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Peyton Manning Says Eli Manning is Feeling Good; Getting Better Following Ankle Surgery

May 5th, 2014 at 3:20 PM
By Douglas Rush

On Sunday afternoon, the Manning brothers spent their day attending the New York Yankees 5-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays and both Peyton and Eli Manning were also in town to watch Peyton's longtime friend and Yankee captain, Derek Jeter.

Currently, the Giants quarterback is recovering from arthroscopic ankle surgery; the injury he suffered during Week 17 against the Washington Redskins and an injury that will keep Manning out of OTA's which is why they have signed Josh Freeman and Rusty Smith as quarterback depth and insurance, plus to compete for roster spots.

Manning is still expected to be ready to go once training camp begins this summer and has been seen without the walking boot that he was once in after he had the surgery. On Sunday at Yankee Stadium, Eli's older brother talked about how his brother has been recovering from the surgery and has looked good in the rehab process.

"Eli feels good," Manning said. "He was doing some light throwing the other day. Obviously, just upper body. He's disappointed he has to miss some of the OTAs but it's better than missing some of the games during the season. He threw the ball well down there at Duke (during an informal workouts that included receivers from the Giants and Broncos). He looked good. Just the doctors felt it my pop up during the fall. But he's doing well. He's getting better every day."
It was at the Duke workouts where Manning decided that he needed the surgery on his ankle from the December injury, but it won't force Manning to miss any of the preseason or the regular season. For the time being, the Giants will see what they have with Freeman and Smith, plus Curtis Painter and Ryan Nassib while Manning recovers, but from the sound of things, Eli's rehab process is going well and his road to recovery is looking clear.


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18 Responses to “Peyton Manning Says Eli Manning is Feeling Good; Getting Better Following Ankle Surgery”

  1.  kujo says:


    I don’t see either Beckham OR Lee as good value at #12. They would be classic examples of “need” influencing your perception of “value.” Both are very good prospects, and if we somehow moved down into the low-teens or high-twenties, they would absolutely be in the discussion. But I don’t see either of these guys being realistic choices at 12, not unless a lot of these non-QBs are off the board, at which point the possibility of a trade down would increase.

  2.  kujo says:

    I took a much needed mental healthy day today, thus all my activity on G101. The wife is about to come home, at which point my bloviating will cease, replaced with empathetic nods and smiles as she recounts the myriad stresses and frustrations of her day. The first trimester has been rough on her, and I really am in awe of how well she’s taking it, all things considered. The least I can do is give her my undivided attention.

    So, my last thought (probably) for the day is that the first 3-4 picks of this draft will determine the next 2-3 years of this team. If the Texans, Rams, Jags and Browns conform to the conventional wisdom–i.e. drafting Clowney, Matthews, Bortles and Manziel, respectively– then we should have a shot at no less than 2 of the top 4 OTs, no less than 3 of the top 5 WRs, as well as Ebron; however, if they skip over the QBs, in favor of tackles, pass-rushers and wide receivers, we could very well watch as our choices dry up rather quickly. I’m confident that Reese is eyeing a day one impact player (if not a starter, then someone who will be HEAVILY featured in a rotation at their position), but the number of guys we’ve all cited as possible solutions to multi-year deficiencies could all very well be gone by the time we pick.

    I can’t remember a draft in recent memory where things were THIS uncertain, 4 days out. Typically you at LEAST know who’s going #1, if not now then in the day or so before the draft. But I’m telling you–these first 4 picks are 100% up in the air, leaving us with the sort of drama sh*tty Kevin Costner movies can only DREAM of!

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    I agree with some other people that have mentioned us trading up. If Jake Mathews slips to #6 or 7 I’d move up to get him. But you guys are wrong about the price to move up. Nassib is worthless in a trade. So throwing him in a deal will get you no where.

    To move up in the top 10 you’re likely going to have to trade our 2nd round pick. I know most wouldn’t do that. For Jake Mathews I would.

    P.S. I have no problem with the Star Wars draft, although I would have preferred a Back to the Future or Lord of the Rings draft. But Yoda is a fine pick. Really anyone whose #1 skill/asset isn’t overcoming cancer and playing football at BC.

    •  Begiant says:

      I personally think we have too many holes to trade up, but I agree with you that Jake Mathews is going to be a stud.

  4.  PittsburghJim says:

    You just know Kujo is going to have a daughter.
    He will not curse, bloviate (his fave), pontificate (same, but sounds good) or dare I say, masturbate- any longer.

    I had a son 1st. Thought I was in heaven (& I was). He is now a 6′ 2″ sophomore in HS. Scary. I’m 97% certain his father is delivering the mail in another cult-de-sac.

    Then, Kujo, I get a little girl. My now great, deceased father was so happy I still can see his expression. BUT….it changes you. ALL for the better.

    That said, you MORONS, trading UP for Jake the Snake, if he slides is a BRILLIANT move. For a 3-4 slot trade up I give our 3rd this year & a 4th next year. PLEASE do not cry wolf. If you get a 10 yr above a vg (which he will be) LT to protect immobile Eli it is worth MORE than that.

    Then, you get a pass catching TE in Rd 2 & a good player regardless of position at #4. I’ve said it 10x, BUT….we all know our boys will stand pat at 12.

    If they make a move & take a non-LT, I might croak.


    •  ERICHONIUS says:

      Have a problem with Zack Martin? Other than his short arms, I have not seen anything that would make me think he wouldn’t make the translation to the NFL. I say we should stand pat and take Martin. I don’t believe that the difference between Martin and any other OT would really be worth the cost of a trade.

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        I personally have no problem with Martin at 12. But if he doesn’t make it to 12 then I’m not crazy about our options.

        I personally think LT is a position of such importance that trading our 2nd rounder for a sure thing like Mathews would be worth it. But I understand if people think that’s too high a price. Let’s be clear though, that is the price. No more of this 3rd rounder or Nassib nonsense. If we want to move up into the top 10 our 2nd round pick is the cost.

        •  Sintexo says:

          Obviously this is not exact, but into the lower top 10, it looks like a third would be all it takes.

          •  Sintexo says:

            Lower as in later.

            •  Nosh.0 says:

              Here’s the last few trades in the top 10.

              2013 NFL Draft:

              #3 Overall Miami trades up from 12 to 3
              Pick Oakland ? Miami (D). Oakland traded this selection to Miami in exchange for Miami’s 2013 first-round selection (12th) and second-round selection (42nd)

              #8 Overall St. Louis trades from 16 to 8.
              Buffalo ? St. Louis (D). Buffalo traded this selection and a third-round selection (71st) to St. Louis in exchange for St. Louis’ 2013 first- (16th), second- (46th), third- (78th), and seventh- (222nd) round selections.

              2012 NFL Draft

              #3 Overall Minnesota moves from 4 to 3
              Minnesota ? Cleveland (PD). Minnesota traded this selection to Cleveland for their first (4th), fourth (118th), fifth (139th), and seventh round (211th) selections this year.

              #5 Overall JAX moves from 7 to 5
              Tampa Bay ? Jacksonville (D). Tampa Bay traded this selection to Jacksonville for their first (7th) and fourth round (101st) selections this year.

              #6 Overall Dallas Moves from 14 to 6
              St. Louis ? Dallas (D). St. Louis traded this selection to Dallas for their first (14th) and second round (45th) selections this year.

              2011 NFL Draft

              #6 Overall Atlanta moves from 27 to 6
              Cleveland ? Atlanta. (D) Cleveland traded this pick to Atlanta for Atlanta’s first (27th overall, which later became #26), second (59th) and fourth-rounder (124th) and also Atlanta’s first- and fourth-round selections in 2012.

              #10 Overall JAX goes from 16 to 10
              Washington ? Jacksonville. (D) Jacksonville acquired this pick from Washington for Jacksonville’s first- (16th overall) and second-round (49th) selections.


              I guess it really depends how many spots you want to move up. If we want to move just to #10 or maybe #9, then a 3rd and 6th might get it done. But to go any higher I think that 2nd rounder will be needed.

    •  kujo says:

      The wife is 100% convinced that it’s a girl, by the way.

      And although masturbation has never been one of my vices, I got reacquainted with the sacred of art of flogging thine own dolphin during the nonstop vomit/diarrhea/mood-swings/insomnia/pimplefest that was the first trimester.

  5.  BillyS says:

    I don’t think I’d trade up even if Jake Matthews was available. I love Matthews (he’s the #1 OT in my opinion), but I still don’t think I’d do the trade because we have so many holes that need to be filled. We need our first 3 picks to be able to start or have an impact right away and I don’t think the difference between Matthews and someone like Martin are big enough to warrant us having to fork over a pick to get one over the other. I’m not the biggest Martin fan because I actually view him similar to David Diehl with a higher ceiling. That isn’t a bad thing, but I think the whole versatility thing is what is really upping his value at this point. Again, not a bad thing, but there are a few other guys in this draft I also wouldn’t mind, so if we could snag someone like Aaron Donald and then go OT in the 2nd…I’m fine with that. There are really only a handful of things we could do to truly mess up this draft…

  6.  PittsburghJim says:

    Once you ‘feed’ that dolphin, the blow hole always wants more….

    Listen, I do NOT want to give up picks, but please challenge your/our own conventional way of doing this process.

    Usually about 50% of our whole yearly haul is not on the roster in 2 years. Thats every teams quandary too. IF you can get a stud LT, a very good 2d or 3rd rounder (depending on trade bait required) & 2 more good prospects, that is 4 out of 7 impact impactful picks. If you said we’d draft like the ’74 Steelers with 3 or 4 HOFers….well, then you think twice.

    PS Are we REALLY going to draft Zack Martin at #12 who is the 4th!!!! best LT prospect in the draft???? When most say he’ll be a really good GUARD in the NFL.

    OK, someone else take over!

  7.  skinnydoogan says:

    Kujo/Pittsburg, you think the first trimester was bad, wait until menopause srts in, that is where i am at my friends. My beautiful bride gave me 4 kids two girls, two boys, now that the fun filled menopause years are here, Rosy palm and her five friends and I have been reunited.

  8.  PittsburghJim says:

    Thought I heard a “Peaches & Herb” song in the background….

  9.  Krow says:

    This is often a very strange site.

  10.  rlhjr says:

    kujo says:
    May 5, 2014 at 8:25 AM

    “But there’s no other position for Beatty; we’ve been over this time and time again, and the idea that a guy who’s never been more than good against the run, and who seems to have developed a case of the slows, is going to all of a sudden be switched to right tackle, much less INSIDE, is absurd.”

    From the very start as reported by yours truly, Beatty never had the wide base/lower body to be a powerful player in the running game, or to withstand a bull rush. Basically spent his first two years waiting for him to “fill out”.

    Beatty with his high center of gravity would be God awful at guard. And he’s by no means mauler enough to play ROT. Truthfully, Beatty needs to bulk up even to play on the left side.

    As for Krow’s assertion about this site being strange, I can only say that Kujo started this $7!+…………..what seven years ago? His last post is only the tip of a massive iceberg. LMFAO………………..

    On the serious side, having a daughter would render Kujo semi senseless.
    She would absolutely rap him around her fingers day one.

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