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Will Hill Has Told New York Giants Teammates He’s Been Clean: Report

May 15th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

As safety Will Hill stares down the barrel at a third drug-related ban from the NFL, he's maintained his innocence, proclaiming to his New York Giants teammates that he's been clean and prepared to appeal his suspension.

"Will is a guy that has definitely had his struggles, as well as anyone of us within this league," Antrel Rolle  told The Star-Ledger. "Right now, I've spoken to Will several times and he's said, 'Antrel, I've been clean.' Right now, I have no choice but to go off what he says. Until we find out otherwise."

Hill's struggles have been well-documented dating back to his days at Florida and although he's never been one to shy away from them, this most recent run-in could cost him his job with the Giants. The team is said to be "livid" after giving him the benefit of the doubt following a 2012 suspension for Adderall, a 2013 suspension for marijuana and a recent arrest for failing to pay child support.

The Giants had previously warned Hill that, despite their support, another slip-up would mean it's time to ship out. And while General Manager Jerry Reese has already stated the team would wait to make a decision on Hill's future until the NFL completes their process, things are not looking good for the supremely talented safety.

Still, at least for the time being, his teammates are taking his word for it and standing by their friend.

"I've been speaking to Will quite frequently in the offseason," Rolle said. "I'm sure other guys, like Deon Grant, have reached out to him. You just check up on him and make sure everything is all right, just make sure he's taking care of himself."

"At the end of the of the day, an adult has to be an adult," he added. "Will has to be accountable for his own life. Will has to be smart enough and alert enough to know the dos and don'ts of this league"

Perhaps too little, too late to save Hill, the NFL has reviewed their drug policy and pending upcoming changes would, potentially, lessen the punishment for players who test positive for marijuana (as opposed to other drugs). The league is also in the midst of medical research to determine the medicinal values of marijuana — a drug that is becoming more widely legal and available across the country.

Of course, none of this matters if that's not what triggered Hill's latest positive drug test. And, even if it was marijuana, none of these potential changes would save him from a suspension that is alleged to be somewhere in the 8-16 game range.


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14 Responses to “Will Hill Has Told New York Giants Teammates He’s Been Clean: Report”

  1.  GIANTT says:

    As a product of the 60s and 70s , I never felt any stigma that attached itself to smoking marijuana . But I also felt that great care should be used so that any use of it DID NOT harm job performance whether Pro Athlete or bus driver or any other job where impairment was a danger . I can see the NFL lightening up their punishments in these cases and I assume that the Giants would rather not let Hill go for blatant abuse and a long suspension , only to have him picked up by another team . So , I assume that the Giants will wait til the NFL renders its verdict and if it seems the NFL is signalling a new path with more of a slap on the wrist for offenses which dont impinge on the players performance (smoking just before playing for example .
    If the NFL shows that it is lightening up the punishment for smoking marijuana then I can see the Giants waiting until the hubbub dies down and being pragmatic about it , keeping him.

  2.  skinnydoogan says:

    He is way too talented to just unload, another team, less conservative, will have him signed in a second. I don’t put him in the same category as some of the NFL’s other malcontents, because other than “partaking” he does not seem to get in any real trouble.

  3.  rlhjr says:


    “Before we tear each other apart in reference to Eli tendency to throw high let’s be clear that when he has a running game and is protected, he usually puts the ball on his receiver. This is especially true the further away from the line of scrimmage his throw is.
    No better thrower of the deep ball in the league than Eli.

    It is also true that Eli’s miss (like a golfer missing with a pull or a slice) is almost always high. This can come from faulty protection, faulty footwork or both. Eli can “lose” his mechanics and go into a slump throwing the football. And then with a full quarter of football to be played, he’ll get back in sync and burn the opposing defense and stun his teammates and fans with accuracy of his throws. Even under extreme pressure.

    There are not many QB who not like to work with talented and tall receivers.
    Because their catch radius allows for mistakes in timing, pattern and release of the ball. There will always be shorter receivers who are able to climb the latter and come up with high throws. Beckham looks like one. Toomer and Plax were gifted tall wide outs. And I’m sure Eli and any other QB would have enjoyed throwing to them.”

    •  fanfor55years says:

      All other things being equal I absolutely agree that taller is better. But of course other things are never equal.

      I don’t know what happened to Hakeem Nicks last season, but I’m still glad we took him instead of Britt (whom many wanted because of his height). In fact, an awful lot of the taller receivers in the NFL wind up being nothing special because they don’t have the fast-twitch ability that gets them past press coverage quickly. When you find one who has height, speed, quickness and hands, you grab him. There’s good reasons Megatron is the best receiver in the NFL, perhaps headed toward being the best to ever play. But right now little ‘ol Jerry Rice holds that distinction (and his measurables weren’t as good as Beckham’s).

      As for Eli throwing high when he isn’t accurate, that may be true but it is still very much the EXCEPTION when he has time, and I just don’t think you draft a receiver to deal with exceptions. I assume Evans will have a pretty good career. But I think Reese was probably telling the truth when he said they had Beckham rated as the better choice for the Giants. A tall receiver would help Eli on those relatively few occasions when he throws high. A field stretching receiver helps him on EVERY pass play called over an entire season. Reese made a good selection.

      •  rlhjr says:

        I agree and just for the record, I have no issue with Beckham. I truly feel he’ll be a stand out player due to his being special the catch. He is far more dangerous in the open field than anyone on the roster with the possible exception of Wilson.
        And he easily eclipses Nicks in that regard. Nicks is not even close to Beckham as a ball carrier after the catch. Not even close.

  4.  Kettles78 says:

    Hoping Will is clean and has been clean. Maybe it was a false positive guess we will find out soon. As a Giant fan you would hate to see them let him go and then he signs with a rival. As a person whether you agree or not if weed should be legal right now its against the rules so if you do it your punished one way or another. Hopefully he gets himself together for his own sake

  5.  Krow says:

    In other news, Plaxico Burress says that wasn’t a gun in his pants.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    I most certainly do NOT want to see Will Hill playing elsewhere and lining up against us. The Giants are making a mistake if they dump him over this (assuming it’s Mary Jane).

    •  NM-GIANT says:

      Agree the Giants are going to be making a Huge mistake for letting the guy go over weed or adderall. If the cowboys can deal with Dez, then we can deal with Hill.

      •  rlhjr says:

        You are both right. Hill is the equivalent of a “Happy” drunk. And he hasn’t run afoul of his coaches and team mates. So he can be managed. Especially with the expected changes in the NFL stance vs. Mary Jane.

        Dez is a certifiable @$$hole who’s on the field behavior is detrimental to his team.

        •  kujo says:

          I think Dez is harmless, personally. Shouting and yelling on the sidelines doesn’t really bother me all that much.

          And his “on-field behavior” involves catching balls and running to the endzone faster than the people wearing different color jerseys. His “behavior” isn’t “detrimental” to anything but his opponents.

  7.  kujo says:

    Like every other QB in the league, Eli would benefit from having a troupe of tall, fast receivers and TEs to throw to behind a big, mean, fast offensive line.

    But not everyone gets to f*ck the prom queen AND the sexy fresh-out-of-college English teacher named Ms. Baker.

    So, you make do with what you have. I’d rather have smaller faster receivers and an above-average offensive line in front of Eli anyway. And it looks like Jerry Reese agrees.

  8.  kujo says:

    Oh, and Will Hill shouldn’t be “cut,” but I don’t know what sort of contract you’d sign him to after his contract is up this year. He’s facing a season-long ban, followed by lifetime one.

    Over weed? Come on, man….

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