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2014 NFL Draft: New York Giants Select Boston College RB Andre Williams

May 10th, 2014 at 12:44 PM
By Dan Benton

With their fourth pick (No. 113 overall) in the 2014 NFL Draft, the New York Giants select Boston College running back Andre Williams.

"I really had a feeling all along [that I'd land with the Giants]," Williams said. "I really did."

The 230-pound Williams led the Nation in rushing in 2013 and gives the Giants a big, powerful back that dominates between the tackles and is capable of moving the sticks. He was a Heisman finalist who would have had a much higher draft stock, but he doesn't offer much of a pass-catching weapon out of the backfield, hauling in only 10 receptions for 60 yards in his college career. He had no receptions in his senior season.

Here is a quick look at Williams from an earlier Anthony Raia scouting report:

Andre Williams, SR, Boston College

  • Excellent size; average speed for the position at the next level.
  • Frame and lower body strength allows him to excel running inside the tackles.
  • Runs with low pad level; runs with a forward lean which allows him to pick up extra yards falling forward.
  • Doesn’t have the wiggle in the open field to make a man miss but makes up for it with his strength.
  • Arm tackles won’t bring him down; runs violently with purpose.
  • Lacks flexibility to stop on a dime and change direction.
  • Not a factor in passing game; poor in pass protection and has a lot to learn.
  • Given his size and strength he has the potential to be solid in pass protection with the right coaching.
  • Deceptive long speed, but not the athlete to be a homerun hitter often at the next level.

Although Williams is an essential non-factor in the passing game, he does add a unique element to the Giants' backfield. In addition to an every-down back in Rashad Jennings and a game-changing burner in David Wilson, Williams adds a third-prong to the ground attack given his power and ability to make gains in short-yardage situations.

Like the Giants' first three picks, Williams is also an intelligent, high-character guy that can contribute right away.


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93 Responses to “2014 NFL Draft: New York Giants Select Boston College RB Andre Williams”

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  1.  BillyS says:

    WOW. He may not be a RB who can catch (at all), but 2,000+ rush yards is impressive as hell.

  2.  Samardzija says:

    Another high character guy.

    •  BillyS says:

      He sounds like he has exceptionally high character. An academic tudor, a poet, he’s an aspiring author. He seems like a true hard worker.

  3.  aikitim says:

    I love this pick. It’s got TC written all over it, BC connection, no surprise there.

    Kadeem, Gaffney and Williams were my top 3 running backs left in no particular order, and I’m glad we got Williams. Sure there is the 0 reception thing, but Brandon Jacobs was a pretty terrible pass catcher and that worked out well for us….

    Most of all, you can’t argue with 2000+ yards in a 12-13 game college season.

    I think we go defense in the 5th, LB, CB or S.

    •  BillyS says:

      BC isn’t like some super low ranked school. It’s obviously not facing SEC competition on a daily basis, but he did well against some good schools.

      - Florida State (28 carries, 149 yards)
      - UNC (26 rushes, 172 yards, 1 TD)
      - Virginia Tech (33 rushes, 166 yards, 2 TD)

      He looks like a good fit.

      •  Begiant says:

        It is just hard to argue that we truly pick based on value when we keep targeting the same schools.

        •  aikitim says:

          Value is a color commentator buzzword. Don’t worry about the’value’ of a pick. Look at their body of work in college 1st, then their measurables (combine numbers, heigh weight, etc) and then how they fill needs. If it makes sense who cares if theyre picked in the 5th or the 1st as long as they make positive contributions moving forward it’s a good pick.

        •  Eric S says:

          Come on Begiant, I think you’re blowing it out of proportion here. Up until the Pugh/Nassib picks last year the last ‘Cuse guy I can remember us drafting was Tyree in the 6th rd of 2003. As for BC? What Snee in 2004 and Herzlich as a UDFA a few years ago? Who else? Maybe scouting Pugh/Nassib put Bromley firmly on their radar happens with every team bro.

  4.  Begiant says:

    Andre Williams has some injury history…that always worries me. He was a projected day 3 pick.

  5.  Begiant says:

    Hopefully Telvin Smith, Christian Jones and Shayne Skov all last until the fifth round. We still have some room on our roster for a LB, DE, TE and S although I think Reese is happy at the TE position, so that leaves LB, DE, and S…maybe a G…but I don’t think that player would have a good shot at making the roster.

  6.  BBWC says:

    I love when pushes that DB to the ground… Like, get out of here punk….lol.

  7.  JBeast3 says:

    I LOVE this pick! Im loving the draft JR is having. Sure ESPN and NFLN won’t say we are having a good draft, but we are! I have been mocking Williams to us the last month or so in the 4th also.

    This kid is big, strong and a bit agile. In college on his highlights he looks like an NFL vet playing against high schoolers. Look at the lowering of the shoulder to run over dbs and stiff arming of LBers. He seem to see a hole and just hit it. If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE THIS PICK!!!!!!

    I missed the first 8 picks of today, is yankey on the board still? If so i hope we take him in the 5th.

    •  aikitim says:

      Yankey, Richardson, Fleming, Richardson, Henderson still available along the Oline. Lot’s of picks before ours in the 5th though.

      •  aikitim says:

        And Duvernay-Tardif, best name in the Draft

      •  JBeast3 says:

        I would LOVE to grab a OL like Yankey or Richardson in the 5th or trade back up to get one of them.

        And the best name in the draft is Ha HA Clinton-dix come on son!!! lol

  8.  BBWC says:

    The way he runs the ball reminds me a lot of Emmitt Smith.

  9.  JBeast3 says:

    Antonio Richardson is still on the board???????? I would love to trade up and get either him or Yankey and the OL will be set. I like Telvin Smith but his size is a concern. I wouldn’t mind taking him in the 5th or 6th round if available.

    Position of need still? hmm…… LB, S and OT/OG?

    Unlike many I’m ok going into the season with the JPP of TE and Donnell and the other guy we signed. I think ARob has the talent just need to stay healthy. At the end of last season i was content with starting 2014-15 season with ARob as the TE and Cruz, JJ12 and Randle as the top 3 WR and Moore JPP Kiwi as the DEs plus minor FA pick up.

    •  Begiant says:

      We could use a DE as well.

      •  JBeast3 says:

        Im ok with JPP, Moore Kiwi and Ayers plus Jenkins can play a few snaps there also. Gimme another OL like Yankey or Richardson then a LB like Telvin or Hubbard ( i know they are completely different players).

        Telvin could play WILL and is a good cover LB with great speed just a little small for the position. In college his size didn’t matter much he still stuck in there and made some plays in the run game.

        Hubbard is more an 3-4 OLB but as a situational pass rusher could be nice to have on 3 and long.

  10.  PittsburghJim says:

    Another interesting draft.

    These are the days that I just wish ESPN, NFL Netw, etc would have spent A MONTH less time showing us Clowney sweating, smirking, throwing Steve Mariucci around….and talked about the other 99% of people who will be drafted and be integral to the success of team’s playoff hopes in the future.

    Never heard of Bromley. My bad I guess.

    Staying as positive as I can, but inital thoughts:
    * Beckham- big upside, but we took the (arguably) 3rd best WR at pick #12.
    He is also NOT a clear #1 WR on our team as he enters, so he’ll be a complimentary producer, which is fine. But. Again. At pick #12?? Those who say he’s better than Evans, who is 6’5″ 231 & ran a 4.5 and has caught all of Lil Johnnies CRAZY A## throws….are WAY off, IMO.

    * Richburg- LOVE the pick b/c he’s a stud, will play awhile (I hope) & is a true pivot man. Prob could have had in 3rd, but I’m NOT a hypocrite. If you love a prospect – GO GET HIM.

    * Brumley- could be a good DT in a yr or so. Reach for sure. Same school we always scout, for obvious pipeline reasons. And, with MUCH talent available, will simply be part of a DT rotation. Do we know if Hankins can really play? We still may not with Jenkins, Patterson, Kuhn?, Hank & Brom….

    * AWilliams- good pick. Fills a talent void technically. But- now we have Jennings, Wilson (prob), Hillis, Conner & Hyno. I know he represented too much ‘value’ to pass up, but other TE prospects are out there & we are in need….

    * TBD- Can we draft Colt Lyerla and send him straight to Betty Ford? By the time he’s clean, the JPP of football will be out of football.

    Ok, Thanks.

    •  JBeast3 says:

      I think you are a little hard on ODB, i liked him as a WR but didn’t like that we didn’t fix the OL but with Rishburg picked in round two i feel a lot better about ODB. Dont be fooled he can be a legit number 1. Just because he is only 6 ft doesn’t mean he can’t be a number 1. Djax is a number 1, reggie wayne is a number 1. As long as the OL is fixed he and the rest of the WRs pls ARob will produce.

    •  BillyS says:

      Lyerla will NOT be picked by the Giants. No way, no how. Even if he wasn’t a coke head. He was the guy who tweeted that stuff about the Newtown, Connecticut kids’ parents last year. The Giants will want nothing to do with him. Oregon didn’t even want him anymore.

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