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NFL Receiver Power Rankings: New York Giants Listed No. 18 Overall

June 10th, 2014 at 2:55 PM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants have not received a lot of love in recent days with some "experts" claiming their front seven is one of the worst in the NFL, while other "experts" ranked their overall roster as 19th in the NFL. That trend continued this week as Matt Miller of Bleacher Report ranked their receivers as only 18th in the league.

Starters: Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, Adrien Robinson (TE)

Key Reserves: Odell Beckham (rookie), Mario Manningham, Jerrel Jernigan, Kellen Davis (TE)

The New York Giants let Hakeem Nicks walk in free agency, but the wide receiver and tight end corps might be even better in 2014. The key will be rookie Odell Beckham, and he's a good one. Not only can Beckham help in the slot and outside, but he can assist as a return man too.

The team needs Rueben Randle to make the jump from potential to production, otherwise Victor Cruz will see a lot of bracket coverage from defenses. Bringing back Mario Manningham is likely to be more ceremonial than a payoff on the field.

Tight end remains unproven, but Adrien Robinson is a good athlete with upside.

The loss of a highly-productive Hakeem Nicks would have been too much to bear, but that Nicks was not at all seen in 2013. And while the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. does come with some question marks, he has dazzled in Organized Team Activities (OTAs), even drawing some DeSean Jackson comparisons. Couple that with the health of Victor Cruz, a more experienced Rueben Randle and a completely revamped offensive line (this will be the key), and the Giants have a group that could be far better than 18th overall.

The real concern comes in at the tight end position. While Adrien Robinson has looked good this Spring, that's not outside the norm for him. He'll need to stay healthy and put it together in games that count before anyone can relax over what Big Blue has at that position.

If any one of their tight ends can step up and be productive, with the offensive line also preventing Eli Manning from having to run for his life, this group of receivers could be highly productive and very dangerous in Ben McAdoo's new offensive system.


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15 Responses to “NFL Receiver Power Rankings: New York Giants Listed No. 18 Overall”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Adrian Robinson does has upside. Because he can’t go much further down.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Adding Manningham was “ceremonial”? For some odd reason I don’t think Jerry Reese works that way.

    I expect Mario to contribute more than many who forget how well he and Eli were doing the last third of the 2011 season assume will be the case.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      All depends on if he can even get on the field.

      He might get passed by JJ on the Depth Chart.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        He might, but in a McAdoo offense there should be plenty of spread formations in which there are four wide receivers on the field simultaneously, and that should mean that the #4 AND #5 receivers on the depth chart get snaps. And anyway, you have to figure there will be enough dings, or worse, to allow at least five wide receivers the opportunity to play in 2014. I think Mario will get his share of play. If he doesn’t, because Jernigan is much better than he, so much the better because MM is good.

        •  Krow says:

          MM had a pretty severe knee injury. He may never be 100% again.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            True, but why assume so? It seems that every pundit around is assuming the worst for every issue on this team. We don’t have to follow suit. Do we really want to assume Manningham is through, Beckham will need at least a full year of experience to help much, JPP is never going to be the monster he was before getting hurt, Hankins cannot reproduce Joseph’s role (especially with more snaps being taken by Patterson, a very good player himself, this season), Moore is too young and inexperienced to have an impact this season, Robinson is a bum and he’s the best of our dreadful tight ends, McClain is washed up, and the O-line will still be in need of additional pieces in order to become even decent?

            If all of that proves true we’ll be picking early in the draft next spring. But I think most of it will prove false, the result of people not taking the time to look carefully enough. Every season in the NFL there are a team or two that surprise everyone. I don’t think anyone thinks the Giants are down for the count forever, but very, very few think they will be building toward another championship by next season and already well along that path in 2014. I think they might be and see a LOT to be happy about. I also think Manningham will be good once his knee heals, which it should. I do not think Reese would have signed him if the medical prognosis was less-than-very-promising.

            •  Krow says:

              You know I’m the sites biggest MM fan. I’d like nothing better than to see him tear it up. But he’s still not practicing. So yeah, I’m kind of worried.

  3.  Krow says:

    Robinson needs a nickname … I’m thinking maybe “The Enigma” … or “Invisible Man”. Hmmm or “The Yeti”, because there’s a lot of rumors about him, but very few actual sightings.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    I think the ranking is fair going by production and question marks. But I feel good about Randle, ODB and Robinson. I do think Jernigan will contribute as well. MM does concern me because he tore his ACL like 19-20 months ago. Then he came back and ended up on IR again for SF. We need him because you need at least 5 quality WRs especially in this offense.

    I don’t get the confidence in ODB looking good in shorts and the whatever about Robinson looking good in the same shorts. Look neither player is a given because they haven’t done it yet but it’s fair to have hopes for Robinson just as much as ODB.

    That said here are the most important unproven Giants IMO:

    1) Hankins – We need to replace Joseph ad Hankins is really the only one that can provide a similar impact as a run stuffing presence.
    2) Robinson – No matter the questions about him, he seems to be the only options that could be good. In this offense especially with our lack of size at WR we need a presence at TE, especially in the redzone.
    3) Moore – While we are solid with Ayers or Kiwi starting on early down if this defense is going to be dynamic we need another upper tier passing rushing threat on the outside besides JPP. Moore doesn’t have to be a complete DE but we need an Osi presence out of him.
    4) ODB – Is actually a player I wouldn’t put here if I wasn’t concerned about MM. We need another outside WR and without the possible cushion of MM, ODB plays a huge role right off the bat.
    5) Taylor – I could have went Williams but even though I think he will be good I don’t think he’s as important as Taylor could be. Between safety and nickel LB I look for Taylor to have a role. He had his redshirt year and should be ready to contribute.

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    I think MM is only here as depth. Jernigan is the guy that I expect to have a breakout season, much like the one MM had back in 2009. Something like 800 yards, 50-60 REC, and 4-5 TD’s. Which is money as your #3 WR.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    Hankins is being severely underrated. Look, Joseph was really just a run-stopper. Hankins is much quicker and while he may be only 95% of Hankins as a run-stopper this season (and frankly, I think he might already be better….he looked it last season) he is twice the pass-rusher already.

    And if Moore gets a real opportunity I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t make more plays over the course of the season than did Tuck. Justin (whom I love) played very well….in bunches. The rest of the time he disappeared. And the combination of more snaps for Kiwi (also severely underrated), Ayers, and Moore will at least equal Tuck’s contributions and should easily exceed them. The pundits who claim the defensive line was weakened will prove sorely misinformed.

    And from what I’m hearing the two veteran tight ends in camp look far better than any of us would have assumed. So Robinson’s belated emergence may not prove so make-or-break as thought. What IS absolutely true is that SOMEONE among the tight ends needs to emerge because McAdoo is going to make use of his tight ends and they’ll have to produce. In a three-step-drop offense the tight ends play a big role.

    You have to assume that in nickel defense the two linebackers will be Beason and Williams, at least to start the preseason, with Taylor or Paysinger having to beat out Williams for that role. Taylor might be a better cover guy, but his inexperience should hold him back this season. Paysinger is a far better all-around linebacker but he cannot cover as well. Williams has a big head start.

  7.  Lou D. says:

    I agree with the term “ceremonial” on Manningham. I don’t think he ever gets on the field again. Lot of pressure on Beckham but if he plays to his potential this is a top 5 rec. corps.

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