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New York Giants by the Numbers: Which Positions Most Likely to Be Trimmed During Final Cuts?

June 28th, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Jen Polashock

Most folks don’t feel like they’re expendable. However, talk to most of the guys sitting on a current 90-man roster (or even years/retired from one) and they’ll tell you differently. It may be downtime from football for most, but not the New York Giants' players.

Some have turned to the “other” football/futbol, but that’s temporary and more of a distraction from reality. Serious business is around the corner in the way of 2014 Training Camp and only 75 (and ultimately 53) will make it out with a job. 15 guys will know sooner than others. Things will also be a bit different with the New York Giants playing the Hall of Fame game. This may give some guys an extra scrimmage to show their worth as they have five preseason games this year.

With certain areas (as always) needing more attention than others, any roster pickups will need to be met with a parallel roster cut. Look for players that aren’t healthy or players that aren’t meeting this year’s high blue expectations to be expendable. With the current tight end situation and other areas that have a surplus, there may be early camp changes. July 21st, 2014 remains the first day to report for Big Blue Training Camp.

Defensive backs are loaded up again — entering camp with an astounding 17. Barring any injury atrocities, the cuts will head that way after some intense competition at helm. 10 corners and seven safeties is a good problem to have, especially with the leaders and continuity at attitude back there. This area may be first to go if necessary for space.

Mini-camp had a positive flow to it, but the ever compulsory head coach Tom Coughlin wasn’t all affirmative and final fuzzy about it, but remained open to what could happen once the team reconvened after a month apart.

“Well, we had a lot of goals, a lot of things that were objectives in this camp. The integration of all the new people, whether it be draft choices or free agents that we brought in. I thought the veterans did a nice job of trying to integrate everybody into the team idea and I think we made some progress there. That was certainly one of them. Of course the offense and the offensive terminology and that type of stuff, so we’ve been hard at work on that, we’ve made progress. We’re not there, but we’re making progress," the coach said.

While leadership appears to have been present with the veterans, they, too, may be in for a knock on their door with the obligatory, “Coach wants to see you. Bring your playbook.” The ultimate goal is always Super Bowl or bust, so the business aspect of it remains until, well it never really stops having that business side.

For the players, it’s now or never to play like you want to be a New York Giant.


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  1.  jb322 says:

    The first cut is the deepest…

    Sorry, the minute I saw the article the song popped into my head and now it won’t leave.

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