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New York Jets Show Inferiority Complex Again as Calvin Pryor States: We Hate the New York Giants

June 7th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

It's absolutely no secret that the New York Jets do not like the New York Giants and vica versa. But while the Giants typically focus on their NFC East rivals, the Jets often put Big Blue in their crosshairs — even when the situation doesn't call for it.

Such was the case earlier this week when Jets rookie safety. Calvin Pryor, joined SportsNet New York's Daily News Live on SNY.

Although Pryor was merely asked if head coach Rex Ryan encouraged him to talk trash to get opponents "off their game," the rookie took the question and ran with it, taking aim at both the New England Patriots and Big Blue.

"We don't like Tom at all. When I first came here, that was one of the first things I heard about: We hate the Patriots, and we hate the Giants," Pryor said. "That's what everybody was telling me. We hate those guys, and I look forward to playing them this season."

As with most things coming out of Jets camp, it should be easy for the Giants to brush this off and return focus to winning a Super Bowl. But for fans, it will be an entirely different story; it's something that will stir up emotion and rekindle some hatred.

And it's not as if this sort of behavior is unheard of for the Jets. Rather, they've spent much of their time focused on the Giants since Rex Ryan took over as their head coach. In fact, one of Ryan's first orders of business was not winning games or creating a championship atmosphere, but rather, winning the New York newspaper back pages from the New York Giants.

That never happened and, eventually, Victor Cruz, Brandon Jacobs and the rest of the New York Giants put ole Inferiority Rex and the Jets in their place.


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4 Responses to “New York Jets Show Inferiority Complex Again as Calvin Pryor States: We Hate the New York Giants”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I’ll just throw in my annual “Why do we continue to play the Jets in the preseason?” query in here. These turkeys always feel they have to prove something, even in a meaningless preseason game. Why does John Mara continue to allow the league to expose his team to injuries thanks to the Jets’ inferiority complex? It’s hard not to assume that this is a result of some deal that was made between the ownerships in the course of sharing the cost of the new stadium. Otherwise, Mara should take the same approach to this that he did to Hard Knocks: “We’re just not going to do this.”

    On other fronts, I have to admit I didn’t even know Marcus Harris was on the camp roster. I heard good things about him last year from a few scouts who had watched him pretty closely, and maybe his size (even at 6’1″ he would add height to our receiving corps) will help him compete for that last spot on the roster.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      No doubt hoisting the “Snoopy” trophy is very important to the Jets. Somebody should break the news to Rex that this is not the Lombardi.

  2.  G-MenFan says:

    I think this kid was just reiterating what the Jets veteran players told him and he’s been chopped into chum by the NY press and thrown into the shark-infested waters of NY professional sports sensationalism.

    There is animosity between the teams but it’s a stupid turf war and has little to do with football. The Jets started it with the black fabric draped over the Giants championship graphic and the Giants ended it with BJ’s “big-mouthed ****” tirade. As far as rivalries go, this one has always bored me.

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