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New York Giants not Sold on TE Eric Ebron Due to Personality Concerns?

May 6th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Up until and even including recent weeks, the New York Giants have been routinely tied to North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron, with many mock drafts having him land with Big Blue at the No. 12 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. However, after stating very clearly that he's looking for only "clean" players (ie. no off-field or personality issues) in the first few rounds of the draft, it would appear as if General Manager Jerry Reese may pass on the talented tight end because of some character concerns.

“He's a high maintenance sort of personality. He's a me type of player and he always has been. He's a me type of person on the field and off the field, and I've known this since November," Tony Pauline of Draft Insiders said during a WGR Sports Radio 550 interview. "He's the kind of guy that was complaining when he didn't feel he was getting the ball enough. He's not well liked by all of his teammates. He's not a prima donna, but he's a bit self-centered. I don't know if it's just a maturity question, or that's the way it is. I hear it runs pretty deep.”

Pauline noted that the Giants were among the teams who have backed off a bit on Ebron due to his personality, and that would correlate with a Star-Ledger report that the team had "cooled" on him.

During his Pro Day, Ebron was allegedly seen fooling around, goofing off and joking with the Giants' scouts. At one point he called out to them to ensure they were watching him showcase his skills only to get stone hands and drop three passes. Although it was all fun and games, there's no doubt that exchange was jotted down in their notes.

With two days remaining until they're on the clock, it would appear as if Ebron has found his way to the bottom of the Giants' first-round draft board. Then again, as is the case with most draft-related news, it could be a lot of misinformation and smokescreens.


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48 Responses to “New York Giants not Sold on TE Eric Ebron Due to Personality Concerns?”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:

    I don’t buy it.

    i’d be SHOCKED if Ebron wasn’t one of the 3-4 players that they heavily have their eyes on if they’re available at 12. He’s going to be a superstar in this league and passing on him for “character concers” because he might be a bit of a diva is just a silly thing.

    Remember when all 32 teams that passed over YOU KNOW WHO (Where you at Demo!!!), over “Character Concerns”. And just look where that kid now.

    Don’t buy into everything you read guys. The kid doesnt have any off field issues or legal trouble. And if their main concern is that he gets upset when he doesnt get that ball, ya know what, GOOD. we need guys like that. This team needs someone to STEP UP, MAKE PLAYS and WANT the ball. I see that as a good thing. We need some Swag.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Uh-uh. We already HAD a tight end who complained bitterly when he didn’t get the ball and then started trashing his young quarterback by showing obvious disdain on the field by throwing his hands up in the air in frustration. Name was Shockey, Jeremy. I want no part of that kind of player. Now, obviously, it’s years later and Eli would shove that attitude right down a rookie’s throat and let him know he wasn’t going to see the ball until he got with the program, but I’ve been saying for quite some time, there have to be NO known warts on the Giants early picks in this draft. They can’t afford that, and Reese isn’t going to take any chances because a failed draft could very well cost him his job in a year or two.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    fanfor55years says:
    May 6, 2014 at 2:53 PM
    Well, after a few really poor drafts I think Reese, Ross & Co. got back on track last April and that the 2013 draft will be viewed in a few years as a VERY good one. Getting Pugh, Hankins, Moore, and Taylor in the same draft is excellent work. And Nassib may eventually prove to have been a great value if he either becomes a long-term backup to Eli (at a cheap price) or a great trading chip. I also think that the moves made this off-season in free agency (both whom they signed and whom they didn’t sign) will be judged to have been really terrific. Schwartz and DRC are the big outsiders, but resigning Beason was huge, and the signing of McClain, Thurmond and Manningham are the kinds of under-the-radar signings that sometimes look brilliant in retrospect. Walton and Jerry, too, may wind up significant pieces of the puzzle.

    Just as important, though, was whom they didn’t sign: Tuck, Nicks, Joseph, Thomas, Brown, and Webster. And who they cut: Baas (despite having to eat dead money). This group consisted of players who were either below average at their position, didn’t perform at a high level in 2012, or were simply not worth their market price because they aren’t “difference-makers”. There was a lot of chopping of dead wood and an absence of sentiment.

    So the personnel department is on a strong streak going into the draft. They need to keep that streak going because there is PLENTY of talent available through the first four rounds of this draft and a lot of it is at positions of need for the Giants. We fans should expect to come out of Friday with no “Who’s he?” questions about the first two days of the selections. And Reese needs to get it right through the fourth round this year. Heck, even John Mara said as much.

  3.  jdimauro36 says:

    I dont see us drafting Ebron at all. I dont really buy into this personality thing but he isnt a good blocker and we all know how the giants feel about their tight ends. They need to be able to block well for the giants to like them. I just think we are down to 3 players at #12: Lewan, Beckam Jr, and zack martin

    •  fanfor55years says:

      And Lewan has some issues, so unless they have really carefully vetted him and concluded that he’s not a bad kid, he’s not going to be the pick.

  4.  Nosh.0 says:

    I think we won’t draft Ebron because he’s not that good and TE is not an important position.

  5.  F0XLIN says:

    I believe it was the Giants scout Ebron turned to and told him to put his clip board down or he was going to miss the show…and went on to drop 3 balls. There is a fine line between confidence and being an as* hole. I’d pass on him all day at 12

  6.  JT Jumbo says:

    Ebron is not a typical Giants TE. There’s no way they value that position enough to pick one at 12 anyway. Niklas, Amaro and ASJ fit a typical Gmen TE and have way more value for where they would be picked. I’m hoping for one of those 3 to be our 2nd round pick

  7.  wlubake says:

    So the consensus here looks like Zack Martin. I’m a Notre Dame fan and like Martin a lot. My problem, though, is that we made that pick just last year. He and Pugh are essentially the same guy: “the technician OT that can push inside to guard.” Yes it worked out great with Pugh, but unless we are planning to either (1) admit defeat on Beatty, or (2) make Martin’s (or Pugh’s) long term home guard, why would we take Martin. That is too much invested at OT.

    I get that Beatty may not be good to start the season. You don’t spend a first round pick to plug that hole, though. You sign a free agent to a 1-year deal. Like, say, Charles Brown.

    I think the positions of need that make sense are DT, S, WR and TE.

    I’m not big on Ebron. I think there is comparable, if not better, talent in the 2nd round at the position.

    Thus, I’d guess the Giants have a list somewhat like this at 12 (ignoring the unobtainable):

    1. Mike Evans
    2. Aaron Donald
    3. Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix
    4. Odell Beckham

    I may be wrong, and Martin may be the pick, but I won’t get it if he is. If you are picking a long term guard, then draft a guard by either trading down (like Su’a-Filo) or in the later rounds (I like Dakota Dozier in the 4th). Don’t draft a tackle to play guard with the idea that he might kick outside in 2 years once Beatty can be affordably cut.

    •  JT Jumbo says:

      I’m with you all the way bro. 100% agree on Pugh/Martin comparison. Mike Evans is my favorite player in this draft. I’d have to guess that Martin would be the Reese pick but it’s easier to make a prediction on the clock when it’s time

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      I’m pretty certain they have admitted defeat with Will Beatty. You just don’t do what he did last year and get to remain in the teams long term plans.

      I expect our LT of the present and future will be drafted on thursday and Will Beatty will be released next spring.

      •  wlubake says:

        He’s as expensive to cut as he is to keep next spring. Saves the team less than a million to part ways. Beatty looked bad in 2013, but to me what you don’t do is hand a guy a ton of money in a signing bonus, then bench and cut him after one bad year.

        If he repeats this season and gets benched, I’m with you. But I don’t invest in another first round LT this year expecting that to happen.

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          I do. As far as I’m concerned Beatty has no say what so ever as to what we do in the draft.

          Say we take an LT, Beatty can move to RT and Pugh can move inside. Then if Beatty still sucks we cut him. If not, we keep him at RT.

        •  wlubake says:

          Actually he’s guaranteed $650k next year. So it actually costs you about $100k against next year’s cap to cut him rather than keep him. He’s a Giant through 2015 save drugs or shooting himself in the leg.

          •  Nosh.0 says:

            Maybe. But he won’t be our starting Left Tackle.

            •  JT Jumbo says:

              I’m not so sure. TC has a major problem starting rookies right away. Even Pugh wasn’t going to start, it took Diehl going down to put him in. I don’t think the Giants are willing to throw away $30+ million just because of 1 bad season. Now I agree with you that he sucks. If they were willing to pay big bucks for a LT then they should have just signed Jake Long. I don’t think moving Pugh around is going to help him in the long run either. OL is important, this past Super Bowl proved that, but i don’t think picking Martin is going to be the gigantic upgrade that the Giants need.

  8.  BBWC says:

    We won’t draft Ebron at 12, I guarantee it! Even Vernon Davis, with all the talent he’s got, didn’t contribute much his first 3 years in the league. At 12, we need a guy that can contribute now… Scouts say Martin is a better version of Pugh and if that’s correct, I’ll take that any day over a TE. Everything starts upfront, and if we don’t put together a solid OL, it won’t matter who’s at TE. So far, I like what JR has done to improve the OL as FF55 mentioned. If you add in Martin (a 5 in 1 guy), you have a guy that could step in anywhere along the line and he’s going to play well for you. Martin will be that guy that David Diehl used to be and more. We could go from a terrible OL to one of the better OL’s in the league, if Beatty plays well. Just think what that’ll do for the run game, with a healthy Wilson and Jennings. I fully expect Wilson to breakout this year, mark my words!

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Right on man. OL far outweighs the TE position. It’s why Ebron or any TE for that matter in the first round is foolish.

      As for Wilson I just don’t see it. I think expecting anything from him at this point is just wishful thinking. Kid has all the talent in the world, but how to you play Running Back in the NFL after neck surgery?

      •  BBWC says:

        Jerry Reese on David Wilson: “We expect him back. He’s on schedule to be back.”

        ESPN’s Dan Graziano reports that Wilson is recovering “very well” from his neck surgery and that there’s “NO REASON to believe he won’t be playing in 2014″

        Wilson is lifting weights and working out, he looks like a beast… I’m sure the Giants are just being careful not to place too many expectations on him and rightfully so… but all signs are pointing to his return.

        •  BBWC says:

          Wilson said he feels fine, doctors have placed certain restrictions on what he can do physically, “just to help the healing process speed up,” he said, without going into detail.

          Wilson is so confident about his situation that he doesn’t even view the recently signed free-agent running back Rashad Jennings as competition, describing him as simply insurance for a position that’s highly susceptible to injury.

          “No, he’s definitely a helper for the team,” Wilson said. “Both of us can be an everyday back, but the way the game is today, it’s not going to be one guy. There’s very few teams that have one running back.”

          Wilson said he hasn’t given any thought that he may have played his last down in a football uniform and has never been advised not to come back.

          “No, not for a second,” he said of considering retirement.

          “I’m a man of faith, so no matter what happens in front of me with my faith I’m going to make it right.”

          Read more:

  9.  kujo says:

    Everyone ought to go to YouTube and look up the video for Taylor Swift’s “We’re Never Getting Back Together,” and sing the following lyrics:

    “WEEEEE are never-ever-ever going to draft a TE with the 12th pick in the 1st round of the NFL draft.”

    (Note: You’ll have to sing it fast)

    I don’t care if he’s Saint Pope John Paul II, or Attila the Hun–it’s never gonna happen.



  10.  kujo says:

    As a side note, Rodger Goodell ought to be drawn and quartered for extending the leadup to the draft by 2 weeks. Total a–hole move. The anticipation isn’t heightened–it’s annoying. Have the damn draft already.

    Plus, that’s 2 less weeks that the rookies have to prepare. Hard to make sense of that.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      From what I heard this surprisingly wasn’t a Goodell move. I thought the same thing as you did.

      Apparently Radio City had a scheduling conflict, so that’s the reason for the delay. And I don’t think anyone in NFL front offices are happy with it being held this late. Everything I’ve heard says it will be back in April next year but will now be taken to different cities.

      •  wlubake says:

        The scheduling conflict is definitely the NFL company line. However, the conflict, an Easter show, was cancelled due to lack of interest.

        That’s a cop-out. Any random Easter show that calls Radio City about a date gets this response: “We better call the NFL first to clear it. They hold the draft here every year at that time, and we wouldn’t dare want to damage what is likely our most lucrative annual event.” Or something like that.

        •  F0XLIN says:

          It was actually James Dolan who booked Radio City for the event in spite of the NFL, probably damn well knowing it would be canceled.

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