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Dallas Cowboys Rally Late, Defeat New York Giants 31-28 on Monday Night Football: Re-Living History

February 9th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

"Re-Living History" is the latest Giants 101 offseason feature and a chance for long-time New York Giants fans to experience a part of their youth all over again. Each Sunday, we'll sit down and re-watch a historical game in full and write a subsequent game recap/review in real time. Knowledge of results and/or future events will not factor into these reviews, and any/all quotes used in said reviews are entirely 100% authentic. Enjoy.

Coming off of their NFC East crown in 1985, the Dallas Cowboys entered this season with a number of question marks. Perhaps most importantly was regarding the implementation of Herschel Walker alongside of veteran running back Tony Dorsett.

It took only one game to answer that question, as Walker led Dallas to a 31-28 opening night victory over the New York Giants on ABC's Monday Night Football.

After a slow opening quarter that featured seven punts, the Giants and Cowboys would erupt for 61 combined points over the final three quarters, capped by a game-winning touchdown courtesy of the aforementioned Herschel Walker.

"It was exciting watching him work," Cowboys head coach Tom Landry said during his postgame press conference.

Walker played far more than originally anticipated after Dorsett suffered a sprained ankle in the first quarter, ultimately causing him to miss the second half of the game. In total, the former UFL star gained 64 yards on 10 carries to go long with his two touchdowns. He also caught six passes for an additional 32 yards.

On the other side of the ball, the Giants were finally able to lock-up Joe Morris, signing him to a four-year, $2.2M deal only hours before the game. And despite holding out for much of the offseason and being an unknown as recently as Sunday night, he would rush for 87 yards and one touchdown on 20 carries in the opening week loss.

''When I told him I finally reached agreement," his agent, Tom Toner, said after the game. "he said, 'Was it a fair deal?' I told him it was. He said, 'O.K. I have to get taped.' He didn't even ask how much he would get."

Unfortunately for the Giants, the return of Morris was not enough. Even a 300-yard, three touchdown day from Phil Simms wasn't able to overcome the Cowboys' shockingly high-power offense, as they put up an unexpected 31 points on what many expect to be the league's premiere defense.

Still, there was no quit in Bill Parcells' Giants. They came back from deficits of 14-0, 17-14 and 24-21 before Walker etched his name in the history books with only 76 seconds left to play.

Statistical notes:

  • Bobby Johnson hauled in seven receptions for 105 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  • Mark Bavaro ended the game with 88 yards.
  • Lawrence Taylor recorded 1.5 sacks, splitting one with Leonard Marshall.
  • Cowboys first-round pick, Mike Sherrard, made his NFL debut, but caught only one pass for 16 yards.
  • Fellow Cowboys rookie, Robert Lavette, returned four punts for 69 yards.
  • There were a combined 15 punts for 668 yards.

In Week 2, the New York Giants (0-1) will host the San Diego Chargers (1-0), while the Dallas Cowboys (1-0) will hit the road to take on the Detroit Lions (1-0).


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7 Responses to “Dallas Cowboys Rally Late, Defeat New York Giants 31-28 on Monday Night Football: Re-Living History”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    Catching up the past few days I don’t like what I’m hearing. Vet WRs like Boldin or James I don’t think are the right answer. Yes, they can help and won’t be expensive but they are not good enough to possibly stunt the growth of Randle and Jernigan. We are trying to win next year but 2014 is about reconstructing our foundation so that we can be good again going forward.

    This is why I think Joseph is key. Our DL must be elite for us to become elite again and Joseph should be a major part of that foundation. We can do a fair job of replacing him in 2014 but for future years letting Joseph go we will have to re-invest a high pick or significant dollars into DT by 2015. While investing in the OL is very important this offseason getting the DL back to an elite unit is also important. I can even buy signing a DE like Bennett instead of Joseph and Tuck but the key is making the DL and the OL upper tier units again.

    I think people should be careful before they label Moore. He was drafted 6’5″ 250 as a 20 year old true junior. I think he could easily get up to 265 ish with NFL weight training and natural maturity. He got by in college off of natural ability and now has to do the real work to become an NFL DE.

    In laying the foundation for the future I’m thinking we probably have to lose Tuck. I don’t think Beason is a lock to return because while he played great for us he’s a very risky investment. Same with Nicks though at least he’s young.

    A guy like Finley is very risky but for let’s say a Myers structured type of deal is not the worse thing though I wouldn’t do it. Right now we have no answers at TE, while I feel we have some talent he’s not a bad Beason type of risk. But it’s a risk. I rather go Quarless because he will likely be on the field and have upside with our holdovers and/or a draft pick.

    Given where we are I rather go young than vet if it’s close to an either way decision. However, with Rolle I don’t see how cutting him helps us. Rolle was drafted as a first round CB so his athleticism even at 31 for safety is still very good. He has the profile of a player who’s still in the midst of his prime on the field and clearly one of if not our #1 leader. Signing him to a 3-4 deal does have some risk but IMO not the same as Tuck. Plus With Hill, Brown, Taylor, Mundy and even Thomas we have a ton of questions.

    A free agent WR that’s worth a look as a cheaper stop gap option that should hold back Randle and Jernigan is Ted Ginn. We do need a field stretcher, I’m not sure if Murphy just wasn’t good enough or just used poorly but that type of player is someone we need. Ginn also give us a proven return specialist. If Wilson really is healthy he really should concentrate of RB and if he isn’t we need a guy anyways.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      I agree with a lot of this, which is why I would look into an O-Lineman at #12. Because it’s not just about 2014, but about having an upper tier OL for the future.

      Beason is a risk, which is why I expect we can get him for reasonable money. Hopefully with some injury clauses in his contract. The difference between him and Nicks is this, Beason showed us last year he can still play. #88 hasn’t shown us that since 2011. But I suppose you and others will keep bringing up his name until he signs somewhere else next month, without the Giants even offering him a deal.

      As for Joseph, I’ve said my piece. He’s gone to the highest bidder. People that want to keep him should ask themselves if they want to pay him like a top 5-8 DT, because that’s the money he will get. Think 5-6 mill per.

      And yeah we’re in agreement on the FA WR. A cheap #4 type guy. I like Ginn for that role. Also am intrigued by Heyward Bey.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        6 years 36 mil is what Cofield got and I think that’s about the range we should be willing to pay for Joseph. While we survived without Cofield I think it still was a mistake and we ended up paying even more for Canty. The question you have to ask is are you really getting a better free agent(s) with that money and I just don’t think so. We will still have to replace Joseph with a top draft pick or free agent by 2015. I don’t believe Jenkins, Patterson or Kuhn are quality starting DTs in 2015.

        I went to Maryland so I have long been a DHB follower. This year really caused me to lose faith in him. He’s a different option than Ginn and more like Murphy because he’s not a return guy. But DHB does still have promise at WR if he can just catch the ball.

  2.  Begiant says:

    What do you guys think of drafting a starting #1 RB in the draft? Wilson can be the #2 running back and KR specialist. We can let Brown walk because of his injury history or if no team wants to pay him big money we can resign him for cheap. Micheal Cox can be the #3/4 depending on Brown.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      There may be guys available in the 4th round that are possibly more talented than anyone on our roster. I doubt they’d be able to be the lead dog in their rookie season but probably by 2015. We almost have to draft a quality RB though, whether he’s starting from day 1 or not. What we went through last year was ridiculous, and im not confident on Wilson coming back, at least not until the season is half over. I want to keep Brown because I truly know very little about cox.

      •  Krow says:

        RBs have such a short shelf life that drafting one high only makes sense if you’re a contender who needs the proverbial ‘last piece of the puzzle’. Wilson made that kind of sense when we thought we were that kind of team. Now that we know we’re not drafting a RB 1 or 2 is a luxury we can’t afford.

        •  jerseyrich says:

          Drafting one higher than the 4th round would be nuts, I agree. I think it would be wise though to use our 4th or one of our 5ths (if we get the extra pick) on one. There are some decent guys who might be there.

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