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New York Giants’ Stevie Brown Expects to Be 100% by Start of Season; Could Play Now If Needed

April 30th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Following a torn ACL a year ago, Stevie Brown has become somewhat of a forgotten man. However, the veteran safety is likely to play a key role for the New York Giants in 2014 — especially now that Will Hill not only faces a long suspension for yet another failed drug test, but may soon find his way out of East Rutherford all together. And eight months into his rehab, Brown says he's feeling good and expects to be at or near 100% by the time the regular season begins.

"If I’m not 100, I definitely expect to be high in the 90s," Brown told The Star-Ledger. "By when it happened to when I actually have to play again, I get a full year of recovery. You see a lot of people come back and they’re effective off of seven months, eight months of rehab. I have a full 12 months so I expect to be pretty much close to 100."

Even with four months to go until the one-year mark, Brown says he's no longer restricted in his rehab and has already resumed running and jumping.

"I don’t have any limits whenever I do anything," Brown added. "I feel great. I can run, I can jump, I can land on one leg, I can land on my left leg, push off equally off of both legs whenever they put the little tracking unit on me and measure when I was rehabbing and doing everything. All my stuff was balanced out. I feel great."

Having a healthy Brown back on the field is almost as good as another free agent addition for the Giants. And if he can return to his 2012 form, which saw him snag a team-leading eight interceptions (returned for 307 yards), that would be a tremendous boost for an already vastly improved secondary.


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5 Responses to “New York Giants’ Stevie Brown Expects to Be 100% by Start of Season; Could Play Now If Needed”

  1.  stuh says:

    This is good news because that moron Hill may never play again because he can’t stay out of trouble.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Let’s hope Stevie spent a good part of that year figuring out that he had to do better in assigned coverage. On the other hand, as I’ve said before, if you’ve played the sport you know that the ball just seems attracted to certain players who seem to develop a sixth sense of what is going to happen on the field. Based upon his 2012 season Brown just might be one of those guys.

    As for Chris Snee, I really think we have to cut him some slack. I was furious at the thought that he would come back under his old contract, but if he is capable of playing even at an average level for an NFL guard then a $1.6MM salary is hardly bad for the Giants. Sure he has declined as he got older, and suffered those injuries, but if he’s really healthy and enthused then he can at least tie down that position while a youngster gets ready to take it over in 2015. Given what we put out there last season that would be a huge upgrade.

    The dirty little secret of 2014 for this team is that for all of our braying about needing to draft offensive linemen (and I certainly believe we must), the players already on the roster are already a huge step up from what we had last season. Schwartz is a HUGE upgrade. Walton is a significant upgrade. Pugh has a year of experience and will thus be much better. A relatively healthy Snee is a huge upgrade over the garbage we put out there in 2013. And Reese brought in guys who can certainly do much better than what Beatty did in 2013 (and, of course, Beatty will be available to try to prove he is less a bum than he demonstrated last season). Without any major addition this offensive line is already enough to give the offense a LOT more than it had in 2013. Add two really good draft picks and we’re very much in business, IF we also get at least one more talented receiver.

    And while I’m at it, I’ll go out on a limb and right in the face of all the doom-and-gloomers say that I think the combination of Ayers and Moore will give us way more than we got from Justin Tuck last year, that JPP will be a dominant defensive lineman, that Joseph will hardly be missed because Hankins, Jenkins, Patterson and whomever is the fourth part of the rotation will be very good, and that our defense in general will be a very strong unit in 2014 even if we don’t get a single starter in the draft.

  3.  Krow says:

    All injured players are always 100% … and ahead of schedule too.

  4.  Nosh.0 says:

    Read on espn that Beatty can be released as early as next spring.

    If that really is the case then I’m upping my bet on an OT at #12. And even a possible trade up if we’re worried one won’t make it to us.

    •  BBWC says:

      The fact that Beatty could be released as early as next spring should give him plenty of motivation heading into this season if he wants to stick around. I’m sure we’ll get his best effort this year, hope its good enough for his sake.

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