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Houston Texans Sign Former New York Giants RB Andre Brown to One-Year Deal

April 7th, 2014 at 5:15 PM
By Douglas Rush

Andre Brown had been on the free agent market for well over a month and some fans had wondered with him being available on the market longer if he would make a return to the team. On Monday, any speculation of that possibility ended.

Brown agreed to a one-year, $645,000 deal with the Houston Texans, which he posted a picture of him signing the deal with the team on his own Twitter account that confirmed him signing.

Brown will take the place of the departed Ben Tate, who signed a free agent deal with the Cleveland Browns and cashed in on his playing opportunity in 2013 with Arian Foster on the sideline. Now, it will be Brown playing alongside of Foster as the change of pace and short-yardage back.

Brown began the season on the temporary injured reserve and didn't play his first game of the year until Week 10 against the Oakland Raiders. In eight games played, Brown had 139 carries for 492 yards and three touchdowns for the Giants. Because of the injuries to the Giants running backs, Brown lead the team in rushing without even cracking 500 yards; something that forced Jerry Reese to make changes to the position's depth before next season.

The year before in 2012, Brown stepped into the role for Brandon Jacobs who had left in free agency and had 385 yards and eight touchdowns in 10 games played before being placed on season-ending injured reserve with a broken leg. Brown hurt the same leg in the final game of the preseason against the New England Patriots and many thought he would be lost again for the season if the leg was re-broken, but it wasn't broken and just needed rest and rehab, which allowed him to return for Week 10.

The Giants have already prepared for Brown's departure with their signing of Rashad Jennings of the the Oakland Raiders, plus the re-signing of Peyton Hillis, who became the team's short-yardage back in 2013. David Wilson is recovering from neck surgery and Michael Cox didn't play enough to be considered a factor in the offense. The Giants have also been linked to interest in recently released Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson.


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14 Responses to “Houston Texans Sign Former New York Giants RB Andre Brown to One-Year Deal”

  1.  jdimauro36 says:

    Thats pretty low salary. Your telling me we couldnt match that? I know he has been injured and we just signed jennings but i mean thats cheap. Very interesting. Also I think we can lock in Ebron as our pick at 12. I dont see a defensive lineman worthy of a pick at 12 right now at least. And Mike Evans probably is not going to be there.

    •  Begiant says:

      It’s not about his talent. It’s about bringing stability to our backfield. We cycled through around 6 running backs last season. We solidified the starting role with Jennings and we have Hillis and Wilson to compliment him. Cox and another RB can compete for future development/special teams. There is no room on our roster for a player who is destined for the PUP list or midseason IR. It was time to cut bait.

  2.  jfunk says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily assume the Giants wouldn’t have had him back at that salary. Andre probably wanted more guaranteed playing time than he was going to be offered here.

    The Giants current hope is that Jennings is the load bearer and Wilson is the change of pace. Wilson’s health is a huge wildcard, but that’s the plan. That would have left Andre as the 3rd back in the rotation at best.

    In Houston he’s likely the first guy off the bench. He’s guaranteed touches/opportunity that he wasn’t guaranteed here.

    Also, can’t help but notice Andre already has his first injury as a Texan. I hear he’s probable for OTAs with “a finger”. :-P

  3.  jfunk says:

    I know we need help immediately, but there’s only so many you can add in one draft.

    That being said, how far does Brandon Thomas fall? Grab him in the 5th+ and send him straight to IR for the year?

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Not a bad idea. To me the 5th round and on you swing for the fences if you’re not adding an undervalued position like center or RB. Given this draft 5th might be too high but the 6th round is cool.

      I still think given the talent in this draft trading a pick from next year’s draft could be a move. It has to be a player we really want but it could make sense for a player in the mid to end of the first. Maybe someone like Ealy if he’s still on the board.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    I would sign him immediately. Soliciting? Who cares? Bring him to camp and let him compete. The kid showed promise.

    •  jfunk says:

      Still surprised he didn’t get more of a chance here.

      I know he mostly played against scrubs in the pre-season, but he dominated them. What else can you ask a guy to show vs the competition you put him against?

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I was surprised too but Ojomo barely being able to get a PS position on any team in the NFL especially after injuries arose across the NFL tells me that we were right in how we treated Ojomo. He still could help someone but we didn’t miss out on a hidden gem.

  5.  BleedingBlueSince04 says:

    Really confused to why we signed Walton and not EDS OR de la puente . Both would be immediate healthy starters over baas or Walton . Walton is a waking question mark that we don’t even know if he will be healthy to play with a 6 mil price tag . Twice as much as puente . We sign bully jerry and another teams will Beatty for min contracts but don’t sign puente at vet min. W . T F !

    •  GOAT56 says:

      The NFL sometimes says stuff with their signings. The NO center just sign to be a backup for the bears at the minimum. Notice the Saints didn’t re-sign him either. Sometimes players just aren’t thought by NFL teams to be as good as media or fans think. EDS also wasn’t being kept by his own team even though he didn’t get huge money. Look I’m not saying Walton is better because I really don’t know but I wouldn’t assume those other guys are better. Lastly, considering how we are about signing our own guys with injuries I feel good that Walton is healthy. We are very conservative with injuries and giving money to players with injuries.

  6.  BleedingBlueSince04 says:

    It is extremely clear that we will address DT, TE, WR AND OG/C in first 4/5 picks .

  7.  BleedingBlueSince04 says:

    Would love to get Aaron Donald with the 12th pick unless jake Matthews, Watkins , Robinson or MaCk fall to us .
    Get Austin Jenkins TE from Washington in the 2nd. He can block and catch .
    3rd round go bpa at need positions .

  8.  BleedingBlueSince04 says: Jenkins highlights. Would be a steal in round 2.

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