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New York Giants DT Jay Bromley: “The Goal is to Be the Best at My Position”

June 23rd, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants rookie defensive tackle Jay Bromley may already be somewhat of a forgotten man, but if his desire and determination have anything to do with it, that's not something that's going to last.

While the Big Blue world focuses on the loss of Linval Joseph and the upcoming defensive tackle competition that, on the surface, appears to be between Markus Kuhn and Johnathan Hankins, Bromley is preparing himself to make tremendous strides and has already set lofty goals for himself.

“I don’t expect to be the best defensive tackle in the league in my rookie year,” Bromley told the New York Daily News. “But don’t get me wrong, the goal is there. The goal is to be the best at my position. But I know there’s steps I have to take, learning from the guys that have had that experience. You know, I’m not looking to take second place in anything, but I also understand there’s steps you have to take to become that kind of player.”

That sort of mentality is nothing new for Bromley, who believed in himself much more than the NFL Draft "experts" did. And although some feel the Giants "reached" when selecting him in the third-round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Bromley feels he should have and could have gone higher.

If nothing else, Bromley was always 100% sure he'd be one of the Top 10 defensive tackles taken.

“I said you couldn’t take 10 before me and it turned out I was Top [6],” Bromley said. “I respect the guys that went before me. They had phenomenal seasons. But I’m still in the race to be the best defensive tackle in my draft class. That’s the goal. Why set anything lower than that?”

While these immense expectations and rookie desires seem like they'd result in a lot of unnecessary pressure, Bromley welcomes it. He believes pressure leads to success and that without it, you're just twisting in the wind.

“I put more pressure on myself than anybody could put on me,” Bromley says. “Pressure is nothing to me. Either burst pipes or make diamonds, that’s the way I look at pressure.”

Bromley certainly has the right mentality for the NFL … now he just needs to put it together on the field.


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