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Ex-Giants QB Jared Lorenzen Breaks Leg in River Monsters Game, Needs 4 People to Carry Him Off

February 10th, 2014 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Only a week after setting the world on fire with his incredibly athletic ability at 320 lbs., former New York Giants quarterback Jared Lorenzen suffered a broken leg that will end his Indoor Football season and, possibly, his football career.

"Thanks everyone for the support. It's a broken tibia and surgery next week. Really can't thank everyone enough. It's been great to read your tweets," Lorenzen tweeted.

During a game between the Northern Kentucky River Monsters and Erie Explosion, Lorenzen was scrambling towards the endzone when a defender cut his legs out from underneath him. Unfortunately, the Pillsbury Throwboy was unable to get back to his feet and needed four people, including teammates, to help carry him off of the field.

An apologetic Lorenzen was then put on a stretcher, packed into and ambulance and taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

Up until his injury, Lorenzen was enjoying a revival in the media. His ability to play at such a hefty weight became a viral sensation last week, resulting in a seemingly endless flow of radio spots, talk shows and even a few minutes on multiple ESPN programs.

“It shocked the heck out of me, because there weren’t that many people there,” Lorenzen said about the indoor football game where the original video was taken. “And I guess somebody thought it would be funny to get the fat kid running around, and said, ‘Let’s tape that,’ make a couple people and his buddies laugh.”

Lorenzen said he embraced the nicknames — that he loved them — and was just enjoying whatever football he had left to play. So, for his sake, we hope this is not the end.


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5 Responses to “Ex-Giants QB Jared Lorenzen Breaks Leg in River Monsters Game, Needs 4 People to Carry Him Off”

  1.  Krow says:

    Sad. Good luck Jared. I’d give Subway a call.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    REPOST: From the Cap Casualty Thread

    WellingtonsGhost says:
    February 9, 2014 at 6:35 PM
    This article makes me sick to my stomach. Rolle along with the addition of Beason are the heart of our defense. They motivate, act professionally, and come ready to play week in and week out. Rolle is a known quantity; practices hard, great run stopper, sufficient cover man if he is not put in a bad situation schematically i.e. much faster receiver. Such as the end of the Dallas game when Rolle got beat up because he played his heart out the whole game of which the defense was on the field most of the game and had nothing left in the tank on the final drive. In a year where the defense was on the field entirely too much, Rolle played his butt off and got pro bowl honors. Rolle should have been made a captain sooner regardless of Tuck. Tuck’s laissez faire demeanor doesnt motivate anyone to play better football and I question his accountability as a captain. Is he professional, yes; is that enough on sundays, no. Tuck picked it up the second half of the season but my theory is that was because he was rushing from the tackle position, which didnt require as much lateral speed rush and allowed him to bull rush. His speed to the QB from the defensive end position are done. Off the tangent, Rolle makes the players around him better, pure and simple. Those are the guys the Giants need to keep. Either way he has earned great respect from me with his play and a jersey with his name will be added to the collection. Thanks

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    That sir was very well put.

    It could be argued that on defense Antrell, Beason and Joseph are pillars.
    In a perfect world, all three would be resigned and JPP could be cut a deal consumate with his recovery and talent already displayed.

    Under no condition should Tuck, Snee or Baas be resigned. They are quite simply a burned roster space. There are deserving kids and vets who can actually play at a high level for less money. Those three are done IMO.

  3.  rlhjr says:

    How many of us here think if given the chance the Giants would draft the youngster from San Iowa?

    The Giants track record with “untouchable” is pretty good. Chief among them were; Jason Peter (Abusive Drunk) Kerry Collins (Drunken Racist).

    My point is this organization under the late Mr. Mara was willing to give chances to less than reputable souls. And I’m sure Peter and Collins were not the only ones. I think Bradshaw was a petty thief and Manningham a known druggie.
    The Ultimate was Mr. Nose candy himself LT. LT was and still is my favorite Giant followed closely by Harry Carson.

    Looking for a common thread? Each of those named could play. No matter the level of talent, they each more than held their own on the field. Moral, if you can play, there is a way, even if you’re gay. Sorry, I had to release my inner Johnnie Cochran.

    •  Krow says:

      I think Bradshaw took an XBox from someone’s dorm room … and Manningham smoked a little dope in college. Those are rather harsh labels for such minor transgressions.

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