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New York Giants Thursday Morning Storylines: Big Blue Has $500 per Pound Fat Fine

June 12th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Thursday, New York Giants fans! Organized Team Activities (OTAs) resume today with media access and then will conclude on Friday, so be prepared for an influx of news throughout the day. In the mean time, enjoy your morning coffee over the following headlines.

NY Giants Star Prince Amukamara: The Team Fat Fine is $500 Per Pound

It pays to be thin … at least if you're on the NY Giants — because if players are overweight, they're fined $500 PER POUND … so says one of the team's star defensive backs.

TMZ Sports spoke with Prince Amukamara on the way out of an event at Cipriani Wall St. last night — and he told us about the special diet rules the G-Men have to follow.

"Everyone has to meet a certain weight requirement … and if you are overweight you get fined like $500 a pound."

Justin Pugh Trolled by New York Jets Fan

So, a couple of New York Giants football players walk into a bar and what happened next was pretty funny. In a TMZ obtained video, offensive tackle Justin Pugh, Jason Pierre Paul and a couple of their teammates hit up Bounce Sporting Club in Manhattan when a group of bros invited the guys over for a shot. Pugh took 'em up on their offer but as soon as he pounded the booze, one of the bros turns to the camera and reveals his true colors New York Jets hunter green and white.

NFL Network Considering Use of Drones to Cover Training Camp

Per a source with knowledge of the plans, the NFL’s in-house media conglomerate plans to use drones during production of this year’s Inside Training Camp series on NFL Network. While not a done deal yet, the plans are in place to use remote-controlled hovercraft to obtain TV images of practice.

The technology has intriguing possibilities. Presumably far cheaper and easier to manage than the Cablecam device, hovering aircraft could capture images that could be used for coaching, enhancing the in-stadium viewing experience, and/or watching the game from home.

But it’s hardly foolproof. A Cablecam ended up on the playing field nearly seven years ago. The Sunday night game between the Seahawks and Saints was delayed by roughly 10 minutes; however, the league insisted that the device didn’t actually crash to the ground.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants Thursday Morning Storylines: Big Blue Has $500 per Pound Fat Fine”

  1.  Krow says:

    This is exactly the kind of news we were all hoping for about Justin Pugh. A guy rumored to be a hard party animal and a coke head … seen downing shots and being made a fool of in a bar by a drunk Jets fan. Yeah, this is the perfect way to start up the season. Nicely played Justin … nicely played.

  2.  Eric S says:

    To Noshs’ point in an earlier thread about Eli trusting Jj more and thus looking his way more. As Goat pointed out its likely because teams didn’t focus on him much and when Cruz went down JJ was working the slot. Given the state of our OLine the slot WR was going to get most of the looks because Eli simply didn’t have time to wait for Randle or any other outside WR to run Gilbrides slow developing routes.

    I like JJ. Always have. Thought he was explosive unlike señorita moss. Nice to see it translate even in a small sample size. But I think many are vastly underestimating Randle and his ability. And yes the Giants would draft a WR in the first no matter how they felt about Randle. JPP was drafted when we still had Osi and Tuck and a screaming need at other spots like lb and OLine. Heck, the Giants spent a 2 on Randle coming off a SB when we still had the good Hakeem and Cruz had busted out into a star.

    •  Eric S says:

      Additionally, while something like 8 of Eli’s ints happened when throwing to Randle, he still kept throwing it to him. Why? Because it was the right read. Eli doesn’t care who he throws it to. If it’s the right read and the guy is open that’s where Eli is throwing. With a more simplified scheme I expect 1000+ yds and 8-10tds from Randle.

  3.  GOAT56 says:


    Nosh.0 says:
    June 11, 2014 at 6:57 PM
    You know why I believe in JJ ahead of Randle. For the same reason I was sold on Victor Cruz early on. Eli looks for him.

    Those last few games of the season, especially once Cruz went down, Eli threw to Jernigan and looked his way much more than Randle. So while Randle may be the better physical specimen, more important is whether or not your QB trusts you. And I’m almost positive Eli trusts JJ more than Randle. Thus JJ>Randle. Thats called logic for all you rook posters out there.

    GOAT56 says:
    June 11, 2014 at 8:45 PM
    I think your logic is very faulty. I think it’s just as logical that Eli was going to Jernigan because he was paid less attention. I think if Eli trusted Jernigan so much Jernigan would have gotten more regular snaps over the course of the year. I do think the last 3 games meant something when Jernigan emerged but I think you’re putting too much into it. Plus Randle did still have 600 plus yards and 6 TDs last year. And by the same logic what makes you think Eli trusts ODB more than Randle? OTAs?

    Nosh.0 says:
    June 11, 2014 at 9:18 PM
    I don’t know that Eli will trust ODB ahead of Randle. What I do know is that the Giants would not have drafted a WR in the first round if they had faith in Randle. The ODB pick signaled that he was the highest rated player on the Giants board, and, that they had serious doubts about Ruben Randle.

    I’ve never bought into the “this WR gets less attention therefore he will be thrown to more” argument. That was the misguided logic being used in the Nicks is better than Cruz debate. Cruz was constantly double covered last season and Nicks often singled up with a teams #2 DB and Eli still went to Cruz more. A QB throws to the player(s) he trusts to make a play, not the guy with less attention. Unless of course a player is wide open.


    •  GOAT56 says:

      We we have a new offense. During OTAs it’s been reported that most of the sets start with 3 WRs.Cruz hasn’t even been spending much time on the outside because he will be in the slot most of the time. I saw this to point out that drafting a WR in the first had nothing to do with Randle and pointed out the fact we using 3 WRs as our base set. If anything it’s points out that we didn’t trust Jernigan as our 3rd WR.

      you never brought into the WR attention argument but you notice Cruz has been way less effective since Nicks stopped playing well. If the less attention argument doesn’t mean anything why didn’t Cruz put up those 1300-1400 yard seasons like true #1 WRs do nowadays? If Cruz is being double and they still throw him the ball ever thought it’s less likely Cruz is going to be open and/or catch the ball? Your assuming that QBs only have one guy they trust. Most QBs trust more that one receiver so the one out of the WRs he trusts that is getting single coverage is his most likely target. A Wr playing in the slot does still is going to get the ball because it’s very hard to double a guy in the slot.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    Jernigan had eyes the size of sunny side up eggs when he came to the league.
    The kid could not even cleanly field punts, or run patterns. In short he was used to be the fastest/quickest game in town. The NFL has a way of changing all but the most elite player’s perspective on such matters. The game was simply too big for Jernigan. And after displaying brick hands and indecision, “Tommy C.” confined JJ to the bench.
    His feet are under him now, and I suspect he’s now able to use his talents. It’s not impossible for him to blossom as a full-fledged weapon especially in McAdoo’s offense. Jernigan is a space guy. And open field terror with above average speed and moves. Only now the kid is not so tight and not overthinking.

    Randle was a bit different; he shows a smooth powerful almost effortless manner.
    If anything Randle is a bit too cocky. I said it when I first saw him and I’ll say it again now, Randle is not far off from being as good as Nicks talent wise. The main difference is maturity and focus. Ability is not even a question with him. Randle is also capable of returning kicks/punts with aplomb. Randle needs to apply himself to the mental aspect of being an NFL wide out. It’s not beyond him.

    The 900 pound gorilla is the missing elements of the Giant offensive & defensive lines and tight end. I suspect a servicable TE can be found with the bodies on hand.
    Thats just a wait and see thing.

    On offense, the club needs a big nasty left tackle and to find the same type player to man either right tackle or right guard. And it’s that simple. One of the two (I suspect the tackle) will have to be drafted. The other might be found.

    Defensively, even if Moore turns out to be everything we hope for, the club still needs a swing DE/DT capable of both stopping the run and rushing the passer.
    Moore should develop as a pass rusher, however his (IMO) frame can carry maybe 265 and maintain effectiveness. Otherwise the same sad JPP story (290) will occur.

    Finally after adding the aforementioned OT aned DE there is need for an elite safety prospect. The leadership/character guys may work out, however the last line of defense needs to be an unquestioned stud. Hopefully Role is around to groom him.

    These needed players are not currently on the Giants roster. The sooner they are put in place, the sooner playoff and championship talk will have substance. Sounds like draft picks 1,2 and 3 to me. No doubt rebuilding will be complet at that point.

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