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Giants’ Mark Herzlich Joins Fellow Teammates as an Author; New Book Details Overcoming All Odds

February 8th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Jen Polashock

Back in April of 2011, there were avid followers of New York Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich that knew his entire story while an All-American at Boston College and wanted him drafted to wear blue. While that didn’t happen (he was, however, selected with the 51st pick of the 10th round by the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL), three months later Mark was at Giants training camp and subsequently made their 53-man roster that same year. His story became known nation-wide soon and was covered by the likes of ESPN and NFL Network.

While many fans have already taken the valuable time to learn Herzlich’s more-than-inspiring post-Ewing’s sarcoma story, what many don’t know is how he utilizes his fight to continually inspire and help others in their current combat against cancer.

The 288-page book, titled: “What It Takes: Fighting For My Life and My Love of the Game” has a foreword penned by head coach Tom Coughlin and has a publish date of June 3rd, 2014 but can be pre-ordered (since earlier this week) now for just under twenty dollars. describes the book, in part, as follows. It remains apropos, even when thought of in terms of the New York Giants as an entire team.

"Mark Herzlich fought a battle against cancer, against statistics, and some days against himself. Told with candor and raw emotion, this is a story for anyone who has ever fought to beat the odds, for anyone who has ever been told that what they are about to attempt is next to impossible. Herzlich’s story embodies powerful lessons about what can be achieved through persistence and belief, and he serves as living proof that overcoming the impossible is only the beginning.”

When looking back at number 58’s 2009 press release after he was initially diagnosed, it’s not hard to realize that he was determined from the start and most definitely did fight and win.

“Obviously, I was shocked. I had been extremely focused on preparing for my senior season at Boston College and for life beyond that. Now, I must channel all that energy into facing my toughest opponent yet, and that is exactly what I will do…at this point, I do not know what this means for my football future, but I am determined to rid my body of this disease so that I can put that uniform back on,” Herzlich said. “Thank you in advance for your prayers and concern. Together, we will fight this and win.”

Life gives lessons to each of us all the time. When we are able to use these hard-fought battles and inner conflicts to reach others and help them obtain the same sometimes miracle-like outcome, we become more human. It’s no wonder some teammates are already out there promoting.

Steve Weatherford:

“I will definitely be pre ordering this today! Mark Herzlich has an incredible story of perseverance. Pre-Order yours."

Terrell Thomas:

“Everyone please pre-order Mark Herzlich's new book! He is a true inspiration to me, I remember reading his story in college and then to become teammates was just a blessing. Everybody's struggle is different and some are harder then others but this man BEAT CANCER! Ain't nothing harder then that. Respect!"

Prince Amukamara:

“My boy Herz has an amazing story of believing even when all odds were against him! Can’t wait to get this."

Photo credit: BigBlueCowboy via photobucket cc


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One Response to “Giants’ Mark Herzlich Joins Fellow Teammates as an Author; New Book Details Overcoming All Odds”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    I hope Herz sticks around. He’s an excellent special teams player. And perhaps at some point his explosion will be at least partially restored. I think he’d have been a hell of a linebacker if not for the illness that took his strength stamina and some reaction time. No doubt about his heart and aggressiveness to play the position. He was simply robbed of his physicality.

    Krow says:
    February 8, 2014 at 7:19 AM
    Blocking wasn’t the issue with Beckum. We had ample evidence from his college career that he couldn’t. All the draft services pointed it out. No one had any illusions. He was strictly a hybrid player who was a pass catcher … either at TE or H-back.

    Knowing all that … why the hell did we draft him? Why did we draft a guy who everyone knew couldn’t block … then bench him for his entire contract because he can’t block? If we had no intention of using him in the way everyone said he had to be used … why did we drop a #3 pick on him?

    Why indeed…..some here will blame Beckum for being a sub standard player.
    I want to point out the organizational error for selecting the kid in the first place.
    Why would Reese bring in a 237 pound H-Back to play the role of a Giants TE?
    No matter if he would have been all pro, or Walmart re-stocker he was not a fit for the New York Giants.

    Right up until last season and for many seasons prior the blue print for a Giants tight end was 6ft. 4in 260 lbs. Run/pass blocking ability and serviceable pass catcher. And like krow pointed out, they daft this kid in the third round.
    Then he’s placed in an environment where he needs to gain 30 pounds of muscle in order to have a shot at playing. ROUND HOLE, SQUARE PEG.

    The word is “DYSFUNCTION” when you select a kid third and have no role for him to play on the team. The offensive coordinator at the time had no use for Beckum.
    The GM forced this kid on Gilbride and I suspect Coughlin too. The kid might have been able to play with Eli’s brothers team at the time. But Beckum was never going to fit the Giants profile at tight end…..N-E-V-E-R.

    Now we have Damontre Moore. Lets see what happens next. Word is out that the youngsters shall be allowed to contribute. Indeed they just may be coached up to play right away. We will never know if Beckum would have been worth a spit because he was not suited to play in that system. Same with Sintim.
    And the system was never going to change to accommodate either of them.
    Maybe, the inflexibility and lack of communication is gone now. We’ll see.

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