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Phil Simms: New York Giants Have Had a “Great Offseason”

June 15th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants have been quite busy this offseason. And while things have slowed down considerably, there's no denying the reality that they blew things up, eliminated a part of their core and got a lot younger. It was a business decision that retired Giants quarterback Phil Simms agrees with.

"The Giants held their team together last year for the right reason, to give that core group one more chance. I thought it was the right thing to do," Simms said during his 'Roast' to benefit St. Anthony's High School. "It didn't work, but I also knew that when you go for that one more time, it never works. But you still have to try it."

That "try" began with an 0-6 start to the season and an eventual 7-9 finish — the team's first losing season since 2004. But it was also the fourth time in five years that the team had missed the playoffs, and for a franchise so used to success, that was unacceptable. As a result, it was time for some major changes.

"They disbanded the team basically," Simms said. "On paper, they've had a great offseason."

Another part of that "great offseason" included the retirement of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, who was eventually replaced by Ben McAdoo and his new-look, West Coast-style system. A system that many "experts" believe quarterback Eli Manning will struggle adjusting to. All except for Simms, of course, who believes that Manning will not only learn this new system seamlessly, but will thrive in it.

"I say this all the time. If you're a good quarterback, you play if it's round or square. Everyone says, 'Oh, it's a transition for Eli,' " Simms said. "I say, 'Come on, he's a really good NFL quarterback. He can adapt to everything."

So far, head coach Tom Coughlin says, the progress has been slow, but steady.


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2 Responses to “Phil Simms: New York Giants Have Had a “Great Offseason””

  1.  skinnydoogan says:

    Happy Fathers day fella’s

  2.  rlhjr says:

    If we’re all honest, it can be said that many of us called for the dismissal of Tuck, Diehl, Snee and a few others. They were simply no longer effective and it was plain (for some of us) to see. And in my case, it wasn’t only veteran players I was wanting to go away. It was most if not all of the young offensive linemen and one Mr. Hakeem Nicks. The latter because he was simply done being a Giant and loafed most if not the entire year.

    Simms is correct, they blew it up. And they really needed to do that.
    However, the job is a few bricks from being a load.

    1. OFFENSIVE LINE: At a minimum there needs to be a left tackle drafted. Not a project, a PLAYER.

    2. DEFENSIVE LINE: A defensive end who can handle his business against the run and mount a pass rush as well.

    3. LINEBACKER: A young stud who can stay on the field for three downs to provide leadership and continuity for the defense. A player who can become the defensive heartbeat.

    4. SAFETY: Find Role a player to mentor who runs at least 4.5 hits and has ball skills. In short no less than a second round draft choice. The position is that important. The organization gets a pass on Hill. They tried and Hill failed.

    While the young linebacker from USC could certainly “hit” and become a better than average player, that’s not the way to bet. And is he actually a MIKE backer or better suited for SAM? I think we’ll find out in a hurry. Because leadership and hi football IQ goes into making a MIKE. And in this day and age to stay on the field means better than average athletes. Anything much above a 4.5 player need not apply. Did anyone seriously think Beason would get through the season without missing time? I prayed he’d be healthy, but his history dictated he would not. I was expecting his knees to betray him. Alas, another part of his body chose to fail. Just a matter of time.

    Beatty may turn things around. But does anyone really expect him to improve over last year when he’s coming off a broken? I certainly don’t even though I hope he can. But NO!

    The path the team must take is pretty clear in terms of the players they need to draft/acquire next year. If they go free agent, they need to restrict the search to players 25 years old. Even with a healthy Beason, this team is not playoff bound this year. They remain “A FEW BRICKS SHY OF A LOAD”.

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