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New York Giants Thursday Morning Storylines: Jerry Reese a Poor Drafter?

May 15th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

As the NFL returns to a brief lull, we here at Giants 101 return to our morning storylines. And, as luck would have it, there are quite a few good ones! So kick back, relax and enjoy your AM coffee over the following New York Giants headlines.

Jerry Reese, Shrewd Drafter? It's a Myth

There are New York Giants fans reading this who aren't sure how to feel about this year's draft but assume it'll be all right because they trust GM Jerry Reese as a good drafter.

They shouldn't. Because the evidence says he's not.

Reese's reputation as a good operator of the draft rests on two things — his very good debut draft as Giants GM in 2007, and the fact that the Giants have won two Super Bowls during his seven seasons in the position. But that shouldn't be enough, really. The 2007 draft was seven years ago now, and he hasn't had a good draft since. And the Super Bowl is used far too often to excuse other sins. It's one game (or two, in this case). If Mario Manningham's pinkie toe is on the sideline when he makes that catch, or if Rob Gronkowski's end-zone lunge starts a half-second sooner that night in Indianapolis, would it then be OK to criticize the Giants' recent draft record? If the answer is yes, then it should be OK to do so anyway. Credit the people who run the Giants for the Super Bowl titles, but it's also on them that their team has missed the playoffs four of the past five years.

Raúl Allegre, Two-Time Super Bowl Champion, Talks NFL Days And Sports Broadcasting

At the recent ESPN Deportes Upfront event held in New York City, Latin Times was fortunate enough to spend some time with former NFL kicker Raúl Allegre, who continues his passion for sports and professional football as an announcer with the Spanish-language sports network. A native of Torreón, Mexico, Raúl Allegre began his career in the National Football League with the Baltimore Colts in 1983. An undrafted place kicker out of the University of Texas, Allegre enjoyed tremendous success for nine seasons in the league, while spending time with professional franchises in the Colts (who moved to Indianapolis in 1984), New York Giants and New York Jets.

“Playing for the Giants that year in particular was great,” he said of the 1986 season. “It was amazing to be part of a team that was so good and to be able to kick for them while helping the franchise win its first Super Bowl was fantastic. The Giants won championships in the past but had never won an actual Super Bowl since that game was introduced 1967. Though I was not able to play in the 1990 Super Bowl because of an injury, I was still very much involved and was obviously thrilled about winning a second title. Many people don’t realize, but when we won in 1986 it had been 30 years since the New York Giants won a championship. That made the moment even more special.”

Andre, the Giants

The first phone call Andre Williams received during the NFL draft came at 7:59 p.m. last Friday. He was mid-squeeze of a lime wedge as he whipped up his homemade jerk ginger-lime BBQ sauce.

On the kitchen counter, a television showed the St. Louis Rams on the clock, preparing to make pick No. 41 in the second round. Williams wiped off his fingers, reached into the right pocket of his camouflage cargo shorts and pulled out his cell phone. This was a surprise.

“Mom?!” Williams called out. “What are you doing?”

A few feet behind Andre, Lancelene Williams glanced down at the phone she was holding. Accidental dial. Whoops.

“Calling you?” she asked. “I didn’t mean to!”


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21 Responses to “New York Giants Thursday Morning Storylines: Jerry Reese a Poor Drafter?”

  1.  Krow says:

    I laughed at Andre’s Mom “butt dialing” him. What timing.

  2.  Krow says:

    I agree that we need to take the various aspects of the Giants as independent events … and not just apply the “we won two Superbowls” rationale to push off any questions.

    Yes, the bottom line is championships. But that doesn’t mean everything was done right. “So what if David Diehl was caught driving drunk … we won two Superbowls !!! Drink up Dave … here’s the keys.”

  3.  The Original G Man says:

    They’ve been hit by a horrific string of injuries to early round picks, but I don’t think you can hold that against Reese. I think he does an excellent job with picks on days 1 & 2. After that, he doesn’t have much to show for it.

  4.  JT Jumbo says:

    What someone said something negative about Jerry Reese??? OMG let the optimistic Reese butt-lovers start commenting. Seriously guys Reese is the worst GM the Giants have ever had. This years draft is the same exact draft he always has. With the exception of maybe… maybe Beckham, we did not draft 1 probowler this year. I know the optimists are going to say pro bowl is overrated and it is but that’s not the point. Pro Bowl is a clear indication that you are or were one of the best at your position that year and I know we don’t have any of those in this class

    •  Sintexo says:

      Just curious, which pro bowlers would you have drafted at our picks?

      •  JT Jumbo says:

        Ok typical Reese optimist. It won’t really matter what I say because it will get sh**ed on by all of you. I almost get Stoll now. I know Buffalo ruined any trade market by giving up way too much to move up but I still would have tried to get Mike Evans. Maybe Reese did who knows but Beckham would have been plan B for me too. Round 2 would have been Jace Amaro, Bavaro #2. Third would have been Tre Mason. I don’t understand how STL can sit there and say “too good to pass up” when they have 3 capable RBs already. Yet Reese goes and says the same thing a round later about Andre? It makes him look so dumb. Tre Mason is way better and to have him go literally the pick after we pass him disgusts me so bad. I have to watch every year now seeing what could have been us. How many RBs did we star last year? At least Mason can catch passes and pass block. Doesn’t make sense. Bromley, if he’s who they wanted could have been there in the 4th and if he wasn’t who cares? The center we picked won’t start. None of the picks we made will start. So why not draft positions that rookie hating Coughlin will be forced to play?

        •  JT Jumbo says:

          Hell, maybe the 2 I said won’t be pro bowlers but they would make way more of an impact right now than the 2 Reese picked. What ever. People will hate on me but everyone should honestly be disgusted by passing Tre Mason. Too good to pass up when the Rams had plenty of other needs and plenty of other RBs already. We go through DTs like water anyways, we are better off just signing them. Whatever, this season can be salvaged if we sign Finley and one of our onlinemen not named Pugh or Shwartz step up big

          •  skinnydoogan says:

            You are too comical to even put the effort to comment about this. One quick question though, Mr. Expert, how could AW possibly be any good at pass protection, or would we even know, when Boston College doesn’t even have a passing game?

            •  skinnydoogan says:

              He was 100% of the offense on that team, but you probably know that already.

              •  JT Jumbo says:

                It looks incredibly smart to say he was too good to pass up after the round before the team picking after you said the same thing about another guy playing the same position that they picked? And especially since that team had 0 need at that position. But what do I know I’m just a fan who thinks he’s an expert

                •  JT Jumbo says:

                  Btw, it’s not like Auburn was in the title game or anything. Naw Tre didn’t carry that team all the way there or anything. Tre didn’t have to be the whole offense because his team was better

            •  JT Jumbo says:

              One last thing skinny, are you defending AW because you liked him prior to us drafting him or just defending that we picked him because I will respect you a hell lot more if you liked him prior

              •  skinnydoogan says:

                Good question, yes I did admire him as a player before the draft.

                •  skinnydoogan says:

                  and I don’t really care even a smidgeon, whether or not you respect me or not.

                  •  JT Jumbo says:

                    Then at least you have some balls if you are here to argue me about someone you wanted before the draft. But then you get all high and mighty. Whatever man pull your I’ve been here longer so who the hell are you bs. I didn’t know disagreeing with some things Reese does makes me any less of a Giants fan then the rest of you. Everyone on this board either has to agree with Reese or leave…

    •  GIANTT says:

      Youre like all the talking heads who know and give out draft grades as the picks are made . I absolutely dont know and NOR DO YOU whether this was a good draft for the Giants or not, we havent even had practices or preseason games yet so lets hold our draft commentaries in the bag . I dont want to know what grades even Kiper and McShay give so Im not going to listen to anyone elses take . The Giants draft SEEMED to pick decent players who even fit the Giants needs more than in previous years . Im going to say Im satisfied that really the Giants made the best of their opportunities . I did not say that all their picks are going to make the Pro Bowl or even make the team but without making unrealistic trade comments who would you have picked instead of the players picked by Reese ?

      •  GIANTT says:

        And while Im typing , you answered some of my questions but what makes you think that you know more than the Giants draft team about any player ?

        •  JT Jumbo says:

          Let me ask you a question, how do you know I’m not an ex scout or work in CFL, or UFL? You give such an easy answer to fight me with. Because fans don’t know anything right? What do the scouts have access to that fans don’t? Players characters?? Like that matters about their playing ability? You don’t have to do everything master Reese says is right. You can have an opinion of your own

          •  Kettles78 says:

            I always thought they had access to much more game film not just highlights of players as well as relationships with college coaches to get feedback on players. Nobody is saying you can’t have an opinion but that is all it is opinion. Are you saying Reese has had no good picks since he has been GM? That is a question. Like I said earlier I think he has missed with picks but has hit on some. I would be interested in some kind of rating system of GM picks vs production of those picks across the NFL

    •  Kettles78 says:

      You want to trade up for Evans who ran around the field with not much discipline because he is big and that makes him probowler? Not sure where you are going with that. Has Reese had some bad picks of course. What is the percentage of picks that become probowlers vs not? Bavaro #2 with Amaro? Can you explain to me the blocking that Amaro is known for? Every where I looked he was a split out tight end. As for why they didn’t draft Tre Mason who knows I doubt it was because they did less research then you on it. I like Mason as well and Williams can’t catch a cold but they picked him for a reason. With all the offseason moves they made you really think they were wasting picks? Sounds like you are just Anti-Reese more than others are Reese Optimists

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