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Mike Evans Near Top of New York Giants’ Draft Board; Team “Seriously” Interested: Report

April 25th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Victor Cruz is very high on the idea of Big Blue selecting Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans with the No. 12 overall pick and he may not be alone. A report by the New York Daily News suggests that the New York Giants are not only seriously interested in Evans in the first round, but that the wideout is actually near the very top of their draft board.

If the Giants are seriously considering a wide receiver at No. 12 overall, it speaks volumes about what they think of Rueben Randle, who would otherwise appear poised to step in and take over for Hakeem Nicks, who is now with the Indianapolis Colts. But the endorsements for Randle in recent months have been far from ringing, with General Manager Jerry Reese saying the jury is still out on him and retired offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride implying that both Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin lack trust in him.

"The jury is still out on that," Reese said in late February. "I think he's a good player. I'm not sure if he's a one, if he's a two if he's a three, but I think he can contribute to our receiver corps."

Cruz's campaign for another outside wide receiver on Thursday would also implies a lack of trust in Randle taking over as the No. 1, leading us here at Giants 101 to believe there might be a little fire with all this smoke.

“If I had my choice, if I had my pick, I think we should go receiver,” Cruz said on NFL Network. “I think we definitely need some help, especially losing a guy like Hakeem Nicks, such a big-play guy in our offense. I think that’s something we need back in this offense to be successful. An outside guy that can do the job and that can help fuel all the other receivers in the locker room and put some fire up under them to get them where they have to be.”

Although Randle has repeatedly stated he's ready to step up and assume the role as starter, he's done little to show his teammates he's ready for that transition. After all, when Manning and the other wideouts gathered at Duke for their annual (unofficial) offseason practices, Randle was not among them, saying he planned to attend but "something came up" and he couldn't make it.

The faith in Randle aside, the chances Evans slips to the Giants at No. 12 dwindle each day. He's been mocked as high as No. 5 to the Oakland Raiders and few see him falling out of the top 10.


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7 Responses to “Mike Evans Near Top of New York Giants’ Draft Board; Team “Seriously” Interested: Report”

  1.  GIANTT says:

    “seriously interested ” Really ?
    What are the Giants going to give up to move up to get him ? I would seriously doubt that the Giants would give up high picks to get him , not with the talent thats going to be available to them at their pick .
    Lets say they DO move up – what would they give up to get one player – their first rounder AND a couple of other rounds too ? Idont know exactly what they would give away but probably at least three picks so the Giants would give up a couple of top Olinemen or a top dlineman or a decent WR or a TE whether Ebron or someone else . I dont see it . Im assuming the Giants do their diligence and rank all the players . I can understand that . I would expect nothing less especially since their are a bunch of GMs who dont act rationally and pass on superior talent to get a player of desperate need for them .What think ye all ??

  2.  G-MenFan says:

    Two things:
    1. If the Giants are “seriously interested” in a prospect, it does not necessarily mean they’re willing to trade up to get him; and
    2. This is all probably a smoke screen and this was leaked out to be a misdirection to entice some of the dumber GMs picking in front of the Giants to leave an OT on the board and take Evans.

  3.  GIANTT says:

    I mean it should probably be written that they are “seriously interested ” in Clowney also but we also have to factor in the PROBABILITY ” that the player will be available to them . Im sure that they also look at these scenarios and figure out what it would cost to trade up for each player and whether that player would be worth the cost .
    The ONLY player that fit that pattern was Eli and that paid off but I dont see the Giants doing it giving up potentially top line players who would play for many years .I dont think the Giants are that desperate and I believe its as usual a predraft smokescreen

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    Seriously interested in my view just means if he’s on the board when we pick, there’s a good chance he’s the pick. I guess nowadays I’m one of the few who doesn’t believe in Evans as a high first round draft choice. I’m glad he will likely go before us because I think he will disappoint. It’s ironic that it seems Nosh & I are the only ones that think Lee is the better player.

    Picking Evans or another WR high has little to do with Randle IMO. You need at least 3 quality WRs in today’s NFL. Jernigan and Manningham are free agents after the season so even if Randle is the Nicks of 2011 another quality WR would be helpful because not only are Jernigan and Manningham question for being here after the year but what they can bring to the table this year is in serious question.

  5.  Krow says:

    At least a few teams picking before us will take “the guy” we were going to select … and all teams that trade up ahead of us will be doing it so they can get “the guy” we were going to select.

  6.  giankees says:

    2 things being interested to reese means he recognizes that he plays football.

    Giants pick a wr with one of the big tackles avail I would be surprised. Too many recievers that can be taken in the 2 and 3rd round

  7.  6string says:

    It’s more likely that Caughlin and Reese are trying to light a fire under Randle. He needs to step up and that means learn a new offense before the season begins.
    I like this team right now, but I don’t expect them to start the season like a play off team. Changing offensive coordinators and bringing in a lot of new players is going to lead to confusion and probably turnovers until the team has a chance to jell. The defense is going to have to keep them in games early in the season.

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