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Faces and Culture May Have Changed, but Goals Remain the Same for New York Giants

May 25th, 2014 at 10:55 AM
By Jen Polashock

Not long ago, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin went all in with another one of his mantras for the upcoming NFL season. The end result was simple: Faces change, expectations don't. While that one may be a bit under-whelming, it’s the Giants way. Under Coughlin, the Team First bylaw hasn’t been altered. The exodus of some players this offseason may have proved that.

While it’s true that the offensive system was slated to change days, perhaps weeks, before former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride retired, the fact remains that more than a few new players were needed in order for a catalyst to initiate good change.

“The culture’s going to change, too," Coughlin said via last month. “Now, the principles and the values will not change, but how we go about our business has to change, because we have so many new people that have to be integrated into the system. And you know what? It’s good for us. It’s good for us at this point in time. I said all along that the stimulation here, even for our veteran players, for Eli [Manning] to re-focus and to be energized by the new learning, the new presentation of material, the different terminology, the things that must be mastered before you even get out of the huddle. I think all of those things are stimulating.”

Some have voiced concern over said changes and new comers and not necessarily without warrant. However, could it be much worse than what was on the field in blue for 2013? 2007 is bought back in remembrance for many different reasons, but change came around back then for the offense in the way of a brand new offensive coordinator with surprising results. Like back then, it was time.

Coughlin recently reiterated his “change, yet same” sentiment this past week and threw in a “Let’s win a Super Bowl!” for good measure and excitement. When his words are echoed early on, it’s a good sign. It appears lately that an important team captain is that echo. Safety Antrel Rolle has been spreading his coach’s expressions — usually after a “First and foremost” which seems to have replaced his “at the end of the day.” This past week, he, too, talked about the excitement and energy on the team — on the defensive side of the ball while appearing on NFL Network’s NFL AM.

“The excitement and the passion that we share amongst each other in such an early stage of the offseason program. I think you know, what the Giants have done this offseason has been nothing shy of phenomenal and I definitely think it’s going to pay dividends once the season starts," he said.

That excitement is definitely out there, along with Coughlin’s energy. Let’s hope it stays corralled and the team leaders remember coach’s other mantra to spread to the new faces: Focus.


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2 Responses to “Faces and Culture May Have Changed, but Goals Remain the Same for New York Giants”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    Jen and Dan. Looking to the right side of the page and seeing that you two are the only writers listed is at once unsettling and awe inspiring. I can relate to austere manning (Ex Military) and doing more with less. Catchy phrases, but by no means a walk in he park.

    My hat is off to you both for maintaining this site and providing thought provoking topics for discussion. I don’t ever say much about the articles.
    For the most part they provide a setting for discussion and exchange of ideas.
    I have at times ignored the topic in order to continue something from the last thread, or state an opinion of my own. Bottom line, thank you both for holding the fort and keeping things fresh.

    I for one look here ever day, and would be truly saddened if there were not G101
    Here’s hoping you get more staff support if that is your desire. Thank you both for your hard work and effort.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    I am hoping this is a hybrid/situational west coast offense. Because, when the chips are down and you need critical yards, most WCO’s spit the bit. And while high quality offensive linemen are not required (all things being equal I’d rather have a strong O-line) I don’t feel it’s a sin to try and draft/acquire a few.

    I feel the same about the defense. Of course no team (until there is a dramatic change in salary cap) can afford to maintain a roster full of all pros. However, every team SHOULD be able to afford a nucleus on both sides of the ball.
    And that nucleus should serve the team while strong role players or even successors to members of the nucleus are drafted/developed.

    You need substance in January, not gimmicks. West coast offense had traditionally be defined as “cerebral” since the days of the Bill Walsh.
    What my favorite Giant teams always proved rather poignantly is bit of a spin on the Napoleon Bonaparte remark. That is; Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the nose.

    The Giants on both offense and defense have always been the puncher and not the recipient. At least until recent years. I will give McAdoo his respect, but Perry Fewell has turned the Giant defense into a punching bag. So before any meaningful advancements back to championship status can be obtained, (IMO) Perry Fewell must go the way of Gilbride.

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