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FOX Sports Lists New York Giants No. 13 in “Likability Power Rankings”

July 1st, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

As a result of the FIFA World Cup and its growing number of previously uninterested/neutral fans, FOX Sports recently decided to take a look at the NFL and all 32 teams from the same uninterested/neutral standpoint to determine which team had the potential to be the most well-liked. And after deeming the Pittsburgh Steelers No. 1 overall, they continued with their newly formed "likability power rankings."

On this new list, which seems entirely random and based only on personal opinions, FOX Sports had the New York Giants listed at No. 13 overall.

13. New York Giants – Yes, rooting for the Giants is sort of like pulling for Microsoft, the IRS or Bank of America; but organizations with deep pockets, lots of connections and tons of resources tend to not disappoint their supporters.

Considering the NFL as a whole is tremendously rich and powerful, it's interesting that they liken the Giants to the IRS. In fact, that seems like more of a slap in the face than a pat on the back — especially when you consider that the Mara's have always gone above and beyond for not only their players and fans, but the league as a whole.

Comparatively, the Dallas Cowboys — once known as "America's Team" — were listed above the Giants, coming in at No. 7 overall.

7. Dallas Cowboys – As annoying as it may be to many NFL fans, the allure of “America’s Team” still remains; that’s something that people want to be a part of, as there’s a certain mystique that comes with the rich guy everyone roots against.

Meanwhile, the New York Jets eclipsed both the Giants and Cowboys, coming in at No. 6 overall. And no, we're not kidding.

6. New York Jets – While the Giants fans are bluebloods, the Jets backers are the working class folks who give the Big Apple its swagger. Hanging out with a hard-working guy beats a Wall Street tycoon any day of the week, especially on Sundays.

Apparently Giants fans, like our long-time contributors here at Giants 101, are not "working class folks" and are more like "Wall Street tycoon's." Who knew? Clearly these guys and gals have never been to a Giants tailgate like the ones we have at The Fan Van in lot G16. Consider this an open invitation.

The rest of the NFC East shaped up like this:

30. Philadelphia Eagles – This is an organization that has employed Michael Vick and Riley Cooper in recent years; talk about forcing fans to plug their noses when they enter the stadium. And their fan base is rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

31. Washington Redskins – Honestly, now would not be the time to jump on board the Redskins bandwagon. They have a racist nickname, an arrogant owner and a prima donna quarterback. Other than that, it’s nothing but stocked cupboards in D.C.

Finally, the New England Patriots rounded out the list, coming in dead last at No. 32 overall.


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