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Erica Mendez Denies She Gave Interview to Radar Online; Still Claims She’s Odell Beckham’s Fiancée

May 22nd, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

It's become commonplace for people to post something controversial on social media and then claim they were hacked. However, it's a little bit more difficult for a person to grant an interview and later claim it was untrue after it makes National headlines. Yet, that's exactly what Erica Mendez did on Wednesday, alleging that her interview with Radar Online that allegedly "exposed" Odell Beckham's transgressions was "faked" and "not true."

“The slanderous story posted … about my personal relationship with Odell Beckham Jr. is vastly inaccurate, to say the least,” Mendez told the New York Daily News. “Blatant lies are riddled throughout the story.”

The story, which spread like wild fire earlier this week, painted a poor picture of the Giants' first-round pick and his torrid "relationship" with Mendez, who had claimed and continues to claim is the long-time fiancee of the former LSU star.

However, Beckham Jr. and his family maintain that they don't even know who Mendez is or why she's spreading these rumors. The family has not only hired an attorney, but have both the Giants and the NFL investigating the situation.

It's something Mendez has dismissed as unnecessarily, claiming she's already spoken to Beckham Jr. about the situation.

“I am completely disheartened by this turn of events and it has placed a toll on Odell and (my) personal relationship. I have a deep love for the Beckham family and I'm truly disgusted by the claims has made against me, which I will be taking legal action against,” she added. “I’ve known Odell for a while. He was completely caught off guard by this … I did hear from Odell, and he was highly upset. It’s a horrible situation, and he doesn’t deserve for his name to be slandered.”

In addition to the Radar Online interview and the text message she reportedly provided them, a woman claiming to be Mendez has popped up on various Giants-related websites, forums and message boards posting equally slandering material about the young wideout.

The bizarre nature of this situation is alarming — especially given what happened to Manti Te'o only a year ago — and one both the Giants and the league are taking very seriously.


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4 Responses to “Erica Mendez Denies She Gave Interview to Radar Online; Still Claims She’s Odell Beckham’s Fiancée”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Anyone can make up anything in an age of internet scandal sheets that attract the eyeballs of idiots.

    I’m not exactly sure what TMZ is but based upon what I hear about their “stories” I assume half of what they put out there is made up. It’s just the National Enquirer for an internet generation. And just as much a sad waste of brain cells.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    It would seem there are multiple offenders. With each trying to grab attention, a buck or both. In truth the strange part is the Beckham family claiming they don’t even know this woman. That is stunning. And if it’s true, this is one sick chick.
    TWISTED SISTER indeed.

  3.  BBWC says:

    I hope she’s not related to Donald Sterling’s girlfriend…….yikes!

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