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Former New York Giants QB Earl Morrall Passes Away at Age 79

April 25th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Douglas Rush

Earl Morrall, who played 21 years in the NFL and spent a couple of seasons with the New York Giants in his career, passed away on Friday. He was 79-years-old.

Morrall was a former first round pick, the second overall selection of the San Francisco 49ers in the 1956 NFL Draft and eventually went on to win three Super Bowls during his career; one with the Baltimore Colts and two with the Miami Dolphins. Morrall was the quarterback who took over playing for Bob Griese and lead the 1972 Miami Dolphins to the Super Bowl as the only undefeated team to ever win a championship. All three of those championships were won with Hall of Fame head coach Don Shula.

Morrall played with the Giants from 1965-1967 and went 8-12-1 in those three years as a starter. In 1965 with the Giants, Morrall threw for 2,446 yards with 22 touchdowns and 12 picks while going 7-7 in his 14 starts.

Aside from the Giants, Colts, Dolphins and 49ers, Morrall also played with the Pittsburgh Steelers (1957-1958) and Detroit Lions (1958-1964). The Lions were the team that traded Morrall to the Giants in August of 1965 in a three-team deal. The Giants traded Morrall to the Colts in August of 1968 after he lost his starting job with the team.

Following his retirement from the NFL in 1977, Morrall spent time as the Miami University quarterbacks coach and personally coached NFL players like Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar and Vinny Testaverde.

Morrall also spent time as part of the Davie, Florida city council and at one time, was the town's mayor.


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5 Responses to “Former New York Giants QB Earl Morrall Passes Away at Age 79”

  1.  Nosh.0 says:

    I think it’s relatively easy to disagree with analysts after they’re proven wrong. And for the most part I think draft guys like Kiper and McShay are pretty good at what they do. But as GOAT mentioned earlier I strongly disagree with the ranking of Evans above Lee. Heres my reasoning.

    Athleticism plays better on Sundays than height does. I know people are enamored with guys like Calvin, Demarius Thomas, AJ Green, Julio Jones, Dez, Josh Gordon, and Fitz. All of these players have good size. But what they also posses is elite athleticism. And I believe it is the athletic ability that allows them to be so good on sundays more so than the height. The only guy you could really point to that doesn’t have the ability of these guys but has the production and size is Alshon Jeffery.

    Remember when we drafted Hakeem Nicks and we all became enamored with that circus catch he made with the ball trapped behind his back? What impressed me about that play wasn’t so much the catch, but the move he made after the catch. It just showed he was an elite athlete.

    Marquise Lee I believe has that same ability. Watch this play from 3:20 – 3:29.
    That tells you all you need to know about what type of athlete and talent Lee is. And it’s a play Mike Evans couldn’t dream of making.

    Bottom line. I think when it comes to WR’s people overrate height and underrate athleticism. And they’re doing it again with Mike Evans and Marquise Lee.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I said a few weeks ago that I really like Lee. Is he a better pick than Evans? I don’t know because I haven’t seen Evans enough, but I know that Lee is better after the catch and I think that is a FUNDAMENTAL part of the Green Bay style offense that McAdoo will be installing here.

      And given the noise coming out of the Giants so that reporters are saying they really like Evans, I’m guessing Reese really like Lee too.

  2.  TroyThorne says:

    Marqise Lee has been one of my favorite prospects in the draft for a while. He fell under the radar for a bit because of USC’s troubles as a program and because he was dealing with some injuries.

    I remember a couple of years ago when Robert Woods was dominating the college scene. He was breaking school and conference records left and right and was being touted as a top 10-15 draft pick for most of his collegiate career. In comes a true freshman Marqise Lee who immediately usurps Woods (who hadn’t declined in skill or anything) and begins lighting up the Pac12. He wins the Biletnikoff Award, is a unanimous first team All-American (as a true sophomore), was named Pac12′s Offensive Player of the Year, and broke a bunch of records (I think some of Robert Woods IIRC). Then this past season he was dealing with a leg injury and USC, as a program in flux, was just a mess so his numbers fell off a bit. Dude is still unbelievably talented though.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Yeah I think the kid is gonna be a beast from day 1 in the NFL. I just hope the Eagles or Pats don’t land him.

      I’d love him on the Giants but I just don’t see a WR for us in the 1st round unless we trade down. OT is still my bet. Zach Martin if he’s there, as many have said already, just seems like a really safe pick for us.

  3.  T-Thom97 says:

    Anyone seeing this crazy story about Eli being cut!? Someone just sent me this article sayin he’s been cut

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