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New York Giants Wednesday Morning Storylines: Pre-Draft Starting Lineup Projections

April 30th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. The 2014 NFL Draft is slowly but surely is getting here, but in the mean time, kick back on this Wednesday morning with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the following AM headlines.

Projecting the New York Giants' Starting Lineup Before the 2014 NFL Draft

So where exactly is New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese in terms of having completed the reconstruction of the team's roster?

If we think of the project in terms of a house, it's probably fair to say that the framework and foundation are both in place, but the walls and some of the supporting structures still need to be installed.

That’s partially what the NFL draft is going to accomplish for New York if the choices are made judiciously. Ideally, the Giants hope to get at least two or three starters out of their draft class, though a more realistic expectation is that every player picked will ultimately be able to contribute something during his rookie season.

Maryland Cornerback Dexter McDougle Visited Giants, Jets, Raiders, Lions

Maryland cornerback and NFL draft prospect Dexter McDougle has visited the New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, New York Jets and Detroit Lions, according to a league source.

He also participated in the Ravens' local prospects day.

Although sidelined for the last nine games of his senior year, McDougle took part in the Terps' Pro Day workout in College Park where he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.43 and 4.48 seconds.

Of the Giants and Homegrown Players

Kevin Seifert did an interesting study ranking NFL teams in order of the most original draft picks still on their rosters. The Green Bay Packers lead the way with 33. The Chicago Bears are last on the list with 15. The New York Giants rank a little below the middle of the pack with 23, tied with the Rams and the Chiefs for 18th. Of the 12 teams with fewer original picks still on the roster, all but the Cowboys and Saints have undergone a somewhat recent change in the front office that would help explain the phenomenon.

Of those 23 for the Giants, only eight project as starters, and numbers like these surely provide grist for the theory that the Giants haven't been drafting very well since Jerry Reese became their GM. That theory has some evidence behind it, for sure, but I'd like to point out a couple of mitigating factors here:

Eli Manning isn't counted as one of the 23 original picks still on the roster (or as one of the eight starters), because this is a computer-generated list and the Chargers technically picked Manning in 2004 before trading him to the Giants. So to be fair and accurate, you have to move the Giants up to 24, tied with the Bills and Dolphins for 16th, right in the middle of the NFL pack. Manning cost the Giants two picks in the 2004 draft and two picks in the 2005 draft, so that's a total of four picks that don't count toward this list but did produce their 10-year starting quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP.

Giants Facing Choice Between Ebron, WR Or DE In First Round

A number of mock drafts have the Giants taking North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron with their 12th pick on May 8. And they may be right.

That won’t necessarily put a smile on Victor Cruz’s face, or that of defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.

Ask Cruz for his input, as the Daily News did the day the Giants reconvened for their offseason training program, and he’ll tell you they could use a field-stretching, big-play wide receiver. And though Fewell likes to keep his cards covered, he probably wouldn’t be displeased with a pass-rushing defensive end.

Guess what? They’re both right.


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2 Responses to “New York Giants Wednesday Morning Storylines: Pre-Draft Starting Lineup Projections”

  1.  Krow says:

    Sounds like the ghost of Gilbride is possessing Victor Cruz. I suggest an immediate exorcism before he starts screaming about Reese’s mother’s dating activity in Hell.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    That projected starting lineup sounds like a decent one, but not a championship contender. The draft this time around is really a critical element in the drive to additional championships while having Eli under center. Whether due to bad luck with injuries or just plain bad decisions, Reese does seem to have built a record that is about what the Giants have been: sometimes brilliant, sometimes really middle-of-the-road. Never horrible but too often nothing special. Well, Reese is now a “veteran” and it’s time for him to have two great drafts because that’s what the Giants need in order to raise themselves to the top of the league. It all starts soon. They’re a team that could easily ascend to great heights if they acquire three more really strong players and three quality professionals over the next two seasons. But they need that.

    This draft must get them two players who will contribute quickly and be starting by the end of the season and at least one more who can compete for a starting position in 2015. Anything less will be a failure. And given the depth of this draft, I’d say that they should do even better. They should come out of May with five really good football players. I don’t mean “projects” who might work out and whom Reese and the scouts discovered in Bumfluck, OK because they want to proclaim themselves geniuses. I mean solid players who have tape that shows that they can compete well at the NFL level and look like with any experience at all they are going to be significantly better than the players who go into camp presumed to start at a position for the Giants in 2014.

    If I’m John Mara I will have made it clear to Reese that his job hangs on this draft. It’s make or break time for him, especially because Marc Ross waits there in the wings and I know he’s going elsewhere soon if I don’t make him my GM. It’s a “prove it” year for more than just a number of the players.

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