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Four New York Giants Crack RotoWorld’s Top 150 Fantasy Players for 2014 List

May 26th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Although NFL training camps are still about two months away, hardcore fantasy football players are beginning to gear up for the season ahead. As such, some of the fantasy football analysts have gotten work on some early projections, and in the first post-Draft Top 150 breakdown courtesy of RotoWorld, four members of the New York Giants have made the cut.

It's important to note that in this post-Draft 150, Evan Silva of RotoWorld places a higher value on non-quarterbacks and has broken the projections down into a 12-team, round-by-round list.

No. 44 – Victor Cruz (Round 4)

Will be ex-Packers assistant Ben McAdoo's Randall Cobb.

No. 56 – Rueben Randle (Round 5)

I expect Randle to emerge as Giants top outside receiver.

No. 80 – Rashad Jennings (Round 7)

Job security a concern with rookie Andre Williams lurking.

No. 123 – Andre Williams (Round 11)

Decisive, downhill bellcow back. Coughlin might fall in love.

It's hard to argue with his early projections given what occurred last season, but landing Cruz in the fourth-round would have the potential to be a significant steal. Meanwhile, Randle's value is going to depend not only on his progression, but how well Odell Beckham Jr. does early on. He, of course, has the potential to steal a starting spot at wide receiver.

Finally, the notion that Jennings' job is in potential jeopardy due to the drafting of Andre Williams is a bit of a reach. Ignoring the fact that Williams offers no value whatsoever as a receiver, Jennings was given a massive free agent contract to come in and be the lead dog for Big Blue. Even if the team resorts to a three-headed attack at running back, he's still likely to receive the bulk of the work and present the largest value for fantasy owners.

In addition to Cruz, Randle, Jennings and Williams, Silva also listed quarterback Eli Manning, running back David Wilson and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to his "also considered" list.


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4 Responses to “Four New York Giants Crack RotoWorld’s Top 150 Fantasy Players for 2014 List”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    Beckham will be single digit in 2015…..BOOK IT.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Just back from a GREAT small-town Memorial Day celebration. Flags, band, vets, twirlers from the high school, fire trucks, police chief’s car, and only two speakers, one a veteran of WW II and the other a Vietnam vet. Just about perfect. And a barbecue afterwards. For one day at least all seems right with the world.

    If the Giants can hang on to McAdoo I think all three of their wide receivers will be well-nigh unstoppable by next season. Green Bay was brilliant at putting receivers in position, frequently by moving them around into different formations, from which no coverage could cope with all of them. And hey, don’t forget about Manningham and Jernigan. Both are just about perfect for a West Coast offense blended with the Giants’ desire for the Big Play. Eli may make a few bad decisions this season as he gets used to his options in this offense but by 2015 he should be brilliant, especially because he will now also benefit from the counsel of his older brother, who has been playing a high-paced, quick-release offense for years.

    And hey, even if 2014 starts off a bit rocky because of the lack of familiarity with the offense, at least we can look forward to a lot fewer delay-of-game flags or the ball always being snapped with a second to go on the play clock, the defense always knowing that, and consequently able to get aggressive against our offense since they could negate our advantage of being able to punch first when the ball is snapped. That was a CONSTANT failing of the “Gilbride Genius” offense. It should have been swept away along with the rest of the cobwebs that had grown around the scheme.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    A few years ago I insisted that the most underrated member of the team was Kareem McKenzie in a very close race with Chris Canty, neither of whom really got the recognition from fans that he deserved, partly because fans only notice the spectacular plays and the stats. But a lot of great football doesn’t show up in stats, and sometimes great play allows OTHERS to get those stats.

    Last year I felt that many fans were severely overrating Linval Joseph (a very good player, but hardly the total stud that many made him out to be), and by the end of the season I thought Justin Tuck was ridiculously overrated (I love the guy, but c’mon, he was a solid B/B+ against the run but more than half those sacks were against ONE, pathetic, offense in just two games and he got the benefit of a good number of pressures that came from Kiwanuka or Jennings on the other side and forced quarterbacks into his arms).

    Speaking of which, while I know it is a really unpopular view, I think Mathias Kiwanuka has played pretty well at times and is currently HIGHLY underrated. I expect him to have a big season in 2014. I think Paysinger is underrated and Williams overrated. And Rolle too little appreciated even if most finally recognize he’s a baller.

    Patterson is continuously underrated (he was TERRIFIC in 2013).

    A guy I expect to have a breakout season is Prince Amukamara.

    And I don’t think they’ll be able to keep Andre Williams on the pine very long. He’s THAT good.

  4.  Krow says:

    No Adrien Robinson?

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