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New York Giants Worked Out 10+ Players on Wednesday; Signed None: Report

June 12th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Wednesday may have been an off day for New York Giants players, but coaches and staff were plenty busy as the team hosted 10+ players for workouts and evaluations. And while the workouts did feature players at need positions — like tight end Tom CrabtreeThe Star-Ledger reports that none were immediately signed to a contract.

In addition to Crabtree, the Giants also met with former Central Connecticut State wide receiver Denzell Jones and former Rutgers linebacker Jamal Merrell. They were also slated to meet with former South Carolina defensive back Victor Hampton, but he signed with the Cincinnati Bengals before making it to East Rutherford.

Because a player leaves without a contract/contract offer does not mean the team won't revisit them in the future or send over an offer in the coming days/weeks. The same situation occurred with linebacker Jameel McClain earlier this offseason — he eventually signed with the team a week after his initial workout.

The names of the remaining players who visited on Wednesday were not immediately made public (the team does not officially announce their workouts).


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2 Responses to “New York Giants Worked Out 10+ Players on Wednesday; Signed None: Report”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    Jernigan had eyes the size of sunny side up eggs when he came to the league.
    The kid could not even cleanly field punts, or run patterns. In short he was used to be the fastest/quickest game in town. The NFL has a way of changing all but the most elite player’s perspective on such matters. The game was simply too big for Jernigan. And after displaying brick hands and indecision, “Tommy C.” confined JJ to the bench.
    His feet are under him now, and I suspect he’s now able to use his talents. It’s not impossible for him to blossom as a full-fledged weapon especially in McAdoo’s offense. Jernigan is a space guy. And open field terror with above average speed and moves. Only now the kid is not so tight and not overthinking.

    Randle was a bit different; he shows a smooth powerful almost effortless manner.
    If anything Randle is a bit too cocky. I said it when I first saw him and I’ll say it again now, Randle is not far off from being as good as Nicks talent wise. The main difference is maturity and focus. Ability is not even a question with him. Randle is also capable of returning kicks/punts with aplomb. Randle needs to apply himself to the mental aspect of being an NFL wide out. It’s not beyond him.

    The 900 pound gorilla is the missing elements of the Giant offensive & defensive lines and tight end. I suspect a servicable TE can be found with the bodies on hand.
    Thats just a wait and see thing.

    On offense, the club needs a big nasty left tackle and to find the same type player to man either right tackle or right guard. And it’s that simple. One of the two (I suspect the tackle) will have to be drafted. The other might be found.

    Defensively, even if Moore turns out to be everything we hope for, the club still needs a swing DE/DT capable of both stopping the run and rushing the passer.
    Moore should develop as a pass rusher, however his (IMO) frame can carry maybe 265 and maintain effectiveness. Otherwise the same sad JPP story (290) will occur.

    Finally after adding the aforementioned OT aned DE there is need for an elite safety prospect. The leadership/character guys may work out, however the last line of defense needs to be an unquestioned stud. Hopefully Role is around to groom him.

    These needed players are not currently on the Giants roster. The sooner they are put in place, the sooner playoff and championship talk will have substance. Sounds like draft picks 1,2 and 3 to me. No doubt rebuilding will be complet at that point.

    •  Krow says:

      JJ suffered from having Gilbride as an OC. A coordinator of lesser intelligence might have said, “Wow Cruz and Jernigan … two weapons … let me figure out a way to use both of them.”. But the Genius simply benched JJ since he played the slot behind Cruz … and we all know there’s no possible way around that.

      I’m still concerned about the OL. They did an admirable job of adding players. But until they suit up we don’t know what will happen. Beatty clearly isn’t ready. Walton is coming off a major injury. $nee may be just there for a final payday. And who knows what’s going to become of our newest party-boy Pugh. He could be on the fast track to nowhere. Ugh …

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