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Phil Simms Continues Support of Eli Manning, Says New York Giants QB Will Excel in New Offense

June 30th, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Retired New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms has been exceptionally vocal this offseason — far more than usual — and that continued on Monday as he again fielded questions about Big Blue's changing offense and how it may or may not impact the production and career of Eli Manning.

As Simms stated back in early June, he doesn't foresee many issues with Manning and the adjustments he's going to have to make in Ben McAdoo's West Coast-like system. And while some minor mistakes are inevitable, Simms believes that as a student of the game, the transition for Manning will be relatively seamless.

“Is it a drastic change and all that stuff? Yeah, maybe in the philosophy it could be," Simms told the New York Post. “I know Green Bay’s offense, I’ve watched it a lot over the last years and talk a lot about it. Of course Eli’s gonna adjust to it. Is it a big adjustment? In my eyes, no it’s not. He’s a pro, he’s won the Super Bowl twice, if you tell him to run on his feet he does it, if you tell him OK, now we’re gonna start running on our hands he goes, ‘OK, I can do that too.’ Will there be timing issues and grave mistakes because of it? There might be some mistakes … but I just can’t imagine it’s gonna be that hard."

Although Simms doesn't expect a very trying transition for Manning, he does admit he'd be surprised if some physical changes weren't also made. He expects said changes to include a quicker release, less aggressive throws down the field and, as the Giants have already admitted to working on, adjustments to Manning's footwork.

“If I didn’t see some difference in him physically I would be surprised," Simms said. “If you were a Giants fan you should be disappointed. It should look different, and rightly so. They can have the exact same plays they’ve run in the past but a different voice, a different person, a different personality in relating that message to him and everything is going to change what we see on the field. It can be a little faster, quicker, who knows? I’m anxious to see too. To tell you the truth, I’m a little curious myself."

We're all curious, Phil. We're all curious.

22 more days until players report to training camp and we get our first legitimate look at this new offense.


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