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Former New York Giants Safety JoJo Nicolas Injured in Horrific Miami Beach Car Crash

February 25th, 2014 at 11:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Former New York Giants safety JoJo Nicolas was involved in a horrific two-car crash in Miami Beach on Tuesday — a crash that sent at least one person to the hospital with serious injuries and resulted in the closure of westbound lanes on the MacArthur Causeway.

After learning of the accident, fellow safety Antrel Rolle took to Instagram seeking prayers for his former teammate and friend. He included a picture of Nicolas in a Giants uniform and a terrifying photo of the crash scene.

Nicolas, who signed with the Giants as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2012, hoped to bring a lot of versatility to New York's defensive backfield, but was unable to beat out stiff competition and was ultimately released in August of the same year as the team trimmed their roster to 75 players.

Popular in the Miami area after a solid career with the Miami Hurricanes, Nicolas even received prayers/requests for prayers from the local police department via Twitter.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Jo Jo Nicolas and his friends and family. Hoping he recovers from this mornings accident on Mac Cswy,” the department posted via Twitter.

Police announced that Nicolas was the driver of the black Lexus that crashed into the back of a tractor trailer, but would not say whether or not alcohol was involved. And although it remains unclear what injuries Nicolas suffered, they are, apparently, severe.

"It does not look very promising. He is going through testing," Detective Vivian Hernandez said.

Giants 101 will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

UPDATE: As of Noon EST, the family of JoJo Nicolas says he is still alive and fighting at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Nicolas has been upgraded from critical to stable condition, but the family has requested no additional information be released.


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15 Responses to “Former New York Giants Safety JoJo Nicolas Injured in Horrific Miami Beach Car Crash”

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    I have been talking about trading our pick for weeks. I think most would agree that’s the way to go since we are in the need of several quality players not just one great player. I just don’t know if that will be available. Teams might be hesitant to trade considering how deep this draft is according to all the experts.

    If we are at #12 to me it seems Lewan or a CB are the options that make the most sense. Our need at WR isn’t that strong and the draft is so deep at WR that one just doesn’t make sense at #12. Ebron just doesn’t seem like a prospect worth the #12 pick. He’s quality player but much like the guard prospects it’s just too high. DE makes more sense than many realize I just don’t think Ealy is worth our pick @12. He’s not special athlete nor was his production great.

    Two positions that seem unlikely today could be more likely draft in DT and MLB. I could see a player like Donald or Jernigan being BPA if Joseph isn’t re-signed. Also a player to keep an eye on is Mosley if we don’t re-sign Beason. Herzlich has proven he’s not starting material and Mosley could very highly rated by us. The teams in front of us seem to have higher needs than MLB. I know we don’t value MLB highly but Mosley could be rated way higher than any LB available when we have picked in years.

    It will be interesting if Denard and/or Gilbert separate themselves from the field or if CB looks a lot like WR after tomorrow.

  2.  Krow says:

    Decisions on personnel should be made with an eye towards 2015 and beyond. The team has to ask themselves who they think will be contributing then and beyond. That’s where we should be spending our cap.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Exactly. That’s why I’m not as certain about Beasons as most others here. Given his history it is clearly a risk if we sign him expected the same player in 2015 that he was in 2013. I actually think Rolle is a better bet to be his 2013 in 2015 than Beason.

      •  Krow says:

        To be honest it makes me wonder about Rolle. He’s been a great signing, and had a fine year. Team leader … he’s got the whole package. But he’s at that age now where DB skills start to diminish.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    I think we just might be in a mini rebuild mode. I admit I like Joseph and think he’s better than many here realize but 8 mil per year? It just might not be worth signing any of our main free agents because they are overpriced. Are we just trying to be competitive in 2014 or are we laying the best foundation we can for a SB run in 2015? These next few months should be interesting.

    That said I’m guessing Joseph signs a 6 year 40 mil type deal before free agency.

  4.  Krow says:

    What really bothers me about our front office is that they don’t use the leverage they have in the final contract year to lock up and extend potential free agents. That year … where you’re the only team in the game … is how you retain your guys. Linval Joseph probably made about $1,000,000 last year … 2013. Instead of making him play it out we could have signed him to an extension. Now the playing field is level. We’re no better off than any team. We could have done this with Bennett the year before, and we all saw how great that worked out.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I disagree. I think we were hurt by signing Osi and Tuck to contracts like that years ago. Everyone heard Osi’s complaints and it just has made it much more difficult to extend players early. Even Cruz was a restricted free agent who hadn’t made any money coming in as an undrafted free agent. I don’t think it’s lack of effort by JR and company it’s just an unwillingness to sign for less by the players. You have to remember these players don’t believe they will get hurt and many of them don’t feel they are taking a risk by waiting to free agency.

  5.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    Justin Gilbert literally MURDERED the Combine this afternoon! 40 time in the 4.3′s, very smooth transitions in ball drills and did 20+ reps of 225 lbs. Really impressive! Dennard also ran a 4.5, which is very solid since his one knock was long range speed. Dennard looked a little more stiff out there than Gilbert…but he still looked very good, none the less. Believe he did 15 reps at 225 lbs. Would be happy with either of these two guys at #12.

    A few other guys that would be VERY solid 2-3 round guys: Stanley Jean-Baptise. Guy is 6’3, ran a 4.5 40 and had a 41.5″ vertical leap. Has been drawing Sherman comparisons. A BIG guy like that with that kind of speed and vertical would be an excellent addition next to Prince and be great against defending the jump ball. Also looked very smooth in transition; it was amazing to see someone that big play that way. Honestly, to me…if we could land either Mack or Mosley in the 1st round and then Jean-Baptise in the 2nd…our defense would be lights out. Especially if we retain Beason. Bradley Robey also ran really well with a 4.39 40 and looked very smooth in his transitions during ball drills. I am skeptical of Robey; had he came out last year he would have been a sure thing as a top-15 pick…but he got smoked a few times this year. I do think he has the talent to be special…but that does concern me. Another kid who I was unfamiliar with that REALLY opened my eyes was Philip Gaines, CB out of Rice. Another BIG CB at 6’1…and ran a 4.38 40. He also looked really good during on field drills; I think he is probably a 3rd rounder after today. Really, ANY of these guys would be excellent additions to our secondary…but I’d REALLY love to get a big guy like Jean-Baptise.

  6.  Dirt says:

    Hope the kid pulls through, sad situation.

  7.  Kettles78 says:

    Sucks for this guy. Hopefully he pulls through

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Sorry about Jojo. But in all fairness, no ‘Trel, that wouldn’t happen to most of us because we aren’t driving at crazy hours and on whatever makes a driver not notice he’s coming up the backside of a truck. I hope the kid, and whomever else was hurt, pulls through, but after seeing that photo that would be a miracle.

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    King Andrew’s comment about the Combine is exactly why I’m still pumping for an offensive lineman with our first pick (although if Beason doesn’t sign I can see going for Mosley…you can forget about Mack because he’ll be among the top 7-8 picks). There will be PLENTY of excellent corners and wide receivers available in later rounds. But there appears to be a BIG separation between the “top 4″ offensive linemen and everyone else, and this crop looks particularly athletic. I think one of those kids could become a long-term cornerstone on the Giants.

    And you build from the core out. If you can get a critical part of that core while getting a really outstanding athlete you do it. Those four guys, Mack, and maybe one or two others, will distinguish themselves from the pack. This is a good, deep, draft, but there is a small group of truly GREAT athletes who could become GREAT players in the NFL. Since a lot of teams will have to go for quarterbacks, at least a couple of those potentially great players should be there at #12. Reese needs to grab one.

    •  Dirt says:

      To add to Krow’s point, the worst part isn’t that the 25 best players will all be taken just before we pick at 12, but the last of of the great 25 will go just before us at 11.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I still prefer to keep Pugh on the outside and draft Yankey in the 2nd. I think first round you go with a playmaker who can step right in and start. So either DB or LB depending on who is available.

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