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Did New York Giants Get a Steal in UDFA Kelcy Quarles?

May 18th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Although former USC tight end Xavier Grimble has dominated the undrafted rookie free agent (UDFA) hype machine for the New York Giants, he's not the only player Big Blue added who has tremendous upside. And while examining all UDFA who have signed across the league, CBS Sports predicts that it's Quarles, not Grimble, who has the best shot at making the Giants' 53-man roster.

New York Giants — DT Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina: A player with questionable character, both on and off the field, Quarles didn't do himself many favors during the pre-draft process, but he has the raw talent to stick at the next level. It was Quarles, not No. 1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney, who led the Gamecocks in tackles for loss (13.5) and sacks (9.5) in 2013.

Quarles finished his final season at South Carolina as a first-team All-Southeastern Conference (SEC) and second-team All-American selection, and had a third-round tag on his head for quite some time. But it was the aforementioned "questionable character" that led to him going undrafted. And despite their character-first approach to the 2014 NFL Draft, the Giants took a bit of a gamble after the fact with the addition of Quarles.

So long as he can put his troubles behind him — troubles that include throwing a punch during a game against LSU — the young defensive tackle could have a bright future. That being said, given their recent issues with Will Hill, Quarles can expect to have a very short leash.


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12 Responses to “Did New York Giants Get a Steal in UDFA Kelcy Quarles?”

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    After reading more about our draft picks and seeing how they fit in our schemes and project as NFL players I’m much more excited about our draft choice. Beckham and Williams I was already familiar with so I didn’t have to be sold much.

    Beckham simply has a high floor, while maybe he will never be (but not saying he can’t be) Nicks at his height but I can’t see him being any less than a very good WR. He’s like a more athletic and faster version of the healthy former NY Giant Steve Smith.

    Richburg got some complaints because people thought similar centers could have been had in the 3rd round. But those other centers would not be rated nearly as high in our scheme. Richburg’s athleticism is rare for a center and sets him apart from other centers. His talent level is not like anything we have had at center. While I think Walton can be a good center, Richburg can be a perennial pro bowler for us.

    Bromley is the pick that set part of giant nation up in arms. Some places like CBSsports had him as a 6th round pick so the early story was we just picked a character kid that’s not all that talented. This is wrong. This kid had 10.5 sacks only .5 behind Donald. He made a huge jump his senior year and appears to ascending. But he’s also an athlete running 4.93 at his proday with a 33.5 inch vertical at 306. When watch him he moves like a much smaller player. And let’s not forget he’s from Queens so I don’t think he got the early football training that others receive. I think this kid has serious upside and great work ethic to go along with it.

    Williams brings obvious running skills. I think pass blocking because of his physicality he will be fine even if it takes a little bit to know his assignments. We had guys like Jacobs and Bradshaw that weren’t great receivers but still very effective RBs. Williams can provide the same.

    Berhe is probably the player athletically we drafted that you wonder about the most in his transition to the NFL. 40 times aren’t everything but it is concerning given that he’s somewhat undersized. But I like his attitude and he should at least be a good special teamer.

    Kinnard brings a skill set that’s intriguing. MLB, SLB and pass rushing DE are skills he brings to the table. All where we need depth. At worse he’s a solid backup at several positions and a core special teams player. At best he’s our long term starter at MLB or SLB.

    Jackson is a typical late round pick with great measurables. Given our DB depth he might be headed to PS but I wouldn’t count him out. He also may project as a FS.

    Plus several UDFAs look to have good chances to make the team. Quarles is the headliner and seems to have at least a 50-50 shot. But I think the LBs have a shot too. If McClain or Kinnard is that backup MLB, Herzlich’s worth really decreases and a UDFA really has a chance to knock him off the roster. Grimble has a chance because he’s already a good blocker and a decent enough athlete. If he shows upside we could keep the 3 young TEs with no vets. With the Hill situation the safeties also have a shot. If we keep a 5th DE it will come from this group as well. Wynn reminds me of Ojomo because of limited college production but an athletic profile that matches what you look for in a DE.

    We added a lot of talent and mot of it appears to not be real risky. You never know but we didn’t draft players with no college production or of questionable commitment to football. I’m thinking at least 8 rookies will make the 53 man roster.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Unless Beckham is breaking into a receiving corps. that features at least an All Pro wide out and tight end there should be no significant ceiling on expectation of him. He was selected 12 overall in the NFL draft. He will have his trails, but he should see his share of single coverage at the outset. And he should damn well take advantage of it.

      The Giants damn well better be hoping he sets the league on fire. Hakeem Nicks was not the 12th player selected in the draft. Beckham should produce right off the bat.

      This years draft was act one in a two part play. The complete evaporation of the Giant offensive line pushed my personal expectation for the team back a year.
      So I’ll be expecting a real talent first draft next year along with further development of some of this years draft picks. That should equal the playoffs.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Nicks was just plain under drafted given his talent. None of those WRs drafted ahead were better or more pro ready. nick’s pro readiness was very similar to that of Beckham. I would take the first 3 years of Nicks career for Beckham in a NY minute.

        I think some are underestimating that Randle is talented as well and now has some experience. Beckham is not going to be given the job he has to beat Randle out. And if Beckham doesn’t I don’t think it reflects badly on him at all.

        If everything breaks right this team has a chance to succeed this year. I wasn’t expecting us to challenge until next year but with the talent we collect we have a punchers chance. It’s all about our young talent coming through.

        •  rlhjr says:

          I would not be me underestimating Randle. I have repeatedly written that he is indeed just a physically talented as Nicks. The only thing Randle has proven is that he was not quite as football smart as Nicks. Randle also has some maturity issues (nothing like Hill) to deal with. But the talent is there.

          If Beckham is as advertised (route runner and quick into and out of cuts) he’ll have not problem eclipsing Nicks period, not just the first three years. Lets not forget this kid is faster and a better broken field runner than Nicks ever dreamed of being.

          Because this offense is designed to get a player like Beckham the ball where he can do the most damage. The kid should be a monster.

          •  GOAT56 says:

            I think you’re underestimating what Nicks was and how his presence allowed Cruz and Manningham to excel. Yes ODB faster and quicker than Nicks but Nicks is bigger and stronger. I think it comes out in a wash. Now Nicks numbers weren’t spectacular so ODB can eclipse them but I’m more concerned about him having a similar overall presence which is much more than just stats.

            I also think Randle and Cruz are better options than when Nicks was a rookie so ODB may not be targeted as much. Plus we also have Jernigan and Manningham. I see our offense as getting the ball to lots of target than having just a few dominate targets. Jennings and Wilson at RB could see far more passes than the RB position has seen since the Tiki days. This is also why I think Robinson can emerge, it’s similar to Ballard in 2011 but with his athleticism he could really make some big plays.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    Let’s see an SEC D tackle with good production who was passed on by every single team in the draft. And his only (I’m sure its not) transgression is to have thrown a punch at someone not a member of his team.

    If your a GM looking for a more potent defensive line which Reese most definitely is, you give the kid a chance to channel his aggression. The Giants are hopefully not conducting a job search for libarians and chrior boys.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    When I look at our roster I think with free agency and the draft we really filled in most areas with a lot of NFL caliber players, some of which won’t make the 53 man roster. The one area that I think we need to add a player is WR. We have a quality top 5 at WR but then no guys who I think are really anything more than a JAG. 5 WRs is fine if there are no injuries but it’s not if anything happens among our top 5. Our other positions I feel like we are going to cut NFL caliber players but not at WR. This can be easily fixed by signing a vet like Little. Also DE has some similar concerns. Though Jenkins and Kinnard provide more of a fail safe. And our rookie free agents provide some hope at DE. I don’t know what happened but IMO we should have added some rookie free agent WRs. The guys that we are bringing back at WR weren’t impressive to me. Maybe Adams has a chance to be a legit #6 or even #5 WR but I wish we had more new faces.

  4.  Krow says:

    This Nicks mythology is getting crazy. He had a hell of a playoff run … and looked poised to make the leap to stardom. But that didn’t happen .. it all went sour .. and now he’s gone. That’s it. There’s no evidence he made anyone better .. or had any magical powers.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      So a number 1 WR doesn’t make other WRs better? It’s not about magical powers it’s about what a number 1 WR does. Cruz had that year just because he’s that great? If that was the case we could build our WR corps around Cruz but yet we are hoping Randle our ODB can be our #1 WR. No doubt that Cruz is a very good player but he’s a complimentary WR.

      •  Krow says:

        Fuzzy wishes with no way to prove anything. I say UFOs exist … there’s no evidence because the government hides it. That’s what governments do.

        •  Begiant says:

          I think Cruz wanting Nicks to stay and then wanting the Giants to draft Mike Evans proves that Cruz understands his game. He isn’t the number 1 receiver who can carry a team. I agree with GOAT that he needs a number 1 receiver who commands a double team in order to be the most effective. I hope Beckham (or possibly Randle) can be that guy. Personally, I think that Randle will only amount to a strong number 2 receiver for us and I think Beckham has what it takes to be the number one. I just don’t think its reasonable to expect Beckham to get to that level this season.

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