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Former Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo Ranks New York Giants’ Eli Manning 13th Worst QB in NFL

February 11th, 2014 at 2:00 PM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was far from his two-time Super Bowl MVP self in 2013, but was he really one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL? Former Chicago Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo certainly thinks so.

"He showed this year, as he did when he lost Plaxico Burris, he’s only as good as the sum of the parts around him. He lost his confidence and poise this year. A veteran quarterback with his pedigree, that should not have happened regardless of injuries, etc."

Based on Angelo's rating system, Manning scored a 7.0, which was just barely enough to keep him out of the next tier down. The 7.0 put him in a class with Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco, Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer and Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton — all of whom were rated higher than Eli.

The definition of this "group" of quarterbacks is as follows:

"Solid traits but limited. Can “win with him” but need a good supporting cast and quality coaching. Shown to be a consistent performer, but not a top one."

Although a large number of back-up quarterbacks also trailed Manning on Angelo's list, only 12 were actually rated lower than him. Those players include Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford, Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub, Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans QB Jake Locker, Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon, New York Jets QB Geno Smith, Buffalo Bills QB E.J. Manuel, Oakland Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor, Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder, Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert and Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden.

Ho-hum. Typical offseason Eli chatter.

(H/T: Big Blue View)


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31 Responses to “Former Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo Ranks New York Giants’ Eli Manning 13th Worst QB in NFL”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Sorry, but this kid would fit in Mcaddo’s offense PERFECTLY. And he would bring a MUCH needed dimension and target for Eli’s passing game. I really like this kid, and despite what a lot of you guys are saying… I think he just might be our pick at #12.

    •  Krow says:

      He’d be a good call at 12 … unless someone drops.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        He’s pretty much a can’t miss. And word is that he’s added on some muscle to become a better blocker.

        that might effect his combine 40, but i think the added weight is a good thing for him.

    •  JBeast3 says:

      I agree he is a real talent i wouldn’t be angry or argue one bit if he was the pick at 12.

      Check out my boy Dennard

      Very aggressive watches the QB good at returns after picking a pass not afraid to tackle in the run game. I guess if we stay at 12 there will be ALOT of good football players to pick from.

      FF55- I dont know if i would go Lewan at 12 esp with the rest of the talent that would be on that board.

  2.  Krow says:

    Wow, this is a “Poor Eli” all by itself. Seems odd that a GM would put this sort of gossip trash out there. Certainly undermines his own gravitas. Off course the real telling point is where he ranks his own QB … that puzzy-a$$ed loser Cutler who they recently rewarded with a mega-contract. If he’s up there with the elites then this guy can add ‘gutless’ to his resume.

  3.  Eric S says:

    Meh, Eli does better when the haters are out in full force. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think the Coughlin/Gilbride offense is largely responsible for Eli’s inconsistency. It’s a high-risk-high-reward-low-percentage offense predicated on beating teams downfield. When you factor in the insane amount of options per receiver per route it’s a wonder that Eli has been as successful as he’s been. I’m really looking forward to seeing Eli run a different offense.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I hope he can run a different one
      Eli’s greatest weakness has always been his accuracy, especially on short throws
      while he gets rid of the ball to avoid sacks, he does not exactly have a quick release

      as far as the ranking goes, it is valid for the last 24 games
      Eli has been dreadful
      hopefully the new offensive scheme and player upgrades will change that this coming season
      if it doesn’t we will be forced to face life after earlier than we expected

      •  Eric S says:

        I disagree. I think Eli showed he can be accurate short when we went to a controlled short and safe passing game during the ’07 SB run. We ran a strong screen game with Eli when Tiki was in town. He can do it. And he’ll be working on it more now that it’ll be features more regularly in the offense. Practice time is limited. We stunk at the short passing game under Gulbride because we hardly had plays for it and hardly had to practice it. Like anything else if you don’t work on it as much you’re skills erode. I have no doubt Eli will be able to be accurate. In fact, if the Oline is even average this season I bet Eli has a big year.

        •  Tom Werner says:

          Tiki was great with Screens — prior to Eli’s arrival.

          Kerry Collins could always get the ball to Tiki, but there was a drop in receiving yards when Eli took over.

          Tiki’s Running yards did rise from 2004 on, but catches went down.

          From 1999 to 2003, Tiki Averaged 69 catches per year. In 2004 to 2006, he averaged 55.

          Young Eli was not good with his short throws. Old Eli isn’t much better in that regard.

  4.  jfunk says:

    Eli’s going to take plenty of hits coming off the year he just had. It will be hard to defend him against any of it considering the way he looked in most recent history.

    I will say though, that I cannot think of any QB with a playoff track record anything like Eli’s that has had to face the level of criticism he gets. At this point, I feel like an NFL MVP and 3rd ring would only buy him about six months of credibility.

    There’s just something about him that people love to hate, and it’s probably his demeanor. I think there are a lot of old school tough-guy people in the NFL (not just players, but everybody involved with the game) that simply cannot believe a guy can be successful and be a leader without “fire”. It’s like they think he doesn’t deserve success because he doesn’t want it bad enough, as though carrying on like a toddler is the only way to show you care.

  5.  Eric S says:

    Just saw his list. To call it laughable doesn’t even begin to describe it. Alex Smith?!! Better than Eli?!! Yeah he doesn’t turn the ball over because he’s too much of a puzzy to make a mistake. I don’t think there’s a single CURRENT GM who would take Smith over Eli. Smith has done nothing his entire career. While he played the part of the shrinking violet in the rain and not completing passes to any WR’s Eli was taking a pummeling and staring down a fierce rush while delivering strikes like A BOSS on his way to his 2nd title and 2nd MVP over the leagues golden boy.

  6.  Levito says:

    it’s a list based off of 2013 performances only. Eli led the league in INTs. He was generally not poised. I’d say, for 2013, it was an accurate assessment of Eli’s performance. Alex Smith had a much better year. He threw 20 less INTs and a few more TDs. Anyone who disagrees needs to take off the fan goggles and realize Eli was terrible this season.

  7.  jerseyrich says:

    If Reese does his job, this list will be forgotten by all a year from now.

  8.  GIANTT says:

    Thats a load of self serving codswallop if you ask me .
    “Hes only as good as the sum of the parts around him ” So , if he has a lousy team around him he plays lousy . Well we know what we think of how the Oline
    played lasy year so yeah , I guess Eli played lousy . Lets think back , when he had a GOOD Oline , he won the Super Bowl .So , he cant do it on his own is that the theme ? Go back to this last Super Bowl . Theres Peyton Manning , as good a QB as most of us have ever watched , and yet he couldnt pull out a win by himself etc etc etc . So , Eli has to have a good team around him to win . Stop the presses , after watching football for 50 years , I finally found the key to victory .

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    If he’s so good at evaluations why is he out of a job after the Bears have disappointed for about the last decade while Eli was winning two championships? And like GIANTT says, it sure is astonishing that after all of his years around the game this fool concluded that a quarterback won’t win if he doesn’t have a good team around him. No kidding?

    Both Ebron and Dennard are very good football players. I don’t think anyone would be too upset with either of them as the pick. Opinions vary as to priorities and as to what Jerry Reese is likely to do. Frankly, I think it will be very hard for him to miss on the first two picks this May. The quality of the first 60-70 players in this draft is pretty outstanding. So I think he will be judged based upon what needs he fills rather than the quality of the players. One of those first two picks MUST be an offensive lineman. The other is up for grabs depending upon who is available.

  10.  fanfor55years says:

    Anyone who watched the Giants this season and won’t contemplate the possibility of Will Beatty being demoted to the 6th or 7th player on the offensive line depth chart is deluded or just trapped by his own thinking. The guy was DOMINATED by at least 5-6 defensive ends this season, made to look like an entirely inadequate player at LT. He may have graded out as their worst offensive lineman, which would be saying a lot.

    He SHOULD be required to win a job in camp, and I suspect that the coaches are going to give at least two others the chance to beat him out. If he gets beaten out at LT he’ll have to hope he can compete at RT and win that job, but I doubt he’ll have time to do so based on what may be a late start for him in camp and the likelihood that someone else will already have tied up that spot and worked together with the other offensive linemen as they choreograph their “dance”. So if Beatty cannot beat off the competition at LT, he has a VERY good shot at riding the pine until there is an injury.

    The assumption by some of you that he WILL bounce back because he was good in 2011-2012 is nonsense. First of all, he wasn’t that great in 2011. Second, in 2012 he was very rarely bull-rushed and was, therefore, able to use his relative quickness to good effect. In 2013 he was consistently driven back by an early bull-rush or punch, and the tape of that Carolina game went all over the league. From that point on defenses got physical with Beatty, and he did not meet the challenge. He wasn’t injured. He just wasn’t strong enough or gutsy enough. Just because he got a good contract doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t get your job done on the field.

    Will Beatty should be fighting for his Giants future in camp this summer. He could very well be headed out of here by 2015. He’s going to potentially be challenged by Pugh, Brewer, Mosley and a rookie. Let’s see if he has the fire David Diehl did when his job is on the line.

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