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New York Giants Friday Morning Storylines: Zack Martin Might Make Sense for Big Blue

May 2nd, 2014 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Friday, Giants fans! As we enter the final weekend prior to the 2014 NFL Draft, things have once again begun to pick up. And while we'll have a lot of new material for you over the coming days, here on this crisp Spring morning you can kick back, relax and enjoy your AM coffee over the following headlines.

Why Zack Martin Might Make Sense as Giants’ 1st-Round Pick

There’s little doubt Zack Martin fits the profile of a player the Giants would take in the first round of the NFL Draft.

There’s also little doubt Martin plays a position the Giants need to upgrade and, according to scouts, he can find a home at multiple spots along the offensive line. The Giants own the 12th overall pick on May 8 when the draft gets under way, and there was a strong feeling that if they want Martin, he would be there waiting for them.

Not so fast, says ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay, who contends Martin is “absolutely worth at the very least a top-15 pick’’ and predicts Martin will not last beyond No. 12.

Walter Thurmond Talks Will Hill, Victor Cruz, Coach Coughlin and the 2014 Giants

B/R: Does Coughlin scare you? Because he'd scare the hell out of me.

WT: No, I didn't really know what to expect though. You see him in the media from afar, but once I came over here and really got to meet him and really connect with him, he was a great guy. He's really personable. He's a very candid person and just a great guy overall. I was really taken aback by who he was as a person. I really connected with him and the whole coaching staff, which was one of the biggest reasons why I made the decision to come out here and play for the Giants.

B/R: So do you think Coughlin is misunderstood by those who haven't gotten to truly know him?

WT: I think he most definitely is. If you just take everything from what you see on TV or the media and not have your own personal experience with him, he's truly misunderstood. Like I said, he's a great guy. But when it's time to do business, it's business time. You really do have to meet him for yourself to get the full effect and appreciation for Tom Coughlin.

Amukamara Option Buys Giants Time

The 2015 option for 2011 first-round draft picks isn't guaranteed against anything but injury until the start of the 2015 season, so the decision really doesn't cost the Giants anything or bind them to Amukamara unless he gets hurt so badly he can't play in 2015. If he does end up playing for the option price in 2015, he'll cost them about $7 million, which sounds like a high number. But cornerback clearly is a position on which the Giants aren't afraid to spend big resources, and they likely could carry both Amukamara and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie if they wanted to.

Kevin Williams Says Retirement an Option if Doesn’t Get Contract he Likes

Former Vikings star defensive tackle Kevin Williams said it’s a possibility he has played his last NFL game.

Williams, who wasn’t offered a deal to re-sign with the Vikings as a free agent, has taken visits to the New York Giants and Seattle. He wants to play a 12th NFL season, but said Thursday he might not if it’s just for a low-value contract.

“If it’s not worth the risk of going back out there, I can’t say I’ll do it,’’ Williams, 33, said in a phone interview. “I don’t see it at this point (taking a low-value deal), but you never know.’’


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6 Responses to “New York Giants Friday Morning Storylines: Zack Martin Might Make Sense for Big Blue”

  1.  Krow says:

    Kevin Williams does not have the right mindset to help us. His heart isn’t in it any longer.

  2.  GIANTT says:

    As far as us fans go , the first pick has to be a good solid safe pick especially in a draft as DEEP as it is . The Giants cannot afford to make a pick with a high upside but with potential flaws . I dont see a wide receiver or Ebron going to the Giants especially since some people are not necessarily sold that these guys are worth the pick .
    I think the problem is that in other years , some of these guys would definitely be solid first round picks but with the depth of talent that there is the smart move may be at this point to avoid the players with a possible downside .
    I would rather pick a solid player with 10 years of service to the Giants rather than a one contract player who makes all-pro but has the flaw like an Ebron who apparently doesnt block well
    I want a lineman whether offense or defense so being realistic
    Donald or Martin or Lewan would satisfy at this point

    •  BBWC says:

      If we stay put at 12 …Lewan, Martin or Donald will be the pick, in that order depending on availability IMO. There is also chance we may trade down.

      •  GIANTT says:

        I would love to see that in a draft like this but I think its a slim chance .
        The argument again is do you trade up for that ONE player who you think will put you in the top echelon of teams or do you fill in as many gaps as you can in a deep draft ? . There have only been whispers about one or two teams who have the desire and the picks to trade up . San Fran is one but the player they want will go before the Giants pick so if they trade up it will definitely be ahead of where the Giants pick . The only way this will work for the Giants is if a top 5 pick inexplicably falls and someone wants to trade up to the Giants to get him .It sounds like a slim option to consider in reality . I will never say never b/c there is always a GM who feels threatened and thin ks there is that one player who will save his job .

        •  Eric S says:

          You keep your picks in a draft that is purportedly as deep as this one. If you have a younger deeper team ala SF or Sea and a slew of extra picks ala SF than you can be aggressive and move up for a guy. We’re not in that place. We need to restock the cupboards with cost controlled quality young talent. The draft should be about feeding the talent pipeline. While need factors in it should carry very little weight in the ultimate placement of a prospect on the board.

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