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Washington Redskins May Target Linval Joseph in Free Agency

February 13th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Although widely considered to be one of the New York Giants' top offseason priorities, defensive tackle Linval Joseph appears destined to make it to the March 11th start of free agency where he'll be highly coveted by a number of teams. Among them, writes Mark Bullock of the Washington Post, is likely to be the Washington Redskins.

"Joseph was thought of as a potential 3-4 nose tackle coming out of college. He was drafted by the Giants, who run a 4-3 defense, but Joseph still shows signs of being an effective two-gap defender. The Giants like to use him as the nose tackle in their 4-3 front, as he provides stout run defense."

Knowing he's in line for a big-time pay day, Joseph has been anxious to test the waters. However, despite his desire to get paid, he's expressed interest in returning to the Giants on multiple occasions, saying he loves the organization and feels like New York/New Jersey is home.

"I would love to stay here," Joseph said in January. "This is where I started. I love this organization and I love it here. It’s home."

For the Giants, the problem with Joseph centers solely on his potential contract demands. And although they'll likely offer him what they feel is a "fair deal" (ala Steve Smith, Albert Haynesworth, etc.), Joseph has already hinted that he's hoping for a contract in the Geno Atkins range — five-years, $55 million.

“The only person I’ve focused on was Geno Atkins, because we had the same agent and when I saw his deal, I was like, ‘oh man, he deserves it,' " Joseph said. “That’s just something I saw. I was like, ‘Hey, my agent is pretty good.’ So I'm excited about the situation."

In all likelihood, the Giants will come in around the four-year, $22 million range, similar to the contract given to Sen'Derrick Marks by the Jacksonville Jaguars. They also have the franchise tag option, but at approximately $8.5 million for one season, it may be too rich for their blood. However, as they did with punter Steve Weatherford a few years ago, they may tag Joseph and continue negotiations until a better deal can be reached.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


Washington Redskins May Target Linval Joseph in Free Agency

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32 Responses to “Washington Redskins May Target Linval Joseph in Free Agency”

  1.  Krow says:

    Lots of team consider us part of their farm system … not just the R-words. We’re like Costco. A shoppers paradise. Whatever you need come see us. Of course they could have locked Linval up last year with an extension. But that’s not how we roll.

  2.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Coffield 2.0.

    •  rlhjr says:

      They have actually robbed the Giants of two damn good defensive tackles:
      Cornelius Griffith was the first followed by Cofield.

      Our response was Antonio Pierce and LaVar Arrington. The R words got the best of the exchange in talent overall. But AP did help make the defense formidable. The Giants won the intangible war via Pierce.

      If they take Landfil it’s more than a trend.

  3.  Michael Cervellino says:

    I agree, Barry Cofield again.. Hey, if he wants to play the “0″ tech in a 3-4 and face constant double teams in order to helper others amass stats, more power to him.. I think we have a pretty good deal here where he’ll get singled up with two good DE’s to worry about, but $$ may be ulimate determinant. I thought for sure we go OL in round 1, but maybe DT Tim Jernigan of FSU is in play here.

  4.  jerseyrich says:

    From last article….not every player has a June 1st designation (where the team saves more money by waiting until then). As far as I can see, it doesn’t make a difference when we cut Snee.

    •  rlhjr says:

      You mean he’s not cut yet?

      •  jerseyrich says:

        yeah, exactly. Even if he has a june 1 designation (which I don’t believe he does), the extra savings wouldn’t be applied until after june 1st, which is obviously way after free agency is over.

        •  jerseyrich says:

          Im trying to wrap my head around the whole June 1st thing. I go to “over the” for financial info. They have a calculator on the site that allows you to cut players and see what the savings would be. Every player has a cut option and a june 1st cut option except for snee and rolle. Both of them only have a cut option….I assumed that this meant that no matter when we cut them, the savings would be the same. Very confusing.

  5.  jerseyrich says:

    As far as Joseph, I don’t see how we can blow 8+ million by franchising him….when we cut snee, franchising linval would take more than a third of our existing cap space.

    We may as well draft a kid like Jernigan for half that amount. You cant pay joseph more than 4.5 to 5 a year. Anything more than that hurts the team.

    •  JBeast3 says:

      Agreed, 4-5 mil is the max we can afford to pay Linval. We have far greater needs than DT, we need a lot of help on the OL and the draft alone will not fix it. The only play that we MUST sign is Beason. Im ok with Hankin,Jenkin,Patterson,Kuhn DL

      I dont think we need to go DT in the first if Linval walks, I think we can still go CB or WR or LB we have a good rotation at DT with and without Linval. Dont get me wrong i like Tim Jernigan and Nix but we need to fix other areas of the team thats in more dire need like OL, CB, LB, RB, WR. I still say we need to come away with 2 OL players in the first 4 rounds. Gotta look something like:

      1. CB
      2. OL
      3. OLB
      4. OL
      5. RB
      6. WR
      7. RB

      •  jerseyrich says:

        we might have an extra 5th round comp pick (to be determined) and I think we lost our 7th in the Beason trade. We might be down joseph and tuck….I think we go d-line somewhere in the 1st 3. CB and OL are huge so im thinking we go d-line before we worry about linebacker.

    •  rlhjr says:

      I agree. Also Jernigan is a swing player and that is like getting two guys.
      He’s a super athelete and stout and fast for DE. Very strong player, (not as strong as Landfil) for DT duty.

      He is one of several options that I suspect Reese and Co. are pawing over right this minute. But the free agent puzzle has to be put together first.

  6.  JBeast3 says:

    As much as i think Linval should be resigned i will not break the bank to keep him esp if the redskins are gonna try to take him away, knowing the redskins they are gonna try and overpay him. I would offer 4-5 mil per for Linval if he turns us down or the skins give him Hainesworth money i will happily say CYA LATER! Patterson, Jenkins, Hankins Kuhn will do just fine as long as we resign Beason ( who is the only need to resign player).

    If we lose Linval then drafting a DL (DE or DT) becomes a must the only down side of not over paying Linval.

  7.  kujo says:

    I really think we’ll lock him up. I think we’ll put the money necessary to retain both Linval and Beason and draft a couple of new defenders for the backfield.

    I just get the sense that Linval is a lifer. Don’t know why…I just do…

    •  jerseyrich says:

      Hope youre right. It would be nice to retain one of our homegrown DT’s for once. The last one I remember keeping who was any good was Keith Hamilton.

      •  rlhjr says:

        Yeah, Ham was a monster. Big powerful MoFo. Started as a defensive end.
        If the other team pissed him off he was unblockable………LOL.

        I remember watching a game vs then St. Louis Cardinals.
        One of the O-linemen went after Ham’s knees and the dude went ape $7!+.
        He was straight up going to maul the entire Cardinal offensive line. LMAO.

        I hope Kujo is right with his gut. Keeping him and the remainder of the DT would make a real nice DT rotation.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      I hope so. And i think he’s a real key to our defenses success.

      He’s only getting better too.

      •  kujo says:

        Having Linval and Hankins in front of Jon Beason for the next 2-3 years would be the best interior defensive presence we’ve had in a decade or more.

  8.  BigBlueGiant says:

    I like Timmy Jerningan a lot. And i’ve watched my share of FSU football this year. The kid played tremendously.

    But let’s get something straight. He’s not a DE. he doesn’t have that speed on the edge to be successful at DE in the NFL.

    I’d rather work something out with Linval than see him go to the Skins’ or another team. I think the kid is only getting better. Be a shame to lose him.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Landfill has done a nice job. His lone down year was (IMO) in part attributable to his not being subbed. Kid was dog tired during every game.
      And the DT talent around him went to hell in a hand basket.

    •  kujo says:

      I like Jernigan, too, but I’ll be f*cking furious if we draft him in the 1st round.

  9.  Dirt says:

    June 1st cut or not, I am going to ask the same question every day until there is a resolution:

    Why the fvk isn’t Chris $nee cut yet?

    •  kujo says:

      Benton addressed this earlier.

      There’s no money to be saved if we cut him now. If he hasn’t retired by June 1st, that’s when you can resume your b*tching.

      •  Dirt says:

        There’s plenty of money to be saved – the money that won’t be charged to 2015 by cutting him before June 1st.

        Plus there’s the whole cutting off of the tumor in the locker room thing.

  10.  GOAT56 says:

    I disagree with the majority here. I think we need to keep Joseph. This is Cofield 2.0 but I think if we view that move in hindsight we would keep Cofield rather than paying an older Canty even more. Yes we can draft someone like Jernigan but that keeps us from addressing our many other needs. But not signing him you create a need this year and a huge need next year if not addressed with a high pick or another free agent signing. 3-4 NTs are not usually highly paid compared to top DTs.

    Let me point out that a June first cut isn’t some magic move that let’s us save more by applying. It means we just move half of the impart into the next year. I think we should avoid June first cuts this year because I feel like we are building for 2015. We need take the hit for our bad contracts this year. We still can extend Eli and Rolle to further create money this year.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      Goat please clarify this for me. If we cut Snee before june 1st we save 6.8 but sustain the entire 4.5 mill in dead money in 2014…..but if we designate him a june 1 cut, we still save 6.8 this year but have 2.25 in dead money both in 2014 and 2015….am I correct?

      •  jfunk says:

        I’m not a capologist, but I’m pretty sure Benton has this one wrong. Nine of Snees dead money can be pushed to next year because its already the end of the line. There is no additional dead money, zero of his 2014 money is guaranteed. He’s not a June 1st candidate.

        Second, even if he were he would still be released now rather than June because the new CBA let’s you do so and designate them June 1cuts for cap purposes. This was to allow vets I’m this situation a fair shot at free agency rather than having to wait until all the money is gone.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        You’re right in your understanding but I also think the point Jfunk brought up is also correct. Snee’s contract ends in 2014. This would apply to Bass’ or Kiwi’s contract.

        •  jerseyrich says:

          Ok…thanks guys….that makes sense now. June 1st cuts don’t apply when a contract is up…got it.

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