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New York Giants Won’t Travel Much in 2014; Ranked No. 20 in Projected Air Miles

May 25th, 2014 at 2:55 PM
By Dan Benton

We know what you're thinking: "Every team has eight away games, so how could the New York Giants travel less than any other team?" And while that may be true, it's the amount of air travel/overall miles traveled that will separate Big Blue from many of the other NFL teams in 2014.

In a list recently compiled by CBS Sports, the Giants come in at No. 20 with a projected 14,016 air miles this coming season and only a single game where they will travel more than 2,000 miles to play.

So, what's the significance of those numbers? Well, ignoring the obvious in that they'll have more time in their homes and/or team hotels rather than being in the air, the five teams to travel the fewest miles over the past two seasons have gone a combined 80-75-1 in road games. Not a bad number when you consider that the home team had an average winning percentage of .572 over the last decade (2013 season not included in calculation).

Additionally, any road team that had traveled more than 2,000 miles for a game between the years of 1997-2011 had a winning percentage of only 39.8%. That increased to 40.3% when traveling between 1,000-1,999 miles and 43% when traveling less than 999 miles.

Comparatively, the Oakland Raiders lead the way in 2014 with a projected total of 36,106 air miles (four away games more than 2,000 miles away), while the Pittsburgh Steelers come in at No. 32 with only 5,896 projected air miles.

The Dallas Cowboys come in at No. 3 with 24,746 projected air miles (including a trip to London), while the Philadelphia Eagles come in at No. 11 with 17,572 projected air miles (two trips over 2,000 miles) and the Washington Redskins come in at No. 13 with 17,268 projected air miles (two trips over 2,000 miles).

So, hey, the Giants have that working for them.


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