer faces tough competition for our top talent. Yes … they have nether the rabid fan base nor the national TV contract. They face real obstacles, and I’m not diminishing them.

    However … the way the game is played goes against the national image of how a man behaves. In football … real ‘Merican football … if you get knocked on your a$$ you jump up and scowl … showing them that ‘hey, you can’t hurt me … I’m tougher than you … bring it a$$hole. !!!’

    In soccer you roll on the ground at the slightest touch, fake pain and injury like a little girl denied her birthday pony, and cry for a foul in a manner that would Tom Brady envious.

    Face it. It’s just not what we do. It’s not how we act. This sort of behavior makes you a puzzy. A whiner. It’s unmanly. And it’s often blatant cheating too.

    I played soccer … I like the game … but it’s got a very limited ceiling in this country. Mainly because it doesn’t conform to the image we have of how tough, athletic ‘guys’ are supposed to behave. When the tournament ends it’ll fade till the next one.

  3.  Krow says:

    *make Tom Brady*

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