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New York Giants Release QB Josh Freeman; Claim OT Rogers Gaines Off Waivers from Bears

May 30th, 2014 at 6:00 PM
By Dan Benton

The Josh Freeman era in New York has turned out to be a short one and has now officially come to an end as it was announced on Friday that the New York Giants released veteran quarterback after only three days of Organized Team Activities (OTAs).

Freeman, who was signed six weeks ago amidst much speculation about what it meant for both Eli Manning and Ryan Nassib, took precious few snaps over the first three days of OTAs and, apparently, proved himself expendable. And, after having released quarterback Rusty Smith earlier this month, the Giants are now down to only Nassib and Curtis Painter backing up Manning once again.

As was the case with the Minnesota Vikings, there were reportedly some concern about Freeman's ability to pick of a brand new offense. Couple that with the miraculous return to health for Manning and head coach Tom Coughlin's desire to keep only two quarterbacks, and it becomes obvious that Freeman was expendable. It also proves that all previous concern over Manning/Nassib was entirely unnecessary (who knew? cough, cough).

Replacing Freeman on the Giants' roster is offensive tackle Rogers Gaines, whom the team claimed and was awarded to Big Blue off of waivers from the Chicago Bears.

Gaines, who signed as an undrafted rookie free agent (UDFA) a year ago with the Baltimore Ravens, spent the 2013 season on the Bears' practice squad. At 6'6'', 334 lbs., the former Tennessee State product has the size and strength to play in the NFL, and also had many Bears fans shaking their heads when released.

Following the cut of Stephen Goodin on Thursday (replaced by WR Corey Washington), the addition of Gaines makes sense for a team without starting tackle Will Beatty (leg) and offensive lineman John Jerry (knee).


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5 Responses to “New York Giants Release QB Josh Freeman; Claim OT Rogers Gaines Off Waivers from Bears”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    Like several of us said before we knew the actually suspension while disappointed in Hill cutting him now makes no sense. He’s at worse perfect mid season quality depth. It’s like a player on PUP but that you know will be 100% healthy for game 7. It helps they changed the rules so Hill can be with the team doing his suspension. Right now we can’t worry about if we can trust Hill next year or going forward. He can still help us this year. He has good relationships with his teammates and his coaches so keeping him around shouldn’t hurt our chemistry.

    Cutting Freeman is a shock to me. The positive side means they just see progress in Nassib and didn’t see the need for Freeman. I’m disappointed that freeman was cut and Painter wasn’t. Now this means that Nassib has to be our backup. I can’t see any reason to go with Painter again because he sucks. Painter has proven that in a NFL game he can’t play. Nassib can’t be any worse option as a backup for a real game no matter if Painter looks better in practice or preseason games. Painter is not a legitimate NFL backup QB so IMO there’s no reason he should be on our 53 man roster again. We made the tragic mistake once but to do it again would not be explainable.

  2.  NM-GIANT says:

    What was he popped for? Considering its a 6 game and not a 9 game then it sounds like it is Adderall or another prescription based drug. If they let him walk, he will go straight to the cowboys!!! Book It!

  3.  BillyS says:

    So I just saw that Josh Gibson was pulled over for speeding last weekend — and someone in the car with him had weed on him. This is exactly the type of dumb things that people can’t stand. Even if you think weed is harmless there are still RULES in place and Gibson was already facing “at least” one year…he’s still putting himself in bad situations and he has nobody to blame but himself.

    As for Hill…I didn’t think that it could have been another drug, but who knows. I wish they’d just come out and publicly say what he allegedly did wrong instead of everyone having to speculate. And I think it’d be dumb to cut him; it would be like having someone come back from PUP. It couldn’t hurt.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Cutting Freeman clearly is a “tell” that Nassib is not only picking up the offense well but is looking pretty good in non-contact drills. I’m glad that it also means we will be seeing plenty of him with a better offensive line and some of the starting receivers. What he had to deal with in front of him last summer was absurd. Almost everyone trying to block for him is out of the league.

    I know nothing about this Gaines but that is one big boy. Maybe he can be what Brewer has never become. At that size if the kid can play he might someday prove a good choice for right tackle. We only need one more young tackle to head toward being a first-class offensive line. We’re already anchored by Pugh and Richburg is going to be here for a lot of years. For that matter Walton might wind up at center for 3-4 years and push Richburg to guard. Obviously, Schwartz is going to be a fixture at LG. That starts to sound like a long-term interior line solution plus Pugh playing one of the tackle positions.

    •  BillyS says:

      I’ve been, and will continue to be, a Ryan Nassib supporter. I’m not expecting him to ever be a starter, but I feel he could definitely be a very solid back up in this league. A lot of fans are down on him, but like you mentioned…who blocked for him? He didn’t get reps with the 1st team. He got reps with practice squad guys against legit NFL players (starters and backups). It was a bit unfair for him to be judged when he was doomed to fail from the get go. I take this as a sign that he’s picking up the offense well and is making Coughlin a bit more comfortable than he was last year.

      I have no clue about Gains, but you never know when you can find a diamond in the rough. Chances are very slim, but even if he becomes a practice squad player it still can’t hurt because you can never have enough depth, and sometimes guys manage to come out of nowhere after being passed over by other teams.

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