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New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. Tweaks Hamstring; May Miss Some Time

June 5th, 2014 at 2:00 PM
By Dan Benton

When the New York Giants took the field for their sixth practice of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) on Thursday, rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. watched from the sidelines. Although unclear as to why at first, head coach Tom Coughlin shed some light on the situation following the conclusion of practice, saying Beckham Jr. had injured his hamstring and may end up missing some time.

"He may be out longer than [one day]. We are talking about a skilled athlete with a twinge," Coughlin said.

Although Coughlin failed to provide a timetable on the return of Beckham, it was implied that the injury may spell the end to his OTA practices. Whether or not he'll return for mini-camp in two weeks also remains to be seen, but for a speedy athlete who utilizes his legs for success, hamstring injuries are always a serious concern. In the past, the Giants have been quick to shut players down for quite a significant amount of time to ensure they heal properly.

Still, Beckham Jr. doesn't believe the injury is serious and says if the team had practice on Friday, he'd be out there. The Giants' Doctors may disagree.

With training camp still about seven weeks away, it seems unlikely that this issue will longer quite that long, so Beckham Jr. should be back in plenty of time for the preseason. Still, a rookie missing any time as a team learns a new offense has the potential to be a significant problem.

Meanwhile, guard Chris Snee (hip/elbow) took a scheduled day off, while wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan missed practice due to a death in his family.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. Tweaks Hamstring; May Miss Some Time”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:


    And something that will hinder him the rest of the season.

    What is with these guys? they’re so fragile.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Get off the ledge! It’s a normally football train camp type of minor injury that occurs. Is it possible you’re right? Yes. Is it likely? No.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        yo, i’m 6’3″1/2 235, and i train and compete in a very grueling sport at a fairly high level. I have nicks and minor injuries all the time. I’m also older than these guys. But i fight through them and it doesn’t bother me after a while. They do add up and i know i’m not being invested in with millions of dollars for me to perform. Which makes my injuries a little less serious, and i do it for my own personal glory.

        BUT, It’s a common theme that surrounds this team.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Rugby? If so you’re a crazy man. I tried that sport once when I was young and stupid. I also ran with the bulls in Pamplona and sky-dived and skied down some of the most vicious mogul trails imaginable when they were practically ice sheets. And having done those things, rugby SCARED me. One game and that was it for me. Those guys are seriously nuts.

  2.  GOAT56 says:


    It’s funny that those few lines from Dan make me feel totally different about releasing Hill. Now I understand. My main beef was i didn’t think besides actually smoking weed there were any character concerns. But since there were releasing him now makes sense. And verifying our move was no one claimed him off waivers which was confusing at first but now it makes sense.

    Victor Hampton is a lot like Quarles draft wise. This was a kid based on talent that’s a 3rd round type player. But he actually did get into some off the field stuff which caused him not to get drafted or even signed as a UDFA. If they believe he has matured then you take a chance on him. Yes we are deep at CB you can never have enough depth.

    I’m a big James fan like F55. I think looking at our CBs it would be hard to keep both James and McBride due to their size if other players are comparable. So first James has to outplay McBride to give himself a real chance of making the roster. Signing a player like hampton would further hurt James chances but you still have to add Hampton if you feel comfortable enough with his character.

    I know some are probably going to be gun shy with Hill and Hosley raising major character concerns but each player is different. It doesn’t mean you stop given young people changes that made some mistakes. Now everyone doesn’t need to be given a chance but if it’s a player we would have tried 6 months ago then we should still sign him. I think what might need modification is how we are handling these players in term of helping them mature as adults. Everyone thinks of Hill but Bradshaw had similar concerns coming out, some players will get it and some won’t. There’s also guys like Adam Jones that eventually get it but it takes a while. Hopefully that will be Hill, just not in the NFC east.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    When Coughlin says it’s a “twinge” it isn’t a serious problem. But hammies, especially for speed receivers, are a problem no matter how minor, and shutting him down for OTAs makes perfect sense.

    I’m with GOAT on the depth at wide receiver. Once you get past Manningham and Jernigan things get pretty thin. I do think there’s some potential in Adams, but as we know with wide receivers, potential doesn’t mean squat. On the other hand, I’m very optimistic that Manningham and Jernigan are going to contribute MUCH more than most realize yet in this new offense. Both are almost perfectly matched to what McAdoo will want from his third and fourth receivers in his spread formations.

    Speaking of wide receivers, I’ve been told by a very reliable source that at least in the initial non-pad practices Nicks looked like he was going to have a big season with Andrew Luck. We’ll see. I no longer question the decision to dump him. he obviously was not what the Giants want from their players. But now that he’s playing for a contract and should be fully healthy I have a feeling that he’ll have a really good year. That won’t mean that Reese should have signed him, but it will remind us that we miss him.

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