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Ex-Giant Luke Petitgout Arrested Again for Assaulting Man, Slapping Wife in Face: Report

June 7th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

For the second time in 10 months, retired New York Giants offensive lineman Luke Petitgout has found himself in hot water after going off the deep end and assaulting his wife. The most recent even reportedly occurred on Thursday night at 48 Lounge in New York City when an enraged Petitgout burst in screaming obscenities before assaulting a Queens man and then slapping his wife across the face.

The New York Post reports that Petitgout's wife, Jennifer, was at the 48 Lounge for a business meeting with two other women and another man, John Constantinides, when the former offensive lineman spotted them, charged the table and punched Constantinides in the eye.

“He slapped Jennifer open-handed, then continued fighting with the guys. He told them he wanted to take it outside,” the source told The Post.

Petitgout then attempted to attack a second man before six of the club's bouncers held him back, allowing the police to arrive and handcuff him. They proceeded to lead him away as he allegedly continued screaming at his wife.

Back in August, Petitgout was accused of beating his wife with her pocketbook and then kicking her out of a moving car on their wedding anniversary. That argument was reportedly spawned by cheating allegations and subsequent argument. Petitgout eventually had the charges cleared, but a source close to Jennifer says this most recent incident was the "last straw."

Jennifer filed a temporary restraining order on Friday and her divorce consultant said she is currently "weighing her options."

Petitgout was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on misdemeanor assault.


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4 Responses to “Ex-Giant Luke Petitgout Arrested Again for Assaulting Man, Slapping Wife in Face: Report”

  1.  Kevros says:

    Obviously the Giants released Petitgout for cap and injury risk reasons, but I wonder if any of this type of attitude/behavior was visible to the Giants’ FO back then and made it that much easier to release him?

  2.  GOAT56 says:


    F55 – What’s ironic about Robinson and Taylor is that I like them for 2 different reasons. You’re right that being really athletic isn’t enough for NFL success for most positions. However, from what I have seen if there is an exception it’s at TE. Most of the guys that are considered elite TEs were at least very good athletes. Even a guy like Witten who some don’t recall was a top athlete ran a 4.65 coming out of college. Many of these TEs were dominate college players and some were basketball conversions. So a large part of me defending Robinson has been the history of TEs. An athlete like him as a TE you really need to give a full chance to develop.

    Patterson is someone I’m not nearly as high on as you. I don’t like relying on so many old players as DT starters. I think the rock at DT needs to be a younger player like Hankins with Jenkins and Patterson working around him. But Hankins is young so he might not be ready for the Joseph role yet. So in the end Patterson might be a very important player for us because we need quality DT play. I think more than past years we could end up needing help from rookies especially if Kuhn gets beat out for a roster spot.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    Wasn’t Harris on PS last year and didn’t he make the 53 man roster at some point? In any case what I saw of him didn’t impress me of someone that could help us at WR during the regular season at some point. Maybe I’m wrong but I didn’t see anything that stood out about him. Now Adams showed a little bit of burst and play making ability that gives me some hop that maybe he could contribute to the WR corps. We need some guys to step up because if for some reason manningham can’t contribute we are really really thin at WR. WR is definitely a position to watch in looking for an unknown player to step up.

    A position that’s also open to an unknown player stepping up is DE. While now it appears that we will keep only 4 DEs we have kept 5 many times the last few years. Right now it appears a 5th DE is not on the radar but one of these UDFA could easily make an Ojomo type of impact over the next 2-3 months and force his way on the roster.

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