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Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner Releases Statement on Eli Manning, Fake Memorabilia Lawsuit

February 26th, 2014 at 2:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Back in late January, the sports world was rocked by news of an explosive new lawsuit, filed by well-known sports memorabilia collector and distributor Eric Inselberg, which asserted that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and other members of the organization knowingly created and distributed fake "game-used" memorabilia. And although not listed as defendant in the lawsuit, Steiner Sports was mentioned throughout and had their practices called into question.

Now a month removed from word of the lawsuit, Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner has released a statement via Instagram on behalf of the company, insuring their customers that the product they have been receiving is 100% genuine.

Although Steiner expresses his support of Manning and the belief that their products are 100% authentic, it's worth noting that the company now plans to implement more strict guidelines to ensure authenticity — something that could lead to questions as to why that choice has been made if they are entirely sure they've never sold anything that wasn't authentic.

However, as of now, no memorabilia sold from Steiner has been proven to be fake or manipulated in any way, shape or form.

Meanwhile, both the New York Giants and Eli Manning have vehemently denied the claims brought about by Mr. Inselberg and have said they plan to fight the lawsuit.


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5 Responses to “Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner Releases Statement on Eli Manning, Fake Memorabilia Lawsuit”

  1.  Krow says:

    A little prison time might have toughened Eli up some.

  2.  TroyThorne says:

    Far too early to be making proclamations of what we “should” be drafting come May 8th. We have absolutely no idea how FA is going to pan out or what the teams ahead of us will be doing. Guys rise and fall all throughout this process and it’s still unclear who will even be available at 12. We all know we need OL help desperately but we may sign a guy or two in FA or even make a trade (doubtful but always a possibility). The good news is that no matter what there’s going to be some really good players available to us across a bunch of different positions.

    Somebody mentioned concerns about Mike Evans in press coverage and I couldn’t disagree more. He shines when contact gets made as he uses his long arms and size to throw the smaller DBs around. My concern is when guys don’t let him disengage with contact and just run in his hip pocket. He didn’t get a lot of separation in college and things will only get harder at the next level. Is he Vincent Jackson or Dwayne Jarrett/James Hardy/Mike Williams/Ramses Barden/etc?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Even if we grab a quality free agent offensive lineman (and we’d better or Reese is an idiot), we need more than that. At worst, one of our first two picks MUST be an offensive lineman. That won’t change because of free agency. Of course it’s too early to say who we should pick, but it isn’t too early to make wish lists.

      As for Evans, after seeing what the wide receivers did at the Combine I think it would be insane to use the 12th pick on him. There are a LOT of quality receivers in this draft even if few are likely to become superstars. There’s no doubt in my mind that Evans was taught between the end of his season and the Combine how to run like a sprinter. I’ll bet he took at least 2/10ths of a second off his time that way, if not more. But that’s not football speed, and he is NOT that fast on the field. I don’t think he’s Ramses Barden, but I also don’t think he’s Vincent Jackson. I think the word that they are interested is a ploy (at least I hope so). I’ll take a pass on him.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Whomever made that comment about Yankey being overrated is correct. He’s good, but he is NOT what his reputation indicates. Before he was picked I told everyone that Jonathan Martin was overrated because he was stiff and slow but got the benefit of playing in a great Stanford scheme. Same goes for Yankey. I would take him, but I think he is a mid-third round talent, not first or high-second round as most think. I actually think the guard from UCLA is a better player (Sua ‘Filo?).

  4.  jerseyrich says:

    Being that the combine is over I figured I’d start checking out the mocks again after a few weeks of not paying attention to them. I’d estimate that about 80% of them are now mocking Lewan to us, with a few evans and gilberts thrown in.

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