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New York Giants Tuesday Morning Storylines: Breaking Down Adrien Robinson’s Chances at Tight End

June 10th, 2014 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Tuesday, New York Giants fans! Big Blue continues Organized Team Activities (OTAs) today with practice No. 8 and will have an off day on Wednesday. However, the bigger news may come from some of the visits the team has lined up today, so continue to check back in the event of a signing. In the mean time, enjoy the following headlines over your morning coffee.

Breaking Down Adrien Robinson's Chances

The good folks at NumberFire have put together an analysis of Adrien Robinson's chances of being a fantasy-relevant tight end for the New York Giants in 2014. Even the most fantasy-agnostic of you Giants fans must realize that a productive fantasy football season by Robinson would be a good thing for the Giants. So let's take a look.

The post is cutely entitled, "Adrien Robinson: Fantasy Football Person of Interest or the Best Smelling Garbage Man?" Its foundational premise is that Robinson's only getting the chance to be a starting tight end because (their words, not mine, regarding what the Giants have at the position), "there hasn't been a less talented collection of names assembled in one place since the IMDb page for the Sharknado sequel." And it takes up the questions of, (A) whether Robinson can play and, (B) whether Eli Manning will throw him the ball enough to make him a viable option in fantasy football.

End of the day, we're where we've been all along with this. The Giants like their tight end to be a reliable run-blocker and an occasional helper in the passing game. Anyone who can fit that description has a chance to be on the field — whether it's Robinson, Larry Donnell, Daniel Fells, Kellen Davis, whoever. I wouldn't touch any of them in fantasy football, and I wouldn't go into this season super-worried about whether the Giants have a tight end who can catch 70 passes. They don't want one. They don't think they need one. So whatever your expectations may be for Adrien Robinson this year, there's a pretty good chance the ones the Giants have are even lower. But they're also probably less worried about it than you are.

New Jersey Governor, Cowboys Fan Chris Christie Tangles with Eagles Fan

It's hard to support the Dallas Cowboys in a city filled with New York Giants fans, especially when you're the governor.

Chris Christie, who has been New Jersey's governor since 2009, is a well-know fan of "America's Team." He's supported the Cowboys since the 1970s when Hall-of-Fame quarterback Roger Staubach was running them.

However, during an appearance on the Philadelphia sports radio station WIP on Monday, Christie ran across a New Jersey caller angry that their governor had abandoned his hometown football teams for the "hated" Cowboys.

“The only person I was a bigger fan of than the (Philadelphia) Eagles was Chris Christie until his affiliation with the Cowboys,” said John from Hammonton. “You have lost my support for the governor and, if you run for president, for president.”

Josh Freeman’s Future Hangs in the Wind

Recently the New York Giants had snipped Josh Freeman’s cord as becoming one of the quarterbacks that could be on the Giants depth chart during preseason. Apparently Freeman had struggled to grab the Giant’s offense and was often late to team meetings.

Freeman’s future hangs in the wind, while he is very optimistic about another chance with another team playing the quarterback position he needs to understand that his stock is decreasing. Since his glory days with Tampa Bay Freeman has not improved his role as an elite quarterback nor even acts like he really cares to become the leader of any football team. To even lead your team into the “trenches” it starts with the quarterback, how he dictates himself on and off the field and his work ethics.

Teammates that have played with Freeman knows he has the talent to play at this level, but they have questioned his ability to be the leader on the team. That is one of Josh’s qualities that he needs to improve before he even try’s out for another team.


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5 Responses to “New York Giants Tuesday Morning Storylines: Breaking Down Adrien Robinson’s Chances at Tight End”

  1.  Krow says:

    A good year by the enigmatic Mr. Robinson would have a multiplier effect on the Giants offense. He could be the X-Factor that raises our game to another level. But so far it’s all hope and conjecture. There’s nothing tangible to lead a logical person to conclude that he’s going to flash. This pre-season is the final test. Fingers crossed . . .

  2.  BBWC says:

    If I was to bet on which TE will have the biggest impact for the Giants this season, I’d put my money on Donnell.

  3.  GIANTT says:

    “The Giants like their tight end to be a reliable run-blocker and an occasional helper in the passing game.”
    This was definitely the case in the Gilbride system , the TE blocked and occasionally as a last resort in most cases , got a pass thrown his way but a new system that utilizes short passes certainly improves his fantasy chances .

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    I think if Robinson is going to start he’s a fantasy sleeper. Just look at the early practice reports in the different way this offense will use the TE. Robinson will get chances if he’s the starter he just has to come through. Plus looking at our WRs there’s a good chance Robinson will get redzone targets. I think fantasy wise he has definite upside fantasy. Also look at his competition, Robinson is the only guy drafted or paid anything so he will get a legit chance. This is not an even competition if Robinson is equal to any other TE he will be the starter because he was drafted in the 4th round. There’s a reason Robinson began camp as the #1 TE and I doubt the others are good enough to knock him from starter before the season starts.

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