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New York Giants’ Linval Joseph: “I Want to Put on That Blue Every Sunday”

February 15th, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Mere days after it was reported that the Washington Redskins are likely to pursue Linval Joseph once free agency begins on March 11th, the defensive tackle hit Twitter to quiet things down and express his desire to remain with the New York Giants.

"I want to be back with the Giants next year," Joseph tweeted on Friday. "This where it all started; just want to take care of my family and put on that blue every Sunday."

Joseph has long maintained that he'd like to remain with the Giants, but the concern surrounding him is the massive contract he's likely to command once free agency begins. And as he alluded to on Twitter, he needs to make sure he can take care of his family. In other words, he'd like the Giants to pay him the big bucks above all else, but if that doesn't happen, well … business is business.

All of that said, Joseph's desire to stay with the team that drafted him appears genuine. And considering he's one of the best all-around defensive tackles in the game — tremendous gap control, run defense and pass rushing ability — it would behoove the Giants to keep him around. It also has the potential to be a necessity signing as the team would be left with only Cullen Jenkins, Markus Kuhn and Johnathan Hankins in the event Joseph departed.

In addition to Joseph, defensive tackle Mike Patterson has also recently expressed his desire to re-sign with the Giants.

UPDATE: Justin Tuck tweets (verified) that this Twitter account is, in fact, a fake. And that's the downside to social media.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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2 Responses to “New York Giants’ Linval Joseph: “I Want to Put on That Blue Every Sunday””

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I haven’t been shy about my opinion in regard to Joseph. Make no mistake. I like the kid and think he’s a good player. Very good. Not great. Not a player who dominates a game.

    If we can sign Beason (and I believe we MUST), then I continue to have no problem with Hankins, Jenkins, Patterson, Kuhn and a draftee or UDFA (as the likely replacement for Patterson or Kuhn in 205 as part of the main rotation). We could squeeze another season out of Rogers if we need an interim solution.

    I’d happily pay Joseph $6-6.5MM per annum, but at more than that I’d rather grab an outstanding offensive lineman in free agency, sign Beason and Nicks and Brown and Brown and McBride, and take my chances that our middle-of-the-defense play would not suffer much if at all.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    I am sure “Landfill” as Norm called him wants to stay. Despite some of the retard crap that has transpired, the Giants are one of the class organizations in the league. The others are Pittsburg and Kansas City IMO.

    Back on subject, Joseph just like Bennett last year is saying all the right things.
    He’s not burning any bridges. The kid is pretty good. Merlin Olsen traffic cop type of good. But as I said a few days ago, “HE AINT NO GENO ATKINS”.
    And it would be a mistake for Reese to pay him like that.

    Keep what you have, sign Beason and get your OL/DL/DB/LB/TE with the 12th.
    The kid Kuhn, Hankins, Jenkins and Patterson baring injury will be pretty good.
    Make no mistake, Joseph is a real strong man in that line. But the Giants still have a good mix of vets and kids at DT. They will survive.

    Can’t wait for the combine to start……

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