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Ex-Giant Joe Pisarcik Says “Miracle at the Meadowlands” Fumble Made Him a Stronger Person

June 12th, 2014 at 4:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Just the thought of "Miracle at the Meadowlands" is enough to make New York Giants fans scream "just run out the clock!" But no matter how many times that historical NFL moment is relived, quarterback Joe Pisarcik never kneels and Herm Edwards always scores the game-winning touchdown.

While that may have been a career-defining moment for Pisarcik, he maintains that it was not life-defining. And despite the heartbreak it caused and continues to cause, Pisarcik believes it's only served to make him a stronger person.

"Everybody fumbles in life, but it's what you do after the fumble," Pisarcik said at the NFL Alumni Connecticut Chapter 2014 Charity Golf Classic. "In life, there are peaks and valleys. What defines you as a person is what you do when you hit that valley."

However bad that moment in history may have been, Pisarcik's attempt to hand that ball off undoubtedly changed the direction and fortunes of the franchise. Had the Giants won that game, John McVay likely would have remained coach, the fans wouldn't have revolted and George Young may have never been appointed General Manager.

All things happen for a reason, and Pisarcik's flub led to a complete restructure and, subsequently, the success the team had in the 80's under Bill Parcells.


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17 Responses to “Ex-Giant Joe Pisarcik Says “Miracle at the Meadowlands” Fumble Made Him a Stronger Person”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Yeah, it made me a better man too. I realized that if Pisarchik wasn’t struck down by God the next day for what he did that in all likelihood I could hopelessly fail at things too and still survive. And even stay a fan of the Giants through the despair.

    You younger guys who weren’t around to experience that will never understand the heights of joy to which the two titles under Parcells, and then especially that 2007 Super Bowl and the one four years later brought those of us who were.

    •  GFansince Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      The only thing worse was watching Y.A. get clobbered by the Bears.

      •  GFansince Ninteen Forty Eight says:

        Or AS getting rid of Sam Huff and Barnes

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Yeah, that was really ugly.

        On the other hand, there were all those great throws to Shofner. Who these days is ever named Del? (Okay there’s Dell Curry, but who else?).

        And, of course, there was Bednarik standing over Gifford after having knocked him cold. It took so long for him to move that I thought he was dead.

    •  GFansince Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      My wife who suffered all those years from 64 to 86 (just listening to me and having to hold that antenna for the Yale bowl games) still reminds me that I cried with tears of joy when they wore those Superman outfits in the locker room. If we won all the time we would be like Yankee fans unable to handle the off years.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        How about, when they were playing at the Stadium, driving up to Connecticut to see them at a motel with a crummy television that sometimes didn’t work in order to get out of the local blackout zone?

        Those were the days.

  2.  GFansince Ninteen Forty Eight says:

    Considering the intense anger displayed in his recent recent comments, Derrick maybe vastly mistaken about the number of concussions he has received. He probably should be seeking treatment.

  3.  norm says:

    The Fumble (the correct term; only an Eagles fan would refer to it as a “miracle”) was actually the original Blessing in Disguise for this franchise.

    Prior to that, the Maras had happily bumbled along for the better part of a decade; content to field an abysmal squad that was just shy of being an out and out embarrassment. The Fumble changed all that, effectively announcing to the world that the NFL’s flagship franchise was a sorry joke; a humiliating blight on a league that was just beginning to assert itself as the economic juggernaut that it is today.

    Commissioner Rozelle recognized the time had come for an intervention. So he stepped in and brokered the deal that led to the naming of George Young as GM and Ray Perkins (a criminally underrated figure in Giants lore) as head coach. Arguably, that may never have happened had it not been for The Fumble.

    It not only made Pisarcik stronger, it made the team, and by extension the NFL, stronger as well.

    •  GFansince Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      I liked RAY. He did a lot with very little and it has seemed that he was blackballed for many years.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      This is true. Thank God for Rozelle’s figuring that he needed a strong New York franchise in order to really convert the media moguls to supporters. I know (thanks to my grandfather, who used the same bookie as did Tim Mara) that Tim Mara initially told Rozelle that the changes would be made “over his dead body”. Rozelle brought him along after some boozefests at the 21 Club.

      Thank you Joe Pisarchik and Herm Edwards.

  4.  GFansince Ninteen Forty Eight says:

    Hey Dan. How come I can never sign in through 101. It has been saying I am a new acct for months????????

  5.  GIANTT says:

    Yeah , Pisarcik could count his money and move on but for us poor schlubs trying to justify it by saying Mcvay lost his job blah blah blah didnt then and doesnt now ease any pain that accumulated . Besides , it was not a foregone conclusion from that play that Mcvays tenure would be over and that George YOUNG would take over as GM .
    FF55Y , youre a better man than I am to even remotely take anything positive out of that game . To me it s-ck-d then and time has changed anything .

    •  GFansince Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      He might be counting his money, but the amt of goodwill his name could buy has to be in the negative. Can you imagine squiggling up to a crowded sports bar in NYC and announcing: ” Hi! I’m Joe Pisarcik” ?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I was being ironic. I was sick to my stomach. It still makes me gag to think about it.

      Have to admit, though, a few of our games over the past two seasons have left me with somewhat similar tastes in my mouth.

  6.  BlueSince60 says:

    I don’t care – I still hate Herman Edwards.

    I was at that game. A miserable, rainy day. We left early to get a jump on the traffic out of the stadium. Heard the noise and had to tune into the radio when we got to the car to find out what happened. Unbelievable.

    So on the off chance that this was all my fault, I never leave early.

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