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New York Giants GM Jerry Reese Says “The Jury is Still Out” on WR Rueben Randle

February 22nd, 2014 at 12:00 PM
By Dan Benton

With wide receiver Hakeem Nicks all but out the door, the New York Giants will need to find a new No. 1 wideout for the 2014 season. Ideally, that fix would come from within, but while talking to the media at the NFL Combine on Saturday, Giants General Manager Jerry Reese did not sound like a man who expects that to come from third-year wide receiver Rueben Randle.

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"The jury is still out on that," Reese said of Randle becoming a No. 1. "I think he's a good player. I'm not sure if he's a one, if he's a two if he's a three, but I think he can contribute to our receiver corps."

Despite the uncertainty about Randle's ability to take over the No. 1 spot, Reese did say the team fully expects him to make a "significant jump" this offseason. And while those two statements seem to contradict each other, it would indicate the ball is in Randle's court. Either he's going to come in and take over the No. 1 role or the Giants are going to find someone else who will.

And, if you were to ask Randle, he'd say he's fully up to the task — ready to take on whatever role is needed of him.

"I felt like I made an improvement and got better this year. Maybe bigger numbers next year. Would have liked to have done a lot more," Randle said prior to Week 17. "Just trying to get better and finish out the season strong and make some more plays and end on a good note and look forward to next year."

Meanwhile, for Jerrel Jernigan, he was praised by Reese and made to sound like he'd see a much more significant role in 2014.


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23 Responses to “New York Giants GM Jerry Reese Says “The Jury is Still Out” on WR Rueben Randle”

  1.  Kettles78 says:

    I rad on espn NY that Reese said he likes to take a wait and see approach. For guys you want to sign or resign you shouldn’t wait.
    I know he doesn’t want to overpay but he should be aggressive not passive especially this offseason

  2.  BillyS says:

    I’m not sure if anyone is watching the Combine, but Greg Robinson ran extremely fast for a lineman. Then Taylor Lewan did as well. Lewan is really looking like he carries his weight around really well on his frame. He kind of makes me think of a version of David Diehl, but just overall faster and more streamlined. He just stumbled a little in a position drill, but it was more the type of drill a DB does so it has absolutely no bearing on my opinion. I think Lewan is working himself into top 10 consideration.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Been on it since it started this morning. Lewan would not be the worst thing to happen the Giants. Zach Martian is also a player. But is he first round?
      I think he may be. I also think more than ever the Giants go tackle/guard in round one and two respectively.

  3.  rlhjr says:

    I am curious as to how Randle will fare in the McAdoo offense.

    It was said that he did not fully absorb the Gilbride curriculum. I’m not so sure that’s an indictment of mammoth proportions.

    rlhjr says:
    February 22, 2014 at 12:22 PM
    I always thought Gerhardt was undersold. Especially when you consider he’s playing behind God.

    I think he versatile and a good fit for almost any offense. If Bradshaw can be kept healthy and play in a rotation, no question I’d love to see him back.
    I am torn on the issue of Brown. Simply because I love what he brings.
    I think he’s an all pro if not for his injury issues and subsequent journeymen path.

    By the way, Taylor Lewan is officially the fastest O-lineman at 4.87 in the 40.
    Robinson IMHO is still the best. Followed by Mathews and Lewan.

    Now to see the drills, because it not the obvious guys your looking for.
    Su’a Flio is really good too center or guard. The Giants might very well go tackle/guard in round one and two.

    •  BillyS says:

      SU’a Flio was extremely smooth in that previous drill. He wasn’t the overall fastest at it, but he was probably the overall quickest in terms of moving his hips and staying in a straight line. It showed terrific balance. I would still go Robinson #1 and Matthews #2, but if they were off the board and Lewan fell to us…I would be extremely happy. Lewan isn’t going to look like a DE out there in terms of athleticism, but we’re talking about a tackle prospect here. He looks pretty solid to me and actually looks like he even has the frame to add a little more weight if need be. I think that Lewan would not only be a smart pick, but also a safe pick. If he can’t cut it at LT then he could slide in at RT and kick Pugh inside. He looks like he’d be a great fit for this team and I would love for them to draft him because I want a killer O-Line.

      •  rlhjr says:

        I fully agree with you BillyS. I am not mad at Lewan becoming a Giant.

        If either Martian, Jackson, Richardson or Yankee could be had in round two that would be killer indeed.

        I want to see how much I am swayed after seeing the defensive linemen/linebackers and defensive back work.

        •  BillyS says:

          I wouldn’t take a linebacker in the 1st whatsoever. NOr do I think I’d be happy with a DE (because I think we could get some hidden gems in the 2nd or 3rd). DB is definitely something to consider though. DB or OT should hands down be the top priorities in the first 2 rounds, in my opinion.

          •  rlhjr says:

            Yeah, I’m over my linebacker addition……this year. But it is interesting to see form a purely athletic/impact standpoint who is the most tantalizing at any position really.
            But nothing can replace the Giants need of a really good O-lineman this year.

            My “fantasy” pick Ebron just ran a 4.5 40 at 250lbs. I think this kid is big time.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    I like Nickolas (from ND) and any kid named “Jo Don” with 40 reps at 225lbs.

    A lot of the more impressive TE look like New England serial killer wanna bees.

    The two fastest kids have record as long as your arm. But someone will take a chance.

    •  BillyS says:

      There are some insanely athletic TEs coming out, but my problem is that they’re all like 220-230 lbs. We need guys who are athletic, but can also catch stuff above their heads since Eli usually tends to throw high to TEs, which leads them to getting clobbered.

      •  buljos says:

        220-230 TEs are WRs in TE clothing. The Giants need TEs who are excellent blockers, and who also are athletic enough with good receiving skills. We let Michael Bennett get away, and that’s a real shame, but there’s Troy Niklas who’s the best blocking TE in college and an effective, athletic receiver who at 270 is more likely to do the clobbering.

  5.  JBeast3 says:

    Ideally i would ove if the Giants went CB OL OL 1,2,3 respectively. Didn’t see the OL combine but you guys make Lewan sound off the charts. If he is a more athletic Deihl then sign me up cause deihl was a monster with half the talent of most OT that came out.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      Lewan is huge, athletic, and nasty….he’d be a nice pick. The rape scandal that he was involved in is a red flag though. Id probably still be thrilled if we took him at 12. Im starting to think that all 3 top tackles will be gone when we pick. Mack will probably be gone too….barr may actually drop to us. If im a betting man, I think we are going to probably take one of the CB’s at 12.

    •  BillyS says:

      Lewan was easily up there with Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson. It’s those 3 and then some guys with talent, but nobody who looks like they could be a starter from day 1. Lewan looks like he can be plugged in right away. That’s not saying he’s perfect, but he really just seems like one of those hard working type of guys with a huge frame and quick feet. The hips may be a bit stiff at times, but you could say the same about tons of very good linemen out there. The footwork is the important thing for me (so they don’t get beat by speed rushers) and he seems to have very quick feet…looks like a basketball player in a way. He also put up respectable numbers in the reps and was terrific in the other drills. And he STARTS fast. That’s the impressive thing. On all of his drills he had times that were a tick faster than Greg Robinson.

      6’7″, 309 lbs, 29 reps of 225 lbs, 33 7/8 inch arms, 4.87 official 40-time, plus he did well in all of the drills.

      I’ve heard Lewan had some off the field problems, but obviously it must not be too bad because if it was then the media would have had a field day with it. I think Lewan just became a candidate for being a top 10 draft pick with his showing. This is neither good or bad for us because we either have a shot at him or a shot at someone else who got pushed out. We’re in a good spot right now and I personally would love Lewan — especially after this showing.

  6.  Since 1963 says:

    I’d be happy with CB, OL, even TE in the first round, assuming it’s somebody who can block (or be taught to). But I’m getting nervous, hearing “optimism” from Reese and TC that Snee and or Baas will be “fully recovered” from their injuries. Does that mean whatever offensive linemen we pick will wind up riding the pine? Makes me sick to think about it.

    •  BillyS says:

      I don’t want TE in the first round. At all. Plus the offense will be shifting and chances are it’ll be more geared towards a TE who is a pass catching threat and not a blocker, which means we need a better O-line more than before.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      We have the 12 pick in the 1st and the 11 pick in the 2nd, and neither of those picks are going to be a Qb, which means….at least to my way of thinking….that BOTH picks have to be day 1 starters. Round 2 picks, especially high ones, cant be wasting a year on the bench.

      When you are drafting low in the round it obviously means your team was pretty good and you can afford to stockpile good depth with an eye on the future. Teams that go 7-9 need immediate upgrades.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    Like I’ve said many times, you build from the core out.

    If the Giants don’t take one of the top 3-4 offensive tackles they’re crazy. Use their first pick on one of them, and then trade if necessary to grab a top interior lineman too. This team isn’t winning anything in 2014. Build for 2015 from the core out.

    We can find a decent corner deeper in the draft and a wide receiver and linebacker and defensive lineman too.

    Get those offensive linemen Jerry.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      I agree…but if the top 3 are gone, I don’t know if martin from ND is worthy of the 12 pick, and I think kouandjio is going to drop to the late teens early 20′s.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Martin is good enough to be worthy of a #12 pick but if he’s the best left then trading down and hoping to still get him could be smart.

    •  buljos says:

      Absolutely. Best thing might be to trade down to later in the 1st round and gain another early pick to grab another interior lineman. Yankey, Zack Martin, Xavier Su’a-Filo, and maybe later (although my interest falls off substantially) Gabe Jackson, Cyril Richardson and Trey Hopkins, as well as very good Centers Weston Richburg, Marcus Martin and maybe later Bryan Stork the 2013 Remington Trophy winner as nation’s top center. Would be fabulous if JR could get two Guards and a Center out of that crowd. I’m sure FA will add somebody to the mix, but that could end up being an expensive stop-gap. If Pugh’s CAP hit in 2014 is any indication, JR could get two starting caliber Guards and a starting Center in the draft for less CAP, combined, than he’d pay for a single FA interior lineman.

      During his interview today JR said if a QB falls to him and he thinks it’s value, he’s not afraid of drafting him. I guess Boss Mara’s shot across the bow had little affect on his thinking.

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