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Bennett Jackson Grew up a New York Giants Fan; “Hated” the New York Jets

May 11th, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants sixth-round pick Bennett Jackson may have an uphill battle to make significant contributions in a packed secondary, but he's going to become an immediate favorite of the Big Blue faithful for his football loyalties.

Shortly after being selected by the Giants on Saturday, the Notre Dame cornerback hopped on a conference call with members of the New York media and made a reveal that will win over the hearts of the fans: he has been bleeding blue for a while and is absolutely no fans of their cross-town rivals.

"I was always a Giants fan, I never had a specifically favorite team, but I always liked the Giants," Jackson said on a conference call this afternoon. "I hated the Jets, so, I guess it worked out in my favor."

We can all empathize with the latter half of Jackson's statement, and that alone will sell him some jersey's.

Alas, Jackson is going to have to bring more than loyalty and a disdain for the New York Jets to the table if he wishes to catch on with the Giants. Luckily for him, he's another solid character guy that offers Big Blue a lot of versatility as a converted wide receiver who can also be an asset on Special Teams.

"I just always liked to hit," Jackson said. "When I switched over from receiver to cornerback, being able to hit and tackle, I just got caught up with it and enjoyed doing it a lot more."

Although he has a love for hitting, Jackson also admitted he's a development talent who has a ways to go before he's a solid all-around corner.

He hopes to iron all of that out with the Giants.


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14 Responses to “Bennett Jackson Grew up a New York Giants Fan; “Hated” the New York Jets”

  1.  BillyS says:

    I was really hoping they’d take this kid. He’s a project, but he has good size and speed doesn’t seem to be too bad. He probably needs a lot of work with his technique, but he’s coachable and if he had been a DB since day 1 then he probably would have been drafted much earlier. I don’t know if he can stick at corner; he may have to translate to safety, but we’ll see. I love his attitude and potential. He most likely won’t ever be a stud, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with depth at DB. It’s valuable and you can’t win without it.

  2.  William says:

    Sort of lost in this whole character designed draft by the Giants is the bigger picture it portrays. Obviously, post last seasons poor record ( and the heat brought down by the owners) the “organization” was evaluated and it was felt that the locker room was in need of some character and leadership. This is not a shot at Eli but more like a reality of Eli, he’s in a leadership role that he can’t fill due to his personality. It is what it is, move on. But, for sure it does leave a vacuum on the offensive side of the ball; one wonders if Nicks would have put in his effort last year with Brady or Brees in his face.
    It’s a team needing leadership and we should look over the roster and see where it might come from in 2014. I think we all as NYG fans take a quick step back and appreciate the role that a gap toothed TV host brought to this team for many years. There were times he seemed a bit too concerned about what he was getting paid, but he was obviously a huge force in the locker room and his contribution to the Super Bowl runs was probably much more than he gets credit. There is no doubt that the last 2 years without him has created a negative void.

  3.  TroyThorne says:

    PittsburghJim – Again, you’re making the common mistake of thinking we as fans know even a fraction of what’s going on behind the scenes. “We should have traded up!” you say but what makes you think we could have? What makes you think we didn’t try to? What makes you think the Titans were willing to essentially hand us Lewan? How do you know the Giants didn’t call and the Titans (or insert any team here) didn’t try to fleece us? You don’t. Period. Making a blanket statement like we “should” have traded up/down is nonsense.

    - The idea of trading up to get “your guy” (again, how do you know ODB wasn’t their guy from jump street? You don’t.) is nice in theory but just because you trade up for a guy doesn’t mean he automatically pans out. Remember Derrick Harvey? How about John McCargo? I’m sure you remember Brandon Graham? These were players the Jags, Bills, and Eagles respectively thought were “their guys” and traded up for. Bust city. For every Julio Jones there’s at least two Derrick Harvey’s.

    - Finally, here’s Graziano’s report on the Giants lack of interest in Lewan (for the reasons I’ve been talking about for months now):

    “The ones that got away? A lot of Giants fans had been hoping for tight end Eric Ebron or tackle Taylor Lewan, who went Nos. 10 and 11, respectively, to Detroit and Tennessee. I do not believe the Giants would have picked either of those players over Beckham. Based on conversations I had in the days leading up to the draft, the Giants came out of their pre-draft interactions with Lewan with enough questions about his makeup to push him off their board.”

  4.  Nosh.0 says:

    Too bad about Hard Knocks. That’s a really well done show and would have been must watch TV for any Giants fans. But we all know Mara controls Goodell and if he said he didn’t want the Giants on the show then it was never going to happen.

    As for it being a distraction? Yes and no. It certainly is, but it’s only for 4 weeks. They leave by the end of August, and as we’ve seen in the past, teams on the show have made the post season before.

    •  Krow says:

      And this team is in need of a good shaking up. Maybe it’s time to stop doing everything ‘the same old way’.

  5.  rlhjr says:

    Jerry Reese said a few days ago, the EVERY team want a big receiver who can get down field. I’ll just leave it at that. I will also say that I am very pleased with Beckham. Because absent a naturally long fluid receiving mismatch that Ebron will be, Beckham will be fine for this team.

    I still do not understand why this team and MANY others passed on the likes of Yankey, Jackson and Schofield. Perhaps they just are not good or promising players. There has to be a reason, and I’m really curious to hear it.
    I did point that Reese knows his roster better than any of us. I’ll stick with that.

    The draft indicates that Reese and the offensive line coaches feel they have to dogs on hand to get the job done. Same with the tight end position as well as defensive end. So lets see what happens.

    Still I am feeling that this team is a few bricks shy of a load. So this time next year we’ll be talking about advancing in the playoffs vice just getting there.

    •  Krow says:

      I think you said it yourself … they added so many bodies already that they figured more was less.

    •  BillyS says:

      While I agree it would have been nice to have Gabe Jackson, I also see why they didn’t get him. He was great value where he went, but look at who the Giants picked up instead. We could have had him in the 3rd, but the Giants seemed to really like Bromley. They passed on a lot of other DTs to get him. He’s a local kid, he’s a super hard worker, he has talent, AND he has the frame to put on even more weight. He moves pretty well for a big guy and he has a high motor. Big guys with a motor are hard to find and if he could add a little more weight and keep playing with high effort…the guy could have a great NFL career. Look at what happened with Barry Cofield. He wasn’t the biggest or strongest, but he was a high motor guy who worked hard and had an impact. I just think Bromley offered good value at a position of need, so I could understand why they passed on Jackson. And I was a big advocate of us drafting Gabe Jackson in the first place. He would have been a great fit, but I also see Bromley as one as well. I’m ok with passing up on 1 to get the other.

      Now onto ODB. I was against taking a WR too early, but this guy won me over. He may not be the biggest guy, but he’s solid. It probably sounds cliche, but the guy plays bigger than his size may indicate. On a good day he’s 6 feet even, but he plays like he’s 6’3″/6’4″. Physical size isn’t always as important as the size they play at. Look at Ramses Barden. The guy was 6’6″ with hands the size of dinner plates. He looked like a guy under 6′ most of the time and was always afraid he’d get hit. He could have easily out jumped a 5’10″ DB. ODB is different. He has solid hands, very good speed, and he runs EXCELLENT routes. That is extremely important with the change to West Coast. He also has yards after catch elusiveness. And he will go up and get a ball. He’ll fight for it. Hakeem Nicks was like that early on when he was here. I really think ODB has the ability to take pressure off of Cruz and could stretch the field, go across the middle, or even take a hand off every now and then. He’s a weapon and I’m falling in love with that pick.

      This team is still a few players away, but this free agency and draft have both made that transition a bit faster. I think we’re another year away, but that sure beats the projected 3 years that could have taken to really show a difference.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      It’s simple. Some players are grossly overrated by draft experts. The NFL speaks volumes about how they feel about a player when it’s time to draft. It doesn’t mean NFL teams are always be perfect in their assessments but NFL teams are more right that draft experts.

      From the OL the played most of last year we added 4 free agents plus Snee and a draft pick. We still have our 2 OTs starting plus guys like Mosley, Herman, Brewer, etc. We have changed the OL a ton so I thing the complaints are overblown.

      •  BillyS says:

        I trust teams more than the draft experts because the teams are the ones that actually do the complete homework. The draft experts are like the kids who copy off of someone else at school. Sure they’ll have some right answers, but they don’t have all of the answers. I think Michael Sam is a great example. I don’t think his sexuality is the reason he fell. It’s the NFL. If a team is willing to take a guy who has 8 kids with 8 women or one who is addicted to drugs, then they’ll take a guy who is gay.

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          I don’t know man, Kiper, McShay, Mayock, those guys watch a ton of tape. They also go to a lot of pro days. I’d argue those guys do just as much, if not more homework than a pro scout does.

          The thing is, NFL teams have an army of scouts. The experts only have themselves. But those guys do their homework. And NFL teams are routinely wrong. Just look at Mike Evans and Ebron going in the top 10. Those guys are going to bust big time.

          Not saying the experts are perfect, but I’d trust them over a team that consistently drafts in the top 10.

          •  GOAT56 says:

            The difference is they no the prospects in general but not how the prospects fit into our scheme. Basically each team has a group of guys that are like the NFL network guys that make group decisions based on a bevy of factors that sometimes include future planning.

            Mike Evans is a bad example because except for me, you a small fraction everyone else loves him.

            Most of the time teams in the top 10 draft players the experts like. Of course there are some exceptions but except for Bortles and maybe Barr the top 10 is all players that were universally praised. But some will bust.

  6.  GOAT56 says:

    In looking at our draft class it’s time to stop thinking about where the players were drafting and who we could have had instead. We just need to look at how it helps our team.

    ODB is a player is really like. The only thing he doesn’t have is height. He’s a pro ready WR much like Nicks was when he came out. He’s not as physical as Nicks nor does he have the massive hands. But he’s faster & quicker than Nicks. He’s more a player that should create separation than catch contested balls as much as Nicks though he’s capable of contested catches. It should be a good competition between him and JJ for a starter in our 3 WR sets. ODB probably has the advantage because he’s a more natural outside WR. MM could also be in the discussion as well.

    Richburg is a player I don’t expect to start but he has a real chance. With Walton also being a new player in a new system Richburg probably has as good as chance to start as any rookie we have drafted in a while. Walton has experience but not a ton and Richburg is thought to be a polished player.

    Bromley is a player I will trust our scouts on. It’s at a position in which we sorely needed more youthful talent. We have drafted DTs extremely well over the years with Austin being the exception so I think we know what we are doing. He will get a chance to earn the 4th DT role to start the year and get increased playing time as the year progresses. He’s said to be a high motor guy and that with talent should do him well in rotation.

    Williams is a player I love. He reminds me of a bigger Bradshaw. Being a Maryland alum I saw this guy destroy us up close and personal. He’s faster and has more burst than some think. Maybe he’s lacking as a receiver but he’s perfect in a role sharing carries. He provides us with a legit backup that can be a bell cow if needed. I like Jennings and think Wilson an bring a lot to the table but we needed depth. I like Cox too but he’s a question mark. I don’t believe in Hillis. Williams provides the depth that protects us against injury. This was a bigger need pick than some think.

    Berhe is another guy from our scouts. His measureables don’t match for anything else but a JAG. However, it seems there’s something about him and I won’t count him out for being a player down the road. He’s a immediate special teams guy. Clearly Hill is being counted out so he has a good shot to make the team.

    Kennard is the Schofield type player I was expecting us to draft. He give us a guy that projects as a SLB with pass rush ability. He has a chance to contribute this year if he flashes pass rush ability. We could use another pass rusher at least in rotation and this could be the guy. Given our depth at SLB and LB overall he’s very likely making the team.

    Jackson is in a lot of ways this year’s Taylor. Jackson has the measables but is raw at FS which is the position I expect him to be playing. I think we keep 10 DBs, maybe 11. Jackson assuming no Hill has probably a 50-50 shot at making the roster. He’s an athlete and can at least help in special teams. He’s at least a PS guy but if he flashes talent our vet DBs are in trouble.

  7.  stuh says:

    There seems to be a patern to the way the Giants draft in the early rounds. wide receivers, defensive tackles have been chosen in the first 4rounds a lot. In the Reese era. They also like Defesive Backs in those rounds.
    Jackson is a local kid he went high school in Hazlet Nj. Maybe ther is something to his being a Giant fan.

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