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Victor Cruz Wants to Be a New York Giants Captain; Michael Strahan Tells Him It Must Be Earned

May 12th, 2014 at 10:00 AM
By Dan Benton

While participating in a panel at New York University entitled “The Life of the World-Class Athlete" last week, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz made an admission: he wants to become a team captain in 2014.

“Absolutely [I want to be a captain],” Cruz said during a panel at NYU. “I feel like that in my progression as an athlete, as a professional, I feel like that’s the next step.”

But the desire to become a captain and actually becoming a captain are widely separated. After all, one does not lead by raising a hand and asking to lead, but rather it's something that comes naturally as a result of leading without seeking any recognition. And that was the message Cruz received from retired Giants defensive end and Hall of Famer, Michael Strahan.

“I know for me it is something that just happened,” Strahan said. “It didn’t happen for me until later. I mean you’re five or six years [in]. It took me a while, but I think you get there from guys watching your work ethic, watching how you play and the key is … just consistency. When guys know that every week they show up and they turn on the game film or they get to a game and they know what to expect every week. Consistency of your play — that right there is enough in itself. You can’t ask somebody. You can’t beg somebody. You got to just be who you are and they will see that. It will come to you.”

Cruz listened and nodded his head at Strahan's advice, but whether the message was received is something that will only be seen in due time. Luckily for Cruz, he does have a good work ethic and, despite his many non-football interests (see: Clothing line, Fashion Week, self branding), always gives 100% to the Giants above all else.

Still, with Eli Manning remaining under center and Chris Snee around for at least one more season, there likely won't be a captain availability on offense until 2015.

In 2013, the Giants have five total captains: Manning and Snee on offense, Justin Tuck and Antrel Rolle on defense and Zak DeOssie on Special Teams.


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13 Responses to “Victor Cruz Wants to Be a New York Giants Captain; Michael Strahan Tells Him It Must Be Earned”

  1.  Krow says:

    FYI … folks do realize that Ebron was selected before us, right? So we had zero shot at him.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    rlhjr – the point you’re missing about Ebron is that not liking Ebron at all and not likely him at 12 are 2 different things. I long said I didn’t like Ebron at 12 but if we were at 20 I probably would have a different view. Same with Jenkins or the other TEs. We didn’t think the spots were they would have had to been selected they were worth it that’s all. The guys were are suppose to be looking at in Finley and Keller offer very little risk finacially.

    In addition, I do think way too many totally discount Robinson and Donnell as the solution to our TE issue. Since Finley has been injured so much GB really was successful on offense mostly without a dynamic threat at TE. So a TE is need nearly as much as generally believed. But I still believe Robinson can step up. His athletic ability would have been the best in this TE class with his ease. This kid has talent. I understand the concern but this is a far better situation than in 2011 when we sign that Arizona TE and had Ballard & Pascoe after Boss signed in Oakland. This situation has much more obvious answer in Robinson and maybe even Donnell.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      I agree that not getting Ebron was not a total disaster (sorry rlhjr) but please lets not say Robinson and Donnell have any abilities until they prove they do, but have not thus far. Especially Robinson who up until now, has only seen the field twice and I think he caught something like 6 passes in college.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    There is NO WAY that Victor Cruz has earned a captain’s stripes at this point in his career. But I’m glad he has the desire to get them.

    One of the things I love about getting Beckham is that I think he is going to push every one of the other wide receivers. Given his LSU pedigree I doubt Randle wants to concede that he is the second-best LSU receiver on the team. That should affect his work ethic and concentration level this season. Cruz may be competing with Beckham for “top dog” among the receiving corps and perhaps that will get him focused enough to stop dropping passes (which he still does too often). And Manningham and Jernigan are going to have to compete for playing time knowing that Beckham is going to be given lots of chances to get on the field ahead of them. I think there’s plenty of talent among the receivers, especially because four of them are potentially excellent YAC guys who fit a West Coast-influenced offense. And Randle is going to get a great chance to be the primary Red Zone target on the outside. Good things could be coming.

  4.  NanoTorres87 says:

    Ebron = The JPP of TE’s

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