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Andre Williams Knew All Along He’d End up with the New York Giants

May 11th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Whether it was the second round, third round, fourth round or whenever, Boston College running back Andre Williams knew, eventually, he'd end up with the New York Giants. He even tweeted at Big Blue linebacker Mark Herzlich alluding to such long before his name was called on Saturday afternoon.

"It’s not necessarily when I got picked up, it’s where I got picked up. Like I said, from the start I had a feeling it was going to be the Giants and it really ended up turning out that way," Williams said. "I’m really just glad that it turned out that way. Patience is a really valuable thing. It worked out the best possible way it could, no matter what round it ended up being. Whether it was after the fourth round had I came to the Giants, I would have been just as happy. The round doesn’t really bother me at all."

Despite his lack of receptions in 2013 and throughout his career, as well as his somewhat suspect pass protection, General Manager Jerry Reese views Williams as a closer of sorts; a Mariano Rivera, if you will. And perhaps it's for that reason both sides felt like this would be an ideal fit.

"He comes through the line of scrimmage and 22 eyes are looking at him and he still rushes for 2,000 yards. We’re very impressed with that and, again, this is the kind of guy that if you want to pound the rock," Reese said. "If you get up in a game and you’re trying to run the clock out in that four-minute drill at the end, this is the kind of guy that you can get the ball to over and over and over and he’ll get first downs for you."

Both Reese and Vice President of Player Evaluation, Marc Ross, admitted they were surprised when Williams fell into their lap. Ross even acknowledged that the team placed a second round/third round grade on him and that they expected him to be taken right before them in the fourth when the run on running backs began. But, ultimately, he fell and the team wasted no time snatching him up.

"I am sure you have seen or heard that this guy is a big, strong, downhill violent runner. He is going to break tackles and pound out yards. He is going to be physical," Ross said.

Although it's entirely too early to project what Williams will mean to the Giants' offense, you have to be happy with this addition. Williams has the potential to be a solid power option for Big Blue for quite some time.


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9 Responses to “Andre Williams Knew All Along He’d End up with the New York Giants”

  1.  GIANTT says:

    Krow said

    And we’re probably not going to do much this season, so the timing was right.

    Really ? Im going to disagree and say that the Giants will come through and WIN the NFC East .Ive been an advocate of the short quick passes and I think Eli will become a master at using his options behind his rebuilt line . With this kind of game
    even Beatty will not have to hold his blocks as long as KGs lonf developing plays . He wont make the Pro Bowl but he will be adequate

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    I really think this pick will prove a very good one.

    First of all, I’ve been told by a VERY reliable source that Williams caught everything thrown his way on his Pro Day and proved that the reason he wasn’t used as a pass receiver in college was simply that he couldn’t be stopped on the ground so there was no need to get him in space.

    Second, as I said prior to the draft, there was tremendous value in the running back position because there were some really good backs who were being downgraded because a lot of teams undervalue the need to run out the clock or establish a down-and-dirty offense that will free up their play-action game. Given how long it took to see guys like Carlos Hyde and Andre Williams come off the board, that proved correct.

    Third, a kid this big and strong and intelligent will learn how to protect Eli. You can bank on that.

    So I think we now have two running backs who can be the lead horse and another who can be a homerun hitter on any given play. Quietly, the Giants have developed a run game that should be successful even if it takes some time for the offensive line to get its act together. Remember, Williams represented a good percentage of BC’s offense for the past two years so teams loaded up against him, frequently with nine in the box, and they still couldn’t stop him. That means he made his own yards and was great after being hit. The Giants’ fans are going to love this kid.

    I’m very happy with our first four picks. Each is a productive, driven, leader. Plenty of smart folks think Beckham will prove the best of all the receivers in what was a great draft for receivers. While he isn’t a fabulous Red Zone threat (he actually scored very few TDs at LSU) he is certainly otherwise a scary weapon in the kind of creative offense McAdoo is installing. (And his presence should push Randle, who IS a Red Zone threat, hard). Richburg was an absolutely necessary pick, brings athleticism, intelligence and leadership to a position that is one of the most critical on the field even if most fans don’t realize that, and allows Flaherty a HUGE amount of flexibility with the rest of his offensive line.

    So we may have selected the best receiver (certainly one of the three best) and the best center in what was a draft that was strong in wide receivers and offensive linemen. No one can complain about that.

    Bosley is an interesting pick. The more I’ve looked into him the more I like him. Team leader, incredible motivation to succeed, local kid from Queens who will be playing in front of family and friends, high and constant motor and a big jump in production each of his years in college so he appears to be ascending as a football player. He’s also got the frame to get to around 320 pounds and play as “big” as did Landfill. He has that “extra” that most “big” tackles don’t: the ability to accelerate to the quarterback or catch a runner from behind along the LOS, thus the increasing number of tackles for loss and sacks. I’d rather he had those results in the SEC or the Pac-12 than the ACC, but there are good teams in the ACC and his production against them has been very good.

    I explained above why I really like Williams. I think he is going to prove a “sleeper” pick and could become our version of Frank Gore: tough, durable leader who gives his team confidence that if they get the lead on you in the fourth quarter you’re in trouble. No way we spit the bit against the Eagles in that infamous last game of the season if we’d had Andre Williams on the roster then.

    I know nothing about the rest of the picks, but have the impression that a few of them have potential, and past the fourth round potential is all you’re going to get. I’m intrigued by Bennett Jackson, in particular, because I think he could have a significant upside as he learns more about the nuances of defense and gets a bit stronger in the weight room.

    All-in-all, a good, solid, draft. It’s a step in the building of a really strong team. More steps to come, but it seems a pretty good one was taken over the past four days. This team will, at the very least, be competitive and won’t be quitting when it gets behind. In 2013 it was embarrassing to root for the Giants. That’s over. There’s too much character now to see a repeat of the rollovers that this team had all too many of over the past two seasons.

    Fire Gilbride (okay, allow him to “retire”). Hire McAdoo and allow him to bring in his people. Redesign a dysfunctional offense. Dump team free agents who weren’t “with the program”. Sign Beason. Sign Schwartz as the #1 free agency target who wasn’t already a member of the team. Get DRC to cover opposing #1 receivers and signal a switch in coverage approach by doing so. Fill in other positions with solid players in free agency. Draft for production, leadership and character while making sure to fill the three biggest needs at WR, O-line and D-line. I’d say the foundation is laid. It may take another year, or two, to build the house, but they’re on their way.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    And if you got through that “novel” above, a Happy Mother’s Day to all. Remember to thank your mom for all of the sacrifices she’s made for you. They are legion.

  4.  jb322 says:

    You got to love what the Giants have done this offseason. They filled a number of holes through free agency and even upgraded areas that were not bad to begin with. DRC and Schwartz are bonafide studs that absolutely will impact our team for the better.

    The draft was also, in my opinion, a homerun. Beckham and Richburg will be stalwarts on this team for years to come. I also really love the Williams and Bennett picks.

    Overall this team added alot of self motivated players. It almost seems that this team has made a conscious decision to go after players with a very similar disposition as Antrelle Rolle and are very comfortable with being held accountable for the their performance. I think this above all else will change the culture around this team and will lead to a dramatically better product on the field. I can’t wait for the season to start. I really think this will be a very fun year to be a Giants fan.

  5.  PittsburghJim says:

    Dan – great coverage throughout the months. Thank you.

    Hindsight is 20/20, as we know. But, foresight is what you need to have ‘in life’ to be successful. Prepping for SAT, college exams, job interviews, marriage proposals. etc.

    You get the idea.

    After watching another Draft go by and seeing ‘how’ the Giants operate and think, my conclusion is exactly what my conclusions have been in years past. Hope, some mild excitement, confusion, disappointment and the inevitable feeling of “I hope they know more than us & they know what they’re doing….”

    If you look at a few of those Lindy’s, Street & Smith et al pre-draft magazines, there is something VERY telling in each of them. Look at the bottom section of each team’s individual analyses. It shows the prior years draftees, with playing time, success levels and overall contributions made. It is SHOCKING.
    If a team gets 2-3 guys to play, not even start, and make some significant positive difference for the team, it’s a GREAT draft. If you get one stud and several future hopefuls, not bad.

    After seeing how our draft played out, having read certain posts during the draft about how we’re ‘now looking at ST guys and practice squad hopefuls’, I couldn’t help but think back to my initial feelings pre-draft.

    Identify the guys you want & GO GET THEM. Say what you will about the Browns & Bills, but their management was ALL OVER this draft. Aggressive, smart & proactive, based on team needs and grades assigned to draft eligibles.

    So, AGAIN, based on the players we drafted and the spots we drafted tham at, allow me to incur your disdain once again as I say: “We should have drafted up to get Matthews or Lewan”!!! FORGET about stockpiling draft picks. Most will be pursuing their life’s work (by August, right Kujo?)
    Polian said this is about getting good players who FIT your schemes & systems, not about a quanity of picks that are not good enough to make the squad.

    Let me posit this: IF we had traded up to #10 with Detroit and given them our 4th Rd pick…..we then end up with our stud LT, then draft a stud Center in Richburg. NOW….we’re all in a frenzy as we made a weakness a ‘strength’. Then we still get Bromley in Rd 3 (reach btw) and get Williams or another prospect in Rd 5. Then Berhe (Cooper Taylor Jr), Kennard (ST player?) & Jackson (good luck making it in that secondary)….

    I guess I’m stubborn on fact we could have gone; Lewan, Richburg, maybe Louis Nix, best TE, ETC.

    For those of you who are very excited about Beckham and the way this draft played out, I wholeheartedly HOPE you are right. Will see with time….

    That’s all the draft is anyway. A future crap shoot.

  6.  PittsburghJim says:

    I was going to apologize for length of post, but Herman Melville (above) already did.

  7.  jb322 says:

    I also think the premium placed on leadership skills, speaks volumes about a lack of leadership in the lockeroom. They picked a leader for the offensive line, they picked a leader for the wide recievers and quite possibly a leader for the running backs. I think it was pretty self evident for the last several years that leadership has been severely lacking on this team. I loved Justin Tuck, but he was not a leader and struggled trying to assume that mantle.

    Lastly, there has been alot of great stuff here over the last week or so. Keep it coming folks. I don’t post often since work does not allow us to do so, but I read every comment everyday. its the first thing I do in the morning. This is my “go to” source for breaking news on the Giants, Keep up the good work!

    •  buljos says:

      Agreed… adding college team captains to the roster was to me an indication that Rolle’s leadership rants were reaching home with coaches and the front office. They drafted solid players who were team captains, without character issues or indications of potential complacency. Not spectacular by most pundits, but certainly a solid draft with no wild hare flyers… followed shortly thereafter by good luck in picking up Kelcy Quarles as an UFA when Mayock had him a 2nd or 3rd rounder — 1st team All-America by Sporting News and 2nd team by AP. Granted some of his performance could be attributed to opponents throwing everything they could at Clowney, but this kid has a quick 1st step, swim move and power. Great fortune.

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