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Giants’ Eli Manning Likely Out Until Training Camp; Jerry Reese Expects Bounce-Back Year

May 1st, 2014 at 4:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Shortly after it was announced that quarterback Eli Manning underwent an arthroscopic procedure on his left ankle, the New York Giants released a statement saying the timeframe for his return would be roughly six weeks. That timetable would have put Manning back on the field in time for mini-camp on June 17th, but General Manager Jerry Reese poured cold water on those hopes Thursday afternoon, saying Easy E will likely not return to the field until training camp.

"He'll be back when he gets back. We're not going to rush him back. We know he'll be back in the summer. That's important to us," Reese said. "If he can do something in the spring we'll be happy to see him out there."

Despite the setback that has been caused by his injured left ankle, Reese maintains that 2013 was an anomaly for his franchise quarterback and that Manning not only appears determined to bounce back in 2014, but that the team fully expects him to return to elite status.

"I believe he'll bounce back and have a terrific season," Reese added. "Eli's a smart guy. I think he's driven to prove that last year was an odd year."

Meanwhile, Reese noted that all newly signed quarterbacks will compete for the back-up role behind Manning and that Ryan Nassib is expected to receive the bulk of the Spring playing time.

"We'll take a real good look at him," Reese said of Nassib. "He didn't have the chance to play. He'll get a lot of work this spring."

It may also be worth noting that Reese would also not rule out potentially trading Nassib if the right opportunity presented itself.


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7 Responses to “Giants’ Eli Manning Likely Out Until Training Camp; Jerry Reese Expects Bounce-Back Year”

  1.  Kettles78 says:

    Bear Pascoe to the Falcons. Good Luck Bear

  2.  GIANTT says:

    The only part of this statement that doesnt make me me shrink is that Nassib will get most of the reps in camp so perhaps its a blessing in disguise IF the surgery on Eli was exactly as described and he will only be out the prescribed time

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    Lets hope Jerry Reese isn’t serious about wanting Mike Evans, especially trading up for him. As 55 has said, this draft is deep at WR. I’ve read that several guys who will go in the 4th round would normally be 2nd round picks most other years.

    Plus Mike Evans isn’t that good. We all know JR has had lapses in judgement when it comes to WR. (He said he preferred Crabtree and DHB to Nicks in that 2009 draft.) And we saw the how well the Ramses Barden pick worked out.

    That’s not to say that JR can’t evaluate talent at the WR position. He obviously can with picks like Smith, Manningham, Nicks, and hopefully Randle and Jurnigan. But occasionally rational minded GM’s lose their s-h-i>t when they see blazing 40 times and/or the numbers 6’5, 6’6 listed next to “height”.

    The only way I could support a Mike Evans pick is if we plan to bulk him up and make him a Jimmy Graham like TE. Not that I’d be happy with a TE in the first round, but I think Evans has much more of a chance to excel at TE than lined up wide against #1 corners.

    •  NM-GIANT says:

      Nosh, I agree 100% on Evans, I have watched tape on every wide receiver in this draft and he reminds me of a Riley cooper type or decker type, he’s really not that quick and his running and cuts are not smooth at all, he will not be able to separate at the nfl level as he can barely separate in college, not to say he sucks but he is way overrated in this draft. The guy that stands out to me is Odell beckum jr., now that kid looks like he can be something special. Watch the highlight tape on him, then go watch Evans tapes. The 2 are not even in the same ballpark.

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Yeah GOAT, 55 and I have been saying this for 4 months. Evans tape (or highlights) are just not that impressive. The guy doesn’t separate at all. The basketball skills he has work much better at TE than at WR. I haven’t looked that closely at Beckum (Marquise Lee was the guy that really impressed me, and obviously Watkins). But I will take another look at OBJ.

        I’ve been screaming for 4 months and I’m sure people are tired of hearing it, so I’ll say it just once more. OT is the no brainer pick for us in the first round. To get an elite OT you almost always have to take him in the top 15. This year we have one of those picks. Hopefully we will not be picking this high again for a long time. Therefore take the position that is of need and scarcity (LT) and address other needs later. Either this draft with later picks or next offseason.

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