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New York Giants’ David Wilson Recovering Well from Neck Surgery; Expected Back in 2014

February 15th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Although both he and the team had hoped to avoid a neck surgery, New York Giants running back David Wilson underwent a successful fusion of his vertebrae to repair a herniated disc in mid-January. Now, about a month removed from that surgery and Wilson is already working out, lifting weights and right on schedule with his rehab.

Because the swelling in Wilson's neck subsided early, and because he's right on schedule with rehab, it's beginning to look more and more like he'll make a return to football in 2014. In fact, a source tells ESPN's Dan Graziano that's exactly how this situation is going to play out.

"[There's] no reason to believe he won't be playing [in 2014]," a source told ESPN's Dan Graziano.

Despite the positive outlook, team owners, General Manager Jerry Reese and head coach Tom Coughlin have been, at best, only cautiously optimistic as it relates to Wilson. Given the severity of his injury — an injury that has ended other NFL careers — none of them are ready to pencil him in for the 2014 season just yet.

“I don’t think you go into the next season saying David Wilson’s going to be our No. 1 starting running back," Reese said in late December. “The guy is coming off of a neck surgery, if he decides to have it. The earlier reports that I’ve gotten, doctors do think they can fix this and he’ll be able to play."

To Wilson's credit, he's never wavered in his determination to return to the field. He's maintained from the onset he'd do whatever was necessary to put that Giants helmet back on; and although some doctors have advised against returning to the violence of football, it would appear as if he'll give it one more go. And perhaps right on schedule.

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10 Responses to “New York Giants’ David Wilson Recovering Well from Neck Surgery; Expected Back in 2014”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    Believe it it when you see it
    Guy has bust written all over him, injury or not
    JRs worst No 1 pick potentially

    •  Dirt says:

      Were you saying that when he was an All Pro returner and averaged 5+ per carry when finally given a chance his rookie year? You and I know both Coughlin’s hands have everything to do with his lack of success.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Well, when you say ‘potentially” you’re certainly right. If you use your first pick on a running back and he doesn’t turn into a great player then you’ve made an awful decision. But I don’t know why you remain unwilling to see if he can come back and what he can do with an offense that is suited to his skills. There’s a chance that will happen in 2014-2016. We should all wait to make up our minds about David Wilson. I still see him as a potential game-breaker who can stress defenses all season and who can also do for us a bit of what Percy Harvin can do for the Seahawks. he just needs health and an opportunity (an offense that is designed to use him and an offensive line that is at least decent…he has had neither in his two years here, and in addition had his Head Coach decide he wasn’t his kind of guy, which may well have had something to do with what happened in the Draft Room the day Wilson was picked).

      •  Sintexo says:

        It still blows my mind that Wilson got almost no dump offs from Eli while he was healthy, then the second he goes down with injury our offense somehow manages to figure it out with backs like scott, jacobs, and hillis. I can only imagine what might have been had they started doing that earlier.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          All the more reason to think that Coughlin and Gilbride had an agenda when it came to Wilson. I am highly suspicious that Wilson was a pick Coughlin fiercely resisted in that draft room. I can understand why he might have. But he behaved irrationally toward the kid, and there no excuse for that.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    I am happy the youngster is going to be OK. I hope they find a way to put NFL caliber blockers in form of him. And I really hope he finds the courage to plant his helmet in the chest of defenders when asked to pass block.

    If he develops that mean streak, he’ll be a much better all around player.
    Because his running will become more physical as a result.
    Combine that with his speed and you have an all pro running back.

    If he doesn’t make the transition, well…….talk to James Stoll.

  3.  rlhjr says:

    As far as the Nicks issue and who to draft at 12, and what happens with Joseph.

    All of those issues are on hold (IMO) until Snee, Kiwi and Tuck are dealt with.
    And if you want to add Thomas to that list so be it. The Giants need to clear the room just like you do when spring cleaning. Then decide what you going to buy new and what pieces you are going to keep.

    They had better have a damn good idea what they are going to do by the time the combine arrives. Because they need a collective clear head when looking at talent.
    The don’t need to be preoccupied with what if’s.

    If they somehow don’t get what they want out of the draft and FA, maybe you keep something you thought you might have gotten rid of. It’s cold as a well diggers rear, but it the only way to win.

    •  fanfor55years says:


      As I said make sure the medical staff doesn’t clear Snee to play. Even if he wants to argue the case you offer him an injury buyout and wish him well. Get him outta here. Guy HAS to retire. (And I’ll add that if I’m Reese I’m in Mara’s office telling him that he HAS to back me up on getting rid of Coughlin’s son-in-law or he can have my resignation…because Mara knows as well as anyone that he’s been taken advantage of by the Snee/Coughlin family and it’s time to end that gravy train).

      Thomas is a veteran minimum or a touch above signing or he’s gotta hit the road. He is not better than Prince, McBride, r, IMO, what Hosley will be this year, so he’s at best a #4 corner. You don’t pay much for that.

      Tuck cannot stay if he wants a big contract. And not at all if they need to spend money on Nicks and Beason and that takes up a big portion of dollars, to which needs to be added a free agency signing of an offensive lineman.

      I’d keep Kiwi because I think he’s better than most realize and they save very little by cutting him. I’d also stick with Baas (because we save little by cutting him) if he’s healthy and hope we finally see that he can play. (My preferred outcome would be that Baas plays pretty well, he becomes a real option at center for a few more years, but we meanwhile draft a center in the 4-6 rounds and sign an UDFA center too, bring them to camp and see if one looks like he could take the spot from Baas in 2015 but certainly groom him for 2016. That allows Pugh to either stay at RT, move to LT, or move to guard).

      What I agree with is that Reese needs to be COLD. Look at what players will give us in the future, not what they’ve been in the past. Let’s see what he does in free agency. My hope is that he signs the guys I suggested and goes and gets a quality offensive lineman. I’ll wait to start judging the team’s future until after this free agency period. It should be very telling.

  4.  Krow says:

    There’s “recovery” … and there’s being able to play professional football. I’m sure he’ll recover to a normal life. But less sure he’s going to be up for the kind of car-crash pounding an NFL RB takes.

  5.  GOAT56 says:

    F55 several interesting posts:

    I agree with you about your take on the Dolphins locker room. I thought it was me but I thought there needed to be more to justify to situation as so terrible. I haven’t been in a NFL locker room but i know men and that type of talk is just how men act towards each other in an enclosed setting amongst friends. While some of the stuff is in decent that’s just how some guys talk to each other IMO. However, I do think the owner needed to react how he did because the public perception is different than our view and he rightly understands that as the owner.

    I think you have to realize that most fans haven’t been around for 60 years. Actually I don’t think most have been around for nearly 30 years like myself. And most of the success in the SB era has been the last 30 years so that’s how most will view the greatest players.

    I understand your view on Nicks. I have been a huge fan of Nicks but his 2013 concerned me. There are just so many questions about him physically, mentally and even if he wants to return. I always thought Nicks was going to get 9 mil plus so I thought he was gone. I think if Nicks more in the 6 mil range that’s different. It’s something I would consider but I still probably keep Joseph over nicks for similar money per year because he’s the safer bet. I think Joseph showed he’s a player a lot like Cruz, he’s very good player but needs other good players around him.

    In addition like I said last offseason I don’t like investing so much in WR. Nicks was good enough to soften on the view. The Nicks we saw this year isn’t good enough to change that view. Now I still take Nicks over Cruz but that decision has already been made. We need to send money and resources not only on the OL but on the DL. The lines are more important than skill position players given how much we struggled rushing the passer and in all aspects of the OL. If we are going to re-sign Tuck and Joseph all of a sudden we need two fairly high draft picks on the DL IMO.

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