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New York Giants Waive OL Stephen Goodin; Claim WR Corey Washington Off of Waivers from Cardinals

May 30th, 2014 at 10:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants made a few minor tweaks to their roster on Thursday, announcing that they had waived/injured offensive lineman Stephen Goodin with a foot injury.

In his short career, Goodin appeared in only one game for the Giants — the 2013 regular season finale against the Washington Redskins, filling in for left tackle Will Beatty who had suffered a broken leg.

Replacing Goodin on the roster is wide receiver Corey Washington, who was claimed off of waivers from the Arizona Cardinals.

Washington, who played his final year of college ball at Newberry College, was originally signed as an undrafted rookie free agent (UDFA) by the Cardinals. In his senior season, the 6'4'', 214 lbs. wideout hauled in 44 receptions for 839 yards and 13 touchdowns.

During his Pro Day, Washington posted a respectable 4.50 40-yard time. However, despite the Giants' lack of tall wide receivers, Washington would seem to be a long-shot to make the final 53-man roster.


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7 Responses to “New York Giants Waive OL Stephen Goodin; Claim WR Corey Washington Off of Waivers from Cardinals”

  1. Dan BentonDan Benton says:

    Going back to the complaints of yesterday, unless you guys actually e-mail details of bad ads/redirects to there is NOTHING we can do. Been preaching this for months.

    No one ever does. Or at least precious few do. If we have no details, what can you honestly expect us to do? We’re not magicians, guys. We have to know something is wrong and specifics about it in order to fix it.

    And if we actually had Maleware, Google would warn us. They have not. So any warnings suggesting that are wrong, but should still be e-mailed in.

    In the amount of time it takes to comment here, you could e-mail tech. I’m not sure what else to say. If people e-mail in mass, things would get fixed. But no one ever does.


    Also, people need to understand rouge ads are NOT served by us, which is why we need details. Hackers and spammers hack our ad networks with bad ad tags, which are served through the ad spots we house. We have NO control over those hacks — our ad company does.

    And we can’t just e-mail them and say “there’s one rogue ad, find it and fixed it.” They serve tens of millions of ads, so that’s not possible. Thus, we need details and screenshots.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      frankly I can’t believe we are revisiting the “rogue ads” topic again.

      • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

        All jokes aside, it’d be wonderful if people would actually report these so we could get rid of them. Not only are they invasive and driving away traffic, because they’re hacked, they earn us absolutely no money.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Well, I, for one finally “got” that and, as you know, have tried to send you useful information about the problems. I think everyone understands it isn’t YOU allowing this to happen. The one on-going, huge issue is the one with iPhones that was noted. Some games site has totally hacked Giants101 and the redirect is immediate (I wrote you about this previously, it calmed down, but it’s now back in force).

          Hey, we’re all sympathetic and I’m guessing 100% of us consider your work on this site heroic. But complaining about hijackings of the site is the God-given right of all your fans. (Insert Dan at a press conference politely saying “Yes, it’s their right to complain” while thinking murderous thoughts but channeling Eli’s “give them nothing” approach to the media).

  2.  GOAT56 says:


    F55 – when Coughlin said he expects Beatty and Manningham to be back for fall I think he meant training camp. That’s how I have seen it interpreted. But even if that’s the case any other LT we start other than Pugh would get pulled for Beatty. I know you question Beatty but he’s still done way more than Brown or Brewer and just has more talent.

    I understand the concern moving Pugh but this is LT. LT is the most important position and the other options if Beatty can’t go as a full season starter aren’t acceptable IMO. Of course it’s a chance but Pugh did play LT all his life and unlike some others that start at RT I think his skills actually translate better to LT than RT. But I think you only move Pugh in a permanent move. That’s why you will see Brewer and Brown at LT because moving Pugh is the emergency move.

    I like that we added a WR. I don’t like our talent after our top 5 and MM is still recouping. Adams is the only guy that flashes any real ability beyond our top 5.

    I’m not a fan of the style TE Finley brings to the table. Also his injury has to provide huge worries. But adding Finley would be logical. Looking at our WR corp only Randle is above 6’0? and while Height at times is overrated you would like at least a few receiving threats that could provide some jump ball type opportunities in the redzone. If we use Finley as more of a big WR then his addition could help. I really want to see what Robinson can do and he already made a few plays in camp. But Robinson and the other TEs are unproven so if Finely’s risk is minimal it seems like a classic JR move.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Hope you’re right about the timing on Manningham and Beatty but “fall” isn’t in July, so either Tom misspoke or you’re being overly optimistic.

      At a “prove-it” contract bringing Finley in is a complete no-brainer. I don’t love his game either, but at least he has created a decent career. Robinson may turn into a star but I don’t want to put all my chips on him this season. Let him prove himself while we know we have an at least average-to-somewhat-better-than-average Finley on the roster.

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