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New York Giants’ Chris Snee Sidelined for Mini-Camp with Lingering Elbow Issues

June 17th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

For a brief moment, New York Giants guard Chris Snee was feeling better than he had in years. However, as mandatory mini-camp got underway on Tuesday, the veteran found himself sidelined as a result of lingering issues stemming from an offseason elbow surgery. A surgery, Snee admitted, that was far more complex and extensive than originally thought.

Still, neither Snee nor head coach Tom Coughlin expressed any long-term concern regarding the elbow, with both implying he'd sit out for mini-camp and return in time for the start of training camp.

"No need to rush back. My lower body feels great. I'm sure you guys were watching me run out there. I'm moving pretty well," Snee said. "You saw what the Spurs did, right? They rested some older guys. I think we're following that blueprint."

The Spurs blueprint, which led to the domination of the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals (a good omen for the Giants), is one Coughlin has no problem implementing. And while he'd like to see Snee out on the field learning the new offense, he believes the veteran will have no problems acclimating upon his return.

"The plan is to see if we can get the elbow right," Coughlin said, adding that he's not worried about it. "He's been here before."

The issue with Snee at this late stage of his career is that he always seem to be there; always seems to be dealing with a lingering injury. And while that's an obvious product of playing in the NFL for so many years, it makes him no more reliable than safety Will Hill, whom the team released because "it's a business" and, ironically, he wouldn't be relied on.

The fact is, a healthy Snee would be a huge bonus for the Giants in 2014, but after resting for multiple Organized Team Activity (OTA) practices and now missing mini-camp, there is some valid skepticism beginning to float around.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ Chris Snee Sidelined for Mini-Camp with Lingering Elbow Issues”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    The quotes from Snee and TC make me feel better about Snee’s outlook. It was also positive that ODB did work on the side today. What was interesting to me is that Williams not Paysinger was first team WLB. I like Paysinger and think he’s a pretty good player. If Williams is beating him out to me it says more about Williams than Paysinger which is a good sign. If Beason gets healthy with Paysing and Kennard as our first backups that would be the best quality depth we have had in a long time. Kennard getting starting SLB reps and 2nd string MLB reps says a lot. A decent vet like Herzlich is the type of guy we usually would try first. Kennard already seem like a quality pick. Herzlich is in some serious roster trouble if Fox or the other kids show something I don’t think Herzlich makes it. If he’s not starting with Beason’s injury then he’s being kept purely for special teams. He’s good on special teams but not that good especially if we could replace him with someone that has a future.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    I get the feeling from how Green Bay used it’s FBs that the question isn’t which FB will make the team it’s if either will. Hillis or one of the TEs can play FB in the few times we do use a FB. I just wonder if we are using the position for a player that isn’t really that good of an athlete some special teams help is minimal then what’s the point of using a roster spot? If we are only using the FB in some short yardage situations does that really demand a roster spot?

  3.  rlhjr says:

    Snee being injured, big deal…what else is new? Beason not requiring surgery; The injury is tough to get back from. Not really a big difference between letting it heal and a (orthoscopic) procedure. It’s going to take time for him to feel better and have his movement back.

    Fullback? The best blocker/receiver will survive. Sounds like Hynusaurs to me.
    Our tight ends have enough problem being tight ends. Adding fullback to their positional training is asking for trouble.

    I really wanted Herzlich to make it when he first arrived. But when his big chance came vs. the Steelers, he displayed absolutely no explosion or flow toward the ball. He was constantly as step slow. He has not progressed since that game. If the team can afford to keep him as a special teamer then so be it.
    But his fight with cancer robbed him of his natural ability. It’s a shame.

  4.  Krow says:

    He’s right … and he’s wrong. They did agree on a contract. But it was based on an expected level of performance that Kiwi has not delivered on. What the team said in essence was that we’re paying you as if you can do X … but in reality you’re doing a lot less than X.

    The NFL … unlike some (but not all) other sports pays for performance. Had Kiwi lit it up … as he led them to believe he could … then this would all be moot. Because if they cut him then someone else would be happy to take his contract. But we all know no team is giving him that kind of money because … news flash … he’s not worth it.

    This is his last year with the Giants. He will leave bitter … and probably not get picked up unless he eats the vet minimum on a ‘show me’ deal. He’s a jag, and that’s what they get paid.

  5.  Michael Cervellino says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about Snee in the starting lineup. I think he’s had a wonderful career, but I also feel his body has had it. If it isn’t one thing that will cause him discomfort, it will be something else. A decade or so is a long time in this league, and it takes its toll. I’m not sure if he’s playing because he is infatuated with the game of football or trying to squeeze one last payday out of this so he and his family are set for life. In addition, the days of the 305 lb. guard are pretty much over. Teams prefer tackles with great movement skills, length, and lateral agility, while the guards are road grading mashers who can win in a “phone booth”. Playing Snee and a “bulked up” Pugh on the right side means you have 305 and 310 on the right side, very small by today’s standards. I’d almost like to see Mosley or a healthy John Jerry get a shot at RG. By the way, in reality, although Schwartz is very versatile, his best success has come at RG. We immediately moved him to LG upon signing him to accommodate Snee. I actually think the line isn’t too bad as it was configured in OTA’s, also assuming that Beatty supplants Brown.

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