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Ex-New York Giants TE Bear Pascoe “Frustrated” as He Waits for an NFL Team to Come Calling

April 14th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

At one point in time early in the offseason, it appeared as if tight end/fullback Bear Pascoe would return to the New York Giants. But as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, it became more and more likely that his tenure with Big Blue was, in fact, coming to an end.

'Bear Pascoe, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning talk in a time out' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:

"It's a little frustrating at times, waiting for something to happen," Pascoe told The Fresno Bee. "The uncertainty can be nerve-racking, but it's good to have patience and eventually something will happen."

With the Giants having signed Kellen Davis and given Pascoe's ole No. 86 to the returning Mario Manningham, the writing does appear to be on the wall. And while ruling out a Pascoe return would be a bit presumptuous, the veteran tight end is prepared to move on and feels he still has a lot to offer any of the remaining teams in need of experience and versatility.

"I still feel like I've got a lot to offer as far as the NFL goes, and helping teams win games," Pascoe said. "I'm just waiting for that shot."

Unfortunately for Pascoe, the market on him has seen little activity thus far and that's not likely to change until after the NFL Draft. However, when that time does come and teams look to sign what remains of the free agent market, it would be surprising if they collectively left a 28-year-old two-position player in the wind. Someone, somewhere is going to need that sort of depth and Pascoe will be given another chance.


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15 Responses to “Ex-New York Giants TE Bear Pascoe “Frustrated” as He Waits for an NFL Team to Come Calling”

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    I don’t believe the ESPN report. That’s the view of the ESPN guy and he’s just expanding on his belief. Giankees makes an excellent point. Also it just doesn’t make any sense. 33 of a QB like is in his prime. I don’t some realize just how hard finding a franchise QB can be. Don’t forget the 90s as a Giant fan. Then finding a franchise QB that you know can win you SBs is even harder. You stay on that ship until it totally sinks and even then you probably try patching it. Basically with a franchise QB like Eli you move on a year too late not too early.

    Peyton had a serious health concern and the colts had a chance to draft probably the best QB prospect since Peyton. Yes there are other prospects as talented as Peyton or Luck but the difference is that both Peyton and Luck had extremely high floors. With Farve there was Aaron Rodgers and Montana there was Steve Young. So if Nassib Develops into a great looking QB then maybe we talk in 3 years. But for at least the next 3 years barring injury Eli is our QB without question.

  2.  Krow says:

    The Bear has gone about as far as a player with his limitations can go. Great guy … hard worker … ‘team first’ attitude. He’s got a lot of memories and hopefully a few bucks in the bank. But now it’s ‘life after football’ time … good luck Bear Pascoe … and thanks for all the fish.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    Norm has a good point about a pass rusher at 12. It seems to me it will come down to Donald or Martin because Evans and Lewan will very likely be off the board and Ebron if available a TE in my view is just not the value that the other positions provide. Donald as a player seems to fit the bill of what we need and want except for him being undersized. At 285 Donald is legitimately undersized. If he can’t put on at least 10-15 pounds that’s really a factor that has to be considered. Dominant in college at that size isn’t the same as in the NFL.

    I think in some order DL, OL and WR will be addressed with our first 3 picks.

    •  Krow says:

      They may see him as a ‘swing man’ … playing across the DL depending on situations. If that’s the case then 285 is fine … but if he’s a pure DT then yeah, he’s light.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        285 is still light. Look at Jenkins who’s a similar style player he’s 300. We have JPP, Moore, Ayers & Kiwi at DE so I don’t see more than a few snaps at DE like Jenkins last year. This is the 12th pick in the draft so he has to be more than a filler player he has to have a position he starts at. He has to be a true DT starter. To me it’s like when the Rams drafted Austin, I didn’t like it unless he could become starter on the outside. Specialty players shouldn’t be drafted that high. I’m not saying Donald is a specialty player but I don’t think he can play in the NFL at 285 and be a pro bowl level DT. I am concerned that his frame might be maxed out.

  4.  GIANTT says:

    The way contracts are these days with rookies and then their second contracts . First , whoever the Giants pick at 12 , their contract will be exactly the same for the first contract . So , sometimes it comes down to what are the Giants possibly going to get out of the second contract ? Picking someone like Ebron for example reminds me that Shockey was a first round pick . Yes , the Giants got value from him but in my mind , not enough over his whole career (despite the first round pick from New Orleans ). If Ebron turns out to be a superstar , then lets chart his career , Giants being who they are , they are not going to get much production year one .That leaves 3 or 4 years of top production then a super contract which the Giants wont pay . So this pick is for 3 years only and it better be a good one to justify the pick. OT or DT on the other hand is going to be a pick the Giants are going to be much more easliy able to keep for longer than the rookie contract . So a rookie TE like Ebron had better be a real superstar for the Giants to pick him and pay away the opportunity to get a top flight lineman for a couple of contracts

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    The “safe” pick remains Martin. Donald may be good but he isn’t a sure thing at his size. Ebron is an even bigger risk if he won’t quickly go up the learning curve re: blocking in the NFL.

    Martin can play all five positions on the offensive line and he’s a very good athlete. He comes from a big-time program that competed against enough excellent teams that his tape means something. He had a good Combine. He plays a “need position” for the Giants. The Owner/President of Football Operations has stated that the O-line is a priority since it was horrid in 2013.

    If Lewan falls then he probably becomes the pick, but I still think the obvious safe pick (Reese is quite aware that his job is on the line in 2014) is Martin.

    I also think that most of our posters (myself included) have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to draft prospects because without having seen these players as much as our scouts have there’s no way of really knowing about them. I readily admit that. I think many of you are talking up prospects based upon second- and third-hand information and probably haven’t seen most of the kids you’re mentioning play. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post about it, but a disclaimer such as “I haven’t seen this guy play more than one game and a highlight tape, but….” would be a decent idea.

    I will readily admit that my feelings about Martin are based upon seeing him a lot and feeling that he’s just about as good as any offensive lineman available and was able to dominate against some fine teams. I’m comparing him to the very good offensive linemen on Alabama, LSU, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Auburn, etc. There may well be some kid playing at Nevada or Louisville who is better but whom I’ve just not paid any attention to since I haven’t focused on him in any game I’ve seen. But of the teams I noted above I’d rate Martin on of the 3-4 best I saw throughout the season (and I’m not a big Notre Dame fan so I didn’t WANT him to be good so watch through rose-colored glasses…the kid can play).

  6.  giankees says:

    Giants have 4 dts that have contributed at some level. They have ayers and kiwi who have played inside. They are one stud offensive lineman from having a great line for 4 yrs. With 3 major injuries along the o line you can not be positive that all 3 will be healthy. A line with zach martin added can make the running game better and give eli the time he needs. We can pick ip a late te and a wr in the 3rd cause this draft isbthat deep. If we had a good line lastbyr the whole season would have been different. We need to focus on upgrading a few positions and we can do that at wr rb offensive line and make due at te with a cap casualty or a guy like finley and a 5 th rd draft pick. Plus we all know reese does not value the te anyway.

  7.  Krow says:

    A lot of good insights today.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    F55 – I agree Martin is probably the safest pick of available candidates at 12. But given the talent of this draft a guy like Martin at 12 doesn’t seem like the full bang for our buck. We already drafted a similar player in Pugh and do we really need both of them? I understand he gives us flexibility but a top guard or a similar OT talent can be found in the second round.

    The truth is though with Martin he would likely not be a projected starter.

  9.  Krow says:

    Let’s do some draft math …

    We’re at 12 … so 11 guys will fall before we select. Divide that up into groups:

    One QB

    One DB ( of Gilbert, Dennard, Clinton-Dix)
    One more QB

    8 gone; 3 to go out of a universe of possible players who include:
    Two of Gilbert, Dennard, Clinton-Dix)

    •  GIANTT says:

      Thanks for the math Krow I just think that the Giants will take advantage of someone elses need /want and get the best pick of who is still available ,rather than target a player per se to fill a need

    •  Sintexo says:

      you can probably add another QB to that last list.

  10.  fanfor55years says:

    I’ll bet there are GMs with one of the first three or four picks who are terrified about Manziel and Bortles and hope to God they get picked before they have to make a decision. I think each of them could cost a GM his job, or make him a genius.

    The great quote from Tom Brady’s father when he was asked why his son wasn’t being picked as the draft that year wound down toward the fifth round was that “they can’t cut him in half and see what’s inside”. He was absolutely right.

    Everyone is suddenly in love with Bortles because he looks like an NFL quarterback and he impresses in interviews and in the film room. But he didn’t play against top competition and I think he’s an unknown quantity at this point who could easily prove to be a bust. Maybe he’s the next Roethlisberger. Maybe he’s the next quarterback who becomes the albatross blamed on the poor guy who trusted his scouts more than his instincts dictated.

    I think Manziel is a winner. Is his arm great? No. Is his size good? Nope. Is he easily coachable? No one knows. Does he depend a lot on his athleticism that could get him killed in the NFL? Sure. Does he never get past the first read before he looks to take off down the field? Seemingly. Could he be an enormous bust who costs people their jobs (GM, scouts, coaches, etc.)? Absolutely. But he just might be the next Fran Tarkenton (the clearly best historical comparison) and if he is what team wouldn’t want to have him?

    Really, really, tough decisions are headed toward a few teams that probably would be very happy not to have to roll those dice.

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