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Jay Bromley Excited to Be Drafted by Favorite Team; Didn’t Expect to Be Picked in 3rd Round

May 10th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

On Friday night, Queens native Jay Bromley got the call that most football players only dream about; one with an NFL team on the other end of it telling you that you've been drafted to play for them. Jay Bromley's phone was one from his favorite team: the New York Giants.

With their third round pick, the 74th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Giants took another Syracuse player in the defensive tackle and will join his former teammates in Justin Pugh and Ryan Nassib on the Giants; both Pugh and Nassib were draft picks for the team in last year's NFL Draft. Bromley was actually grocery shopping when he got the call from Tom Coughlin and as Bromley told Conor Orr of the Newark-Star Ledger, it was the phone call that has forever changed his life.

“The home team, this is my favorite team, it’s crazy,” Bromley said. “Big Blue. And then I get picked by them? It’s crazy. It’s amazing.”

When Bromley first got the call from a Giants scout to inform him that he would be taken in the third round, Bromley thought it was a prank call because he felt he wouldn't be selected until Saturday during the 4th-7th rounds, but once he heard Tom Coughlin's voice on the other end of the phone, then the soon to be Syracuse alum knew it was for real and was going to become a Giant.

“Honestly, man, I’m one of those guys that thinks of the worst-case scenario. I was like, man, I didn’t even expect to be drafted. But I heard from my agent anywhere between four and six…so I just thought of the worst case scenario going tomorrow at the earliest.” 

Given Bromley's life and upbringing, making it into the NFL is the ultimate accomplishment. Bromley grew up in a poor part of Queens and a home that was surrounded by drug dealers and other non-desirables; he was addicted to crack when he was born, his mother abandoned him when he was three months old and his father was arrested for murder just six months later. Yet Bromley never let that bring him down and if anything, carried him through the tough times right into playing for Syracuse and now, as a member of the New York Football Giants.

Bromley is expected to immediately join a defensive tackle rotation that includes Cullen Jenkins, Johnathan Hankins, Markus Kuhn and Mike Patterson. In his senior year at Syracuse, Bromley had nine sacks and 41 total tackles.


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37 Responses to “Jay Bromley Excited to Be Drafted by Favorite Team; Didn’t Expect to Be Picked in 3rd Round”

  1.  stuh says:

    Bromley sounds like a good story. I don’t know how many DT’s the Giants will keep but Jenkins , Hankins, Patterson should make the final cut, but Kuhn is an older player with little experience who may not make it. Remember Tuck played inside a lot on passing downs. I don’t know if any of those guys are versatile enough to do that.
    My next picks would be TE and running back.

    •  BillyS says:

      There are still a few TEs that could be decent, but they’re raw.

      Marcel Jensen. The guy is huge (6’6″, 260 lbs). He’s pretty fast too, but a little stiff.

      The other is Arthur Lynch (6’5″, 258 lbs). He’s a little inconsistent with his hands, but he’s willing to go over the middle. He reminds me a bit of a Ballard/Boss type of guy.

  2.  BillyS says:

    I really like this pick. He’s still a bit raw and will probably only be a 2 down player, but he makes those 2 downs count. He gives his all while he’s on the field. Just watching some highlight videos (which only show the positives), he is all effort/motor. He simply doesn’t give up on a play, even if he has to chase a ball carrier down from behind. Apparently Tom Coughlin called him a “short Chris Canty” and I’m more than happy with that comparison if it’s true. This kind of guy has had to overcome a ton and doesn’t take things for granted. He seems like the kind of kid that earns what he gets and knows the value of hard work. I think this spells the end of Kuhn.

  3.  skinnydoogan says:

    Wake up fella’s another big day ahead of us. Reese and company have done a superb job so far, when I look at the current roster I only see two really glaring holes now:
    running back, tight end. Here are the projected depths of each:
    RB — Rashad Jennings, Peyton Hillis, David Wilson, Michael Cox, Kendall Gaskins
    TE — Adrien Robinson, Kellen Davis, Larry Donnell, Daniel Fells

    So with 4 picks left, if I am doing ,y Barney math right, we should be able to address these two needs with decent players. I am with Kujo, I like Storm at running back if we can grab him, that just leaves tight end. I don’t know about you guys but when I look at the above, only given I see is Rashad Jennings, everything else is suspect at this point.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      If we address these 2 needs, then we are on our way back to football respectability.

      •  JT Jumbo says:

        We should have addressed those 2 yesterday. Jace Amaro sitting there and we pass him to the Jets. And Tre Mason passed to the next pick Rams. Rams must have sat there and said thanks idiots. Just another typical Reese draft not picking talent

  4.  aikitim says:

    No idea who this kid is, but we needed a DT and the consensus seems to be he’s going to be a good one.

    As time goes on I’m buying less and less into the value/reach thing. If bromley was Reese’s/Coughlin’s guy, I have no problem with them picking him. If he’s a starter next year or 2 years down the road and is making strong contributions, who cares if he was a 1st or 7th round pick?

    Names I’d like to see in Blue who are still available:
    Cam Fleming OL
    Christian Jones LB
    Cyril Richardson OL
    KaDeem Carey RB
    Loucheiz Purifoy CB
    Jordan Tripp LB
    Dion Bailey S
    Ahmad Dixon S

    •  aikitim says:

      I’d also like us to take a look at Larry Webster with one of our 6th round picks. Small school basketball player, but intriguing size. Played DE and TE in college. Needs to develop his body a bit by all accounts, and lacks football expirience, but he could turn into a nice player at either position down the road.

      Granted we need someone to step in at TE and put up numbers NOW, but I’m not sure we’ll find someone in this draft unless we think Arthur Lynch is the guy strong blocking TE who makes catches when it’s asked of him. Reminds me of some names we’ve had in recent years…

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I love the first two picks and don’t know enough about Bromley to disagree with Reese, Ross and Coughlin. I really like the fact that he has to be as hungry as any member of the team will be, and that he was a team captain, and that part of the scouting process was undoubtedly talking to Pugh and Nassib about him.

    And I agree with Krow. Somewhere along the line the powers that be must have recognized that this team was infected with complacency. Rolle has been trying to say that for two years and no one was listening. I think that horse’s rear Gilbride with his smugness and obvious attitude that he knew best was part of the problem, and that McAdoo’s arrival will make a big difference. But I also think a good number of players had become problems of one sort or another. I think we still have a few complacent guys (I have always thought Beatty was as interested in fashion as football and once he got a contract he got very complacent, and that his dreadful performance followed; I thought Tuck seemed too satisfied with things at time: I think Eli sounds like he verges on complacency at times….you think his brother would not be giving off steam after some of the games the Giants have played in the past two seasons instead of saying “Well, we’ll have to work hard and correct the mistakes”? Peyton would be taking names). Webster was a cancer because he resented his contract. Nicks was obviously some kind of a problem. Randle seems satisfied to do “okay” and not really challenge himself (bringing in ODB should give him all the incentive he needs to step it up this season because otherwise he’s going to see his role diminish and his second contract start to shrink before his eyes).

    Anyway, bringing in character guys, tough guys, leaders is a great thing. There just haven’t been enough of them around this team lately, and we lost two of the best when Diehl retired (I’m not talking about his play, just his attitude) and we didn’t sign Jacobs again. Say what you will about their play. They cared. I still contend that BJ’s rants about Rex Ryan and his barking at the game were as important to the Giants’ win against the Jets in 2011 that turned their season as was the Cruz catch-and-run. Those tough guys are necessary in a tough sport.

    I think it’s safe to say Jay Bromley is a tough guy. So even if he was a partial reach, I’m okay with it as long as his play is better-than-average. Richburg will naturally become a team leader because of where he plays and his personality. And Beckham will join up with Cruz to give some character to the wide receivers that we’ve been missing. Just the fact that he was our pick at #12 should have Randle and Jernigan determined to work as hard as they ever have to get the level of their games up where the coaches expect them.

    So, solid draft so far. It won’t be deemed among the best by the pundits, if only because the “smart money” will say Bromley was a 4th round talent. But who cares about them?

    •  BillyS says:

      I’m glad many of those players are gone. There’s nothing worse than players who settle anything less than winning it all. I want guys who eat, sleep, and crap football. I could care less about their love of fashion or what care they’re going to buy with their first check. I want guys who will come here, work their butt off, and have the will to win. Bromley seems to have that attitude. Richburg definitely has it. And even ODB has that aura where he WANTS to be great and the only way for that to happen is to work your butt off. If everyone does that then the team does well.

      I don’t care about pundits and their so called “reaches”. I’ve probably looked at 60-70 mock drafts this off-season and they are all different. Some guys have a player going in the 2nd that another mock has going in the late 4th or early 5th. It all comes down to opinion and favoritism. It’s 1 thing to take a guy in the 1st round who would definitely be there in the 2nd or 3rd round. Or to take a guy in the 2nd or 3rd who would clearly be an undrafted guy. But if you take a guy in the 3rd who *might* be there in the 4th…well that’s just fine. If he is your guy then he’s your guy. They scouted him and obviously liked him. I’m perfectly fine with that because they were able to get a first hand look at him. I’d much rather they take him a round too early than a round too late — since that would obviously mean they missed him and would have to settle for someone else that they may not have scouted as much and may not fit the team nearly as well.

      •  JT Jumbo says:

        Just like how we settled on Beckham instead of going and getting Evans

        •  BillyS says:

          Going from 12 to 7 would have cost us our 2nd rounder and probably a 4th rounder. I’d rather have ODB, Richburg, and another guy than just Evans. Plus tons of analysts (including ones who are right more times than wrong) say that ODB will be BETTER than Evans.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          I’d take Beckham over Evans every time. We’ll have to wait to see how their careers play out but there is absolutely no doubt that Beckham fits McAdoo’s offense far better than does Evans. Frankly, I think he’s going to turn out to be a better football player overall. IMO, he and Watkins were the two best receivers available.

          •  skinnydoogan says:

            JT Jumbo have you even seen Evans or Beckham play? And did you happen to notice how horrific our O-line was last year? Wasting all of our picks drafting Evans would be complete dereliction of duty on the part of the Giants.

            •  skinnydoogan says:

              With the pick of Richburg, 3/5′s of our line are now set in stone.

              •  skinnydoogan says:

                What were we going to give our entire draft away for Evans for? To play offensive line? Sheesh.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    When does the draft start today?

  7.  JT Jumbo says:

    This draft is no different from any other draft Reese has done. All we do is pick draft risers. Beckham in the last 2 weeks shot up boards. Richburg shot up to almost 1st round and Bromley shot up according to Mayock. Same ol Reese

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Wow. I just was sent a video of Coughlin’s press conference about Bromley. Two things stood out. First, it sounds like this kid is going to be very good and is going to work like a dog to excel. Second, he all but said that this team lacked character of late. If any of you see it, you don’t even have to listen carefully to see that a major subtext of the draft discussions long before the draft itself was “We have had too many guys in here who don’t care enough to do the hard work. let’s change the character of the team.”

    So those of us who were disgusted with the seeming lack of passion and effort on the part of the team in some of those inexplicable games over the past years apparently were seeing exactly what we thought: players who were satisfied with a paycheck. We need to clean out the Augean Stables and bring some hard-nosed, passionate young men in here who can also play some football. Sounds like our first three picks fit the bill.

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    This obsession with “value” is a total crock, like much of the stuff put out by the pundits who make a living from the NFL and the drafts.

    If you really like, and need, a player and you have looked carefully at the draft and decided that it is unlikely that player makes it to your next pick, is it a bad move to select that player rather than see him disappear or have to trade a pick to move up to get him after your current pick on the clock? Not by my reckoning.

    I think the picks the Giants made yesterday will be generally thought of as mediocre because of the value proposition.

    Richburg might well have made it to the end of the second round or the very top of the third round. But he was clearly the best center in this draft and has a lot of intangibles that the Giants were determined to get (again, just read the subtext of Coughlin’s presser and you’ll see they gave tremendous consideration to character and leadership with those three first picks). And they desperately needed to get a center to grow with his linemates over the next few years. So, a poor value? Only by the lights of some bozos ranking prospects and ignoring much of what is important to the team’s making picks.

    Clearly, Bromley might have made it to the bottom of the third round or the top of the fourth, perhaps even still being available when the next Giants’ pick went on the clock. But did they need a kid with a high motor, great character, and able to get to 320 pounds to help anchor the defensive line where they lost a run-stopper in free agency? Did they see in this kid someone whom as Reese said “You’ll have to kill to get off the field”? Did they think that kind of kid was necessary to help infuse some desire in a team that had become complacent? Yeah, it seems so. So what doesn’t look like value to others sure does to the Giants. They filled a big need with a real character guy. Let me put it this way: Had they selected Aaron Donald in round one the pundits would have said how brilliant that was (though it would have cost them Beckham and they’d have probably had to go for a wide receiver in the second round and missed out on Richburg too), but they got a kid who may well prove far better in the scheme they want to run and probably has a bigger motor than does Donald given where Bromley comes from.

    I’ll take the three we’ve got and let the pundits draw their own conclusions. This pick-for-value stuff is just another stupid concept that gets pushed beyond sensibility.

    •  BBWC says:

      Supposedly. at least two other teams where eyeing Richburg in the second round, the Packers and Broncos.

  10.  BBWC says:

    My pick for the forth round:
    ILB/OLB Jordan Zumwalt UCLA

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